Thank you very much, MWC!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with five members of the MWC Team this afternoon when they came over to visit and deliver their cheque of RM10,000 as donation to AnimalCare.

We wish to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all 23 members of MWC for their efforts and kindness. Led by their Fundraising Team leaders, Julian Goh and Leonard Tee Jia Zheng, this fundraising event was organised in conjunction with the club’s 2nd anniversary.

MWC’s members:

Alan Lim Tze Guan
Andrew Tan Heng Chian
Bernard Tan Chee How
Chong Chen Yee
Daniel Chung
Daniel Foo Voon Dih
Eric Kim
James Low
James Wee Peixi
Jeff KF Choong
Julian Goh
Kelvin Chong Keng How
Kwan Soo Min
Lau Kok Hong
Law Boon Chin
Lee Juan Yih
Lee Li Lian
Leonard Tee Jia Zheng
Lim Chun Khay
Lim Chun Yen
Ong Ji Jie
Wee Peixin
Yip Full Soon


 From left: Julian, Leonard and me.


And with Vincent Starr, representing the animals!

Thank you very much, MWC!

Spaying subsidy for 3 cats in Kuantan (Isma Haryati bt Yahya’s)

We have ubsidised RM300 for the spaying of the 3 females, Murni, Orchid and Yaya.

From: Iz Yahya 
Date: Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 11:47 PM
Subject: Neutering Subsidy
To: Chan Kah Yein <[email protected]>

Hello Dr Chan,

I would like to apply for neutering subsidy for these 3 cats:
1) Murni
Murni was dumped in front of our petshop with her sister, when she was about 2 weeks old. Her sister however, died. My friend took care of Murni until she is able to eat by herself. She is 6 months now and has been spayed. We will give her for adoption if anybody interested and willing to care for her.
2) Orchid
Orchid was about 2 months old when we found her walking nearby our shop, limping. We took care of her eversince. She has been spayed and we will give her for adoption if anybody interested.
3) Yaya
We found Yaya with very very bad diarrhea and mange all over her body. She was under quarantine for almost 2 weeks before she started gaining her weight again. Yaya is very healthy now and spayed. We will give her for adoption if anybody interested.
I will courier you the receipt and application form tomorrow.
Murni Submission Orchid Submission Yaya Submission


Thank you very much (January 2015 donors)

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us, especially in our “revival” this month.

Thank you very much to all donors for making it possible for us to continue helping the animals!.

An anonymous donor
Agnes Cheong
Catherina Tay
Cheah May Lee
Connie James
Cow & Friends
Edward Lim
Irene Leong
Jeanie Tan Lai Fun
Julia Chong
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kok Khee Wee
Koo Hoong Lin
Koo Swee Por
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lee Soo Ha
Lovely & Purree
Mong Kwai Chee
Ng Yu Mei
Premala Narendra
Sumitra Siew & cats
Wan Tai Seng
Wing Yi Chan
Yap Kooi Nee

We would also like to thank the MWC Team, lead by fundraising team leaders, Julian Goh and Leonard Tee Jia Zheng, for spearheading their fundraising event to raise funds for us in commemorating their 2nd anniversary. Thank you very much to all donors from the MWC Team!

Alan Lim Tze Guan
Andrew Tan Heng Chian
Bernard Tan Chee How
Chong Chen Yee
Daniel Chung
Daniel Foo Voon Dih
Eric Kim
James Low
James Wee Peixi
Jeff KF Choong
Julian Goh
Kelvin Chong Keng How
Kwan Soo Min
Lau Kok Hong
Law Boon Chin
Lee Juan Yih
Lee Li Lian
Leonard Tee Jia Zheng
Lim Chun Khay
Lim Chun Yen
Ong Ji Jie
Wee Peixin
Yip Full Soon

Thank you Jan 2015

Thank you very much, Pan Productions!

We wish to acknowledge with grateful thanks to Pan Productions and the person-in-charge, Mr TP Lim, for raising and donating RM10,000 to our Fund through their December Love Miscast Concert, held at the end of last year.

This was during the period of the floods in the East Coast and we felt there was a great need to assist in the efforts to help the animals there, so a portion of these funds along with our own reserves were donated to SPCA to aid in their flood relief efforts:

flood relief

The remainder of Pan Productions’ donation will be used to pay our usual neutering subsidies for street animals.

Thank you very much, Pan Productions!

Walter, a special cat, for adoption (Punitha Paranjothi’s)

If you’d like to give Walter a home, please contact Punitha directly. Thank you.

From: Punitha Paranjothi <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 4:26 PM
Subject: Help Advertising FeLV+ Cat For Adoption
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>

Dear Dr.Chan,

Do you know of any families who might be willing to take in this special boy? His name is Walter and he’s come a long way with recovery since his rescue over a month ago.

Unfortunately during his routine checkup with the vet today, he tested positive for FeLV (but negative for FIV). His immunity will be low however he is a very much normal cat. FeLV It is not contagious to humans but is to other cats, hence I can’t rehome him following my usual procedures.

Walter needs a home where he’ll either be the only cat, or within a group of other FeLV+ cats. His profile (with details) can be seen here:

Walter is a one of a kind boy and extremely loving. I’m hoping with all my heart that all luck may turn in his favour soon.

Kind regards,

Walter now
Walter before and his progress:
Walter Progress 1 Walter Progress 2 Walter Progress 3


Spaying sponsorship for 4 female dogs (Thong Seiw Ling’s)

We have fully sponsored RM600 for the spaying of these 4 dogs.

From: cashthong <[email protected]>
Date: 2015-01-26 20:46 GMT+08:00
Subject: Neuter
To: Chan Kah Yein <[email protected]>

Dr Chan,this puppy is take from out the shop when she 3 months dulu,now cukup bulan mahu potong. The rest tangkap outside factory. Semua cukup bulan, mau potong.

1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic

Cat logic

Have a good laugh!

cat logic

Cow’s “Independence Day”!!!!

I woke up at 5am today. I’m definitely more excited than Cow, that’s for sure!

It wasn’t until 6.30am that we decided to let Cow have his “independence”. It’s been so long and last night, I could see he was already scratching everywhere. The vet said “3 days” and today is the third day.


Here we go, Cow…


Collar OFF!!


You’ve been such a good boy, Cow!


You’re free!

mini-P1300670 mini-P1300676

Groom, groom…


Ooh…a nice long scratch!

He didn’t rub his eyes (only a little bit), he was more busy grooming his paws and scratching his neck. So the vet was absolutely right. It does take about 3 days after the removal of stitches for the eye to open fully and the itching from the stitches to be minimal.


Eating without the collar, after 25 days!


Enjoy your breakfast to the fullest without having to adjust with the e-collar, Cow!

Chomp it all up!


And drinking water without the collar too.

Throughout the 25 days, I made sure the water bowl was filled to the brim at all times so that Cow could drink more easily with the collar on.


More grooming on his favourite springy bed.


Let everyone see your pretty eyes, Cow.


There we go.


Cow says “thank you very, very much” for all your moral support and kind prayers!


Goodbye, Necky! Thank you for helping Cow heal.

Joyful Polka (No. 71) goes to…

Since there were no bidders for this blanket, we opened it to anyone who might be interested. Koo has offered RM333 for it retrospectively. Thank you very much, Koo!

I also wrongly labelled it as No. 72. It should be No. 71!

71 Koo RM333

We are extremely touched by Koo’s thoughtful and very kind gesture:

From: Ttdi Koo 
Date: Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 7:14 PM
Subject: Blanket no 71
To: Chan Kah Yein <[email protected]>

Hi Dr Chan,

I just cash deposited RM340 because the cash deposit machine don’t accept RM1 or RM5 notes but no change is required but please do still post my bid as RM333 because the number signifies rebirth to me and it’s close to CNY so I’m celebrating the ‘rebirth’ of AnimalCare. :)

Best regards,

AnimalCare is so fortunate that though we are small, we have such great friends. Friends who help and support us when we are down and who celebrate and rejoice with us when times are good. Thank you so much!