Grey, Blue and Green tshirts – Li Lian extends her special offer!

Lee Li Lian, one of our first volunteers, is back to help us in her creative and generous ways!

First, she offered a RM5 sponsorship for every Grey tshirt sold:

We are happy to announce that since that day, we have sold 46 grey tshirts and some other designs too. Many of the buyers were Li Lian’s friends. Li Lian has already banked in her donation of RM230. Thank you very much, Li Lian.

Now, Li Lian is extending the offer to Blue and Green, but this time, she is topping up RM5 for every Blue and Green tshirt sold for RM25.

This means, Grey is still being sold at RM20 while Blue and Green will be sold at their usual price of RM25 but for every Grey, Blue or Green tshirt sold, Li Lian will top up RM5 per tshirt.

There are currently the following stock for Grey, Blue and Green:

Grey – 116 pieces left
Blue – 62 pieces left
Green – 112 pieces left

So, please do consider buying our tshirts for yourselves, your family and friends. The animals are going to get another RM5 for every tshirt that you buy! If you like to collect our tshirts, please get them soon as once the stock finishes, we will not be reprinting these designs anymore (unless there is a demand, of course).

Li Lian’s offer extends to tshirts sold online as well as at events. And it’s only for the remaining stock above (Grey, Blue and Green only).

To order: (please write in to check stock availability before banking in payment).






 Thank you very much for your kind support!

Our Bacoff products arrive!


Thank you very much, everyone, for your orders of Bacoff products. Eco Trader, the distributor of Bacoff products for Asia, has so very graciously offered to let us sell their products for fundraising (by donation). We thank Eco Trader very much for their kindness.

We went to collect our first shipment today. We will be posting out all your orders and for the self-collect orders, we will be writing to you to arrange collection.


 Here are your orders!

Some of you have also ordered the commercial grade (5 litres) products which is more economical for heavy-duty use.


Hand Sanitiser: RM10


Pet Area Sanitiser: RM18


Pet Area All Purpose: RM18


Dishwashing Liquid: RM21
(can be diluted up to 100 times)


Bathroom & Shower Cleaner: RM17


Kitchen Degreaser: RM17


Commercial grade Pet Area Sanitiser: RM130 (5 litres)


Commercial grade Organic Disinfectant: RM150
(effective against parvovirus and norovirus)

Full range of products:

To order:

All proceeds go entirely to our Fund for the animals.

We will be carrying the following three products in our line of merchandise, but if you’d like to order Bacoff’s other products, please write in ( to enquire.

mini-pet sanitiser pic mini-Pet all purpose pic mini-hand sanitiser pic

However, since these products contain liquid (and are heavy), for orders more than 2 bottles, self-collection is encouraged. Or, get them at our events.

Thank you very much for your support!

Thank you, Eco Trader!

Tiger’s den, Heidi’s hideout and other patio tales


Last night, Cow took over Tiger’s den.


Poor Tiger…


My den’s been taken…

We know, Tiger, but even we dare not mess with Cow.


Tiger had time-out in Timmy’s vegetable patch this morning.


Tabs played with Heidi.


Where are you, Tabs?




Ever since the day two tabbies were in the cage, Heidi has been hiding inside the cage a lot.

She seems to like it a lot!

Her trick is to lie very still and quietly inside the cage at night so that we don’t know she is there. Then, when everyone is asleep, she goes upstairs and gets up onto our bed.


When it’s hot, the shoe-rack it is. We dare not remove this paper – it’s Heidi’s cradle.


This box is Daffodil’s house and Rosie sleeps beside it.


Ginger on his blanket.


Yay! Tiger got his den back this afternoon!




Cow slept outside.

mini-P4180659 mini-P4180643

 This is why Tiger has all those pseudo (sporo) sores – they are just lick/bite sores due to itchiness.

So now, I have to know which are sporo sores and which are just bite sores.

Today is Day 43 of Tiger’s sporo treatment.

Two men to run across the Sahara Desert for street dogs

Li Lian shares this inspiring story:

When 36-year-old Mr Chin Wei Chong chose to run 250km across the Sahara Desert for charity, many did not know that he was indeed gambling with his life. The marketing communications director was diagnosed with a heart murmur last year and doctors had initially refused to approve his participation in the six-day race.

On the other hand, his buddy and fellow runner, 35-year-old Mr Ian Lye has his own set of challenges too. He has to juggle between work, studying for his part-time Masters programme and a strict training regimen consisting of a weekly mileage of 120km over four to five runs each week.

It was therefore not surprising that support from both families were initially minimal.

With the help of netizens, Mr Chin and Mr Lye, who both met each other while serving for the Republic of Singapore Navy more than 10 years ago, hope to make this ultra-race a success. A crowdfunding project hosted on Geofundit is currently open to raise funds for SOSD’s (Save Our Street Dogs) new shelter.

Updates on Mami (from Dayang Nurfaezah)


It’s always so nice to know of young people (Dayang is a university student) embarking on efforts to help street animals and of course, to also receive updates about the animals our Fund has helped.

From: Dayang Nurfaezah Abang Ahmad <>
Date: Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 11:05 AM
Subject: RE: RM90 Re: Subsidy for stray cat
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Awhhh. Thanks Dr! I’ve received it.

Btw, Mami is doing okay now. Her post operational wound heals fast. She seems more affectionate towards me than before. She sleeps on my bed during the night. She never do that before this.
I was having a hard time taming Mami before this actually. I gave her food but she only ate it if I go away. Eventually I kinda gained her trust and she started to enter my room and then delivered her babies there. She’s afraid of human, run whenever she saw one, including me if i’m outside of my room. My room is her only safe place. I’m so happy that she tamer than before i spayed her. It is easier for me to find her a new home if she can trust other human too. Oh Oh. i forgot to mention that Mami have extra toes. Her kittens too. :) I’ve attached some of her latest pictures.
dayang1 dayang2
A polydactyl!

Simba has come home, safe and sound! (Aznita Pharmy’s)


Many thanks to everyone who helped.

From: Aznita Pharmy
Date: Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 7:48 AM
Subject: RE: Lost kitten – Simba
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hi Dr Chan,After 4 days, Simba came back safe and sound last night! I heard a kitten meowing after coming back from work last night and when I went to check, I saw Simba running across the road towards me.

Thank you for putting up the post and for your tip about visualising Simba and guiding him home. I believe it helped.


Tiger Day 42

Today, I went to buy another strip of Sporonox for Tiger. Since the vet said Tiger has to take the medicine for another 30 days post-healing, I had to top up his supply. I managed to get the original Itraconazole (Sporonox) for just RM7.50 per capsule at another pharmacy. The previous one charged me RM9.50.

So now, the sores to watch for (to finally disappear completely – that’s considered “healed”, then only does the 30 day post-healing period start) are the ones on the left front paw and the two legs.

The sores on the hips are NOT sporo sores. These are bite and lick sores, probably due to fur mite. I’ve already applied the Revolution spot-on on both Tiger and Bunny. Even a seemingly non-life-threatening itch/bite problem can lead to ulcerated sores and open wounds which may be the entry of spores. So it is not to be taken likely especially when all my cats have a grassy area with plants (where sporo thrives).


Tiger’s newfound “den” in the room.


At long last, he has found a place to call his own!


He loves it so much.


Left front paw – waiting for the day this completely disappears.


The ones on the leg – it’s due to licking that they are red.


Leg sores.

mini-P4170643 mini-P4170644 mini-P4170655

 With best friend, Tabs.

This is one of my favourite Tiger-Tabs photos (below). It was taken during the first week we moved into this house more then 2 years ago when everyone was still adjusting to the new place.

mini-Tiger and Tabs old photo

Sharing a chair – best friends forever.

I was so worried about Timmy when…

…he didn’t feel like eating yesterday morning.

It was early morning and I had to get to work.

Breakfast was as usual and Timmy had gone into his cage. I served him breakfast, but he sniffed at it and looked at me.

Oh no….what’s wrong, Timmy?

It’s not like Timmy to refuse food…at any time of the day.

So, without wasting anytime, I got a Vetri DMG tablet and fed it to him. As I carried him, he didn’t feel feverish or anything like that.

After the Vetri, I left him inside the cage and still, he did not eat his food.

This calls for Code Red. A declaration of an emergency situation: Timmy is refusing food. Oh no, oh no!

So I carried him out of the cage, and coaxed him to eat by forcefeeding him.

He obliged by eating just a little bit.

I had to go to work so I left…worried.

By the time I came home, I was relieved to see Timmy under the car in porch.

Oh good, he hasn’t gone into hiding, which probably means he wasn’t feeling defenseless, which in turn, probably means he wasn’t feeling so sick yet.

I went straight to the patio and placed the bowls on the floor, making sure it made enough noise to attract all the cats.

“Snack time, snack time!” I announced.

All the cats came, including Timmy.

I put some kibbles into the bowls but Timmy walked away….oh, oh.

Then I placed a bowl of kibbles in front of him. Timmy sniffed…then walked off, looking very sad.

Oh dear…Timmy, are you ill?

But I had to take Tiger to the vet’s, so I couldn’t take Timmy though it did occur to me if I should bring Timmy along.

I decided to wait until dinner time (which is 3.30pm). If he still did not eat, I will definitely take him to the vet.

When Tiger and I came home, I grabbed Timmy and fed him some Laxatone. This is just in case he had hairball and maybe that was why he didn’t have appetite.

3.30pm came….it was dinner time.

mini-20140416_125658Yay! Timmy is eating again!!

It looked like Timmy was back to his old (hungry) self again….what a relief!!

It absolutely isn’t normal if any of our cats don’t eat during meal times. They may skip the snacks, but they never skip meals. The ONLY ones who may skip meals are Pole and Cleo. None of the rest would skip a meal so when they do, you cannot help but wonder if something is wrong.

I was SO relieved!!

This morning…

mini-P4160643 mini-P4160644

Timmy is eating again!!



The after-meal tussle for the left-overs.


1. STARE your enemy down.


2. Inch closer and continue staring until enemy moves off.


3. Dig in!!

And the Orange Doraemon (Blanket No. 37) goes to…

37 Hello Kitty RM400

 Thank you very much, Chucky & Blackie and Hello Kitty!

Congratulations, Hello Kitty….the Orange Doraemon is yours!