Chinese New Year RED gift bags!

Our friend, Vicky, gave us a simply fantastic idea of sewing Chinese New Year gift bags – all in red!

Vicky ordered five small foldable bags, all in red, to be used as CNY gift bags when visiting friends and family.

So, I selected these pieces of cloth from my mum’s stash:


Each piece is just enough to make one small or medium-sized bag.

Vicky wants them in small size as that would be ideal as gift bags.


I started sewing last night.


Vincent in his after-work second job.


The assistant supervisor.


The other supervisor for tonight, Zurik.

mini-P1180577 mini-P1180578

Isn’t this cloth beautiful?

There is only one piece of this cloth in red, so only one bag can be made. But we have them in other colours – blue, grey, brown, etc.

mini-P1180579 mini-P1180580

And this afternoon, we received five more orders – for 2 red bags and 3 “doggie” motif bags. Luckily we still have this beautiful cloth from Chen Chen – it has little dog motifs.


And the cloth is just enough to make 3 bags too! What luck!


Part of the challenge in sewing these bags is to optimise and maximise the cloth usage. For eg, each piece of cloth can make a bag and sometimes I’m just short of a bit of cloth to make the handles. But today I discovered that I can re-use the rectangular pieces cut out at the two corners (see above) – if I unpick these pieces, they are rectangular and the length is perfect to join up to make the two handles! I’m short of about 3 inches on each handle and these rectangles are exactly 3 inches!

What joy! Re-using the parts that are normally discarded!

Just as a friend asked me today, “How did you get into sewing? Did it involve a lot of learning?” Then her husband offered an answer, “It’s all about maths, it wouldn’t be too hard for her!”

And he is right on the part about it being all about maths!

Applied maths!

We have 10 more bags to go…(new orders!). Hooray!

Vicky’s idea of gift bags is fantastic – We could have gift bags for all kind of occasions, coming up next is perhaps Valentine’s Day? Hari Raya?

Neutering aid for 2 cats in Subang (Hew Sook Yean’s)

We have sponsored RM120 for the spaying of these 2 market cats.

Two female cat is a street cats in wet market area.. After neutering,Please check it.. Thanks..

1 2

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Cheras (Karen Ong Geok Tee’s)

We have sponsored RM100 for the spaying of this dog.

karen ong


A baby-pink blankie!

Oreo and Hazel Balestorm ordered a baby blankie for their newborn human cousin!

Initially, Oreo wanted to purchase Sailor Bear but I thought it would be far too big for a newborn baby. Sailor Bear is meant as a big blanket or a bedspread – it’s especially big too (63 in by 87 in). So I suggested that I’d sew a baby-blanket for their cousin.

Hazel wanted pink and purple while Oreo wanted red, so I searched from our stash and voila…


This lovely pink kitty cloth, from Ms Ooi!

It’s very soft cotton, perfect for a baby blankie.


Then I searched for matching cloth to make a Classic Squares.


I chose this pink chequered cloth.

mini-P1140543 mini-P1140544

Here we go – all ready. It’s about 38 in by 30 in.

mini-P1140545 mini-P1140546

And isn’t it a happy coincidence that we have this pink flannel which is just enough to be sewn as the backing. Really, “just” enough!


My mum sewed the backing.

And the blankie is all packed and ready to be posted tomorrow!

Thank you very much, Oreo, Hazel and their Mama, for their kind and generous donation of RM600 for this baby blankie and three boxes of Monge!


Yes, the supervisor is IN.

She always is.

Cindy Original for the cats

The verdict: They all love it!


I bought two boxes with a mixture of five flavours.

Rosie has been very fussy (or was she unwell, I don’t know) lately. All of a sudden, she refused to eat home-cooked food. Her appetite was down for a few days, then she got excited during feeding time again but would just sniff at the food and walk away.

I tried Monge and she ate, but only for two days. Then I tried Coco&Joe’s, and she only ate for a day. With Monge (mixed with home-cooked), she only ate the Monge and left all the home-cooked bits. There must be some ingredient in the home-cooked meal which she suddenly developed a distaste for. Before this, she was happily eating all the home-cooked food. Was it the egg shell powder? Or perhaps the pinch of bamboo salt that I added for trace minerals? It’s difficult to pin-point the ingredient that she doesn’t like, but these are the only changes I’ve made to the home-cooked meals (the addition of egg shell powder and a pinch of bamboo salt).

Then, I tried Primal with home-cooked and she ate up all the Primal plus a bit of home-cooked.

Finally, I decided perhaps she needed a change, so I tried Cindy Original with home-cooked. It worked – she ate up everything! Cindy Original has broth (gravy) and all the cats seem to like this.


It comes in 6 flavours: Tender Fresh Chicken; Atlantic Fresh Tuna; Tuna With Chicken; Tuna With Beef; Tuna With Sea Bream; Tuna With Katsuobushi.

Cindy Original has added taurine too.

We are selling it for fundraising. It’s RM75 per box of 24 cans and delivery is free to the Klang Valley for orders of RM300 and above.

For enquiries, please write to me at

Tiger chooses au naturel

Remember the last time Tiger took off his tshirt by himself? Right after that, we did not see anymore seizures until he developed the skin lesions, went on Sporanox and antibiotics. Then, the seizures came back and it’s been quite awhile now.

That is why he is on the tshirts – to prevent him from biting the lesions as that’s the trigger for the seizures.

Did the seizures recur because Tiger went on chemicals (the medicines)? We won’t really know, actually.

Two days ago, Tiger took off his tshirt again.

Is that a sign that he is getting better? We won’t know, but I decided to let him be au naturel again.

Also, without the tshirt, at least he can walk straight without having to crouch. Somehow, when he wears the tshirts, he crouches low.

mini-P1160569 mini-P1150563 mini-P1150562

His coat has not grown back completely yet.

There are some bald patches because of the biting and skin lesions.

But let’s hope we don’t see anymore seizures…


Late and non-compliant applications

Here we go again….(it’s the same old issue)!

It’s not that we don’t want to help as many caregivers as possible, but the applications have to comply with our requirements.

To apply for our aid, please read this:

Please email a photo collage of the animal and post the original receipt and form to us (please see attached). The receipt must be issued to your full name and must be signed and stamped by the vet. All documentation must reach us no later than 2 weeks from the date on the receipt.

The above is sent to every applicant, whether old or new (there is also a BM and a Chinese version). And yet, we are still receiving non-compliant or late applications and these aren’t from new applicants too. They are from those who have applied from us numerous times.

As such, we still cannot process the applications where

  1. The receipt is not issued to the full name of the applicant.
  2. The receipt is not signed or stamped by the vet.
  3. The photo collage is not submitted, but the applicant just sends separate photos.
  4. The application is late.
  5. The form is not duly completed (please fill up all details).
  6. Other non-compliant irregularities.

There have been cases of regular applicants appealing to us to make an exception for their lateness or other non-compliance. We are sorry, but we cannot make any exceptions as this would be unfair to the previous applications we have turned down through the years.

Rules and procedures are made to be followed and enforced so that it is fair for everyone.

And another thing, for “late” applications, we are quite fair in that we would still check the postmark or the Pos Ekspres and Poslaju tracking to see if the lateness is due to the postal service. If the mail was posted, say, at least 5 days before the deadline, but still arrives late due to a delay in the postal service, we will still consider it.

However, if the application was posted just one day before the deadline, and the applicant hopes that Pos Msia will deliver it to us on the next day, I’m afraid that is impossible and we will also not accept lateness due to late posting.

To all applicants, please do your part in ensuring your application is compliant as that would save us both a lot of time, effort, unnecessary correspondence and disappointments.



Neutering aid for 1 dog in Petaling Jaya (Rachael Ong Shwu Chen’s)

We have sponsored RM100 for the castration of this dog, Max.

We also appreciate Ms Ong’s full disclosure of donations received for Max’s TVT treatment. She also submitted the fully itemised receipt. We are only sponsoring Max’s castration charges.

From: ong shwu chen
Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 11:09 AM
Subject: application for neutering subsidy (Max)
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,
I had found Max in Aman Suria and sent him to the vet clinic in for TVT treatment on 14th Nov 2016. After 7 injections, he is neutered.  After i sent him to the vet clinic, i had appeal online through rescue group (eg: Save-a-stray, MIAR) to find him a fosterer during his treatment period as he would need around 2 months to recover. However, no one could foster as TVT is contagious, but a very kind lady came forward and sponsor RM 450 and so does one of my friend who sponsor RM350, totalling RM 800 to cover his boarding fee during the treatment.
Max is discharged and temporarily fostered by one of my friend while trying to rehome him since he is a lovable dog. I would like to thank Dr Chan in advance for your kind consideration in my case.
Thanks and have a plesant day
Best rgds,
ong shwu wen

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kepala Batas (Nurul Fithrah bt Saad’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the castration of this cat, Tompok.

From: Fithrah Saad
Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 3:08 PM
Subject: Application for neutering aid
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hi Dr. Chan,
I am writing to you again for another male cat. Tompok is another cat my mom and I been taking care for quite a while now.
He is approximately a year and starting to show interest to wander around the neighbourhood now. In fear for his safety,
I decide to neuter him.
I hope you can consider my application. The form and receipt already been posted earlier today by normal post.
Thank you.
Ms Nurul Fithrah bt. Saad