Medifoods’ all-new vegetarian buffet breakfast

In promoting “Eat just enough. Mostly plants.” and going meatless as often as we can, all for the animals, we bring you our long overdue Saturday segment of food talk.

We’ve been patronising Medifoods at SS18 Subang Jaya for as long as we’ve lived in Subang Jaya. From a one-shoplot grocery selling organic produce, it became a restaurant and now, it already has branches in several places in the Klang Valley, including one at the SDMC.

We went to try Medifoods’ buffet breakfast this morning. This is something new, and it only started yesterday. For this month, the promotional offer is only RM10.80 per head (inclusive of GST).


Let’s start with the salads.

mini-salad sauces

Home made sauces, which the owner, Mr Looi, derived by himself.

Mr Looi says he doesn’t cook, but he understands food science, and it was interesting listening to him talk passionately about how he came up with the recipe for each sauce, after numerous experimentation.


Porridge and its condiments.

mini-nasi lemak

The famous Medifoods nasi lemak and its three sauces.

On the bottom right of the above photo, you’d see the homemade baked beans. The sauce is made from papaya and tomato. It was delicious.

mini-toast and jams

Toast and two homemade jams.


Using papaya as a neutral base, Mr Looi discovered that psyllium husk worked as a natural “gelling agent”. Eating this jam would almost definitely ensure good bowel movement for the day!

Both jams were delicious.


Non-dairy creamer, made from oat embryo. Ingenious!

(Too bad I’m allergic to oat…sigh)


Medifoods local desserts – the pau, chai kuih, onde-onde, yam and radish cake and ang-koo.

Everything for only RM10.80??

mini-local favourites


Medifoods’ buffet breakfast opens at 7am every morning.

Medifoods, 59, Jalan SS18/6, 47500 Subang Jaya (Tel: 03-5636 5338)

Go Meatless as often as you can

Eat compassionately and healthily!

Michael Pollan’s celebrated 7 rules for eating:

More about Michael Pollan:

Neutering sponsorship for 1 male cat in Nilai (Noor Hafiza bt Mohd Aris’)

We have fully sponsored RM70 for the neutering of this male cat.

From: hafizaris
Date: Thu, May 21, 2015 at 11:57 PM
Subject: Re: Receipt No 8656
To: Chan Kah Yein <[email protected]>

Hi Kah Yein..
My sincere apologies for my late response. Here is the short story of the cat….
A grey n grumpy cat who always comes to my place for a free flow kibbles. He is not a friendly cat let alone to be touched by humans. Sometimes i called him taiko as he loves to fight with other cats until one night he came n refused to eat. Stood still when i touch his body. Suddenly i noticed a big hole under his chin-throat area. The next day i brought him to the vet for neutering n get the treatment for the big wound. The treatment cost me only rm30 n ill bear that cost. Therefore my claim is only rm70 for neutering.
Pls find the pic attached*
img1431535486317 img1432223603198

Spaying sponsorship for 3 cats (Kamariah bt Mohd Amin’s)

We have fully sponsored RM270 for the spaying of Julie, Mama and Ceccee.

From: kamariah mohd amin <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, May 22, 2015 at 8:43 PM
Subject: Neutering Subsidy
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>

Dear Dr. Chan,
I am a rescuer and I have around 50 cats under my care now.
These three cats are strays that I have been taking care of. So I would like to apply neutering subsidy for these three cats.
Hope you will consider my application.
Kamariah Mohd Amin
Photos of Julie, Mama and Cecce.
Mama gave birth to three kittens two months ago. Two died and one kitten is under my care now.
Ceecee had three kittens. Two went missing and one kitten is adopted by my son.
1 2 3

Spaying subsidy for 2 cats in Kedah (Basirah Mohd Ibrahim’s)

We have subsidised RM200 for the spaying of Lily and Spotty.

From: Bash Mohd Ibrahim
Date: Wed, May 13, 2015 at 4:09 PM
Subject: Neutering subsidy request
To: Chan Kah Yein <[email protected]>

Dear Dr Chan

The attached pics are of two female cats.The black n white (Spotty) was rescued with an injured back limb..

The tortoise shell (Lily) was rescued on a busy road after she was hit by a vehicle. Both have recovered well from their injury and would like to neuter them.Hope to find adopters for them soon after.

Hope they qualify for your subsidy.Thanks

Collage 2015-05-17 21_09_23 1

The secret lives of cows

Take a look:

cow cow1

Hmm…they certainly remind me of Cow and Indy!

One woman’s mission to save Sri Lankan street dogs


An excerpt:

Standing with the wasted puppy in her arms, in a politically volatile and foreign country, Samantha had just, unbeknownst to her, committed to the biggest project of her life. Having no veterinary experience, limited knowledge of Sri Lanka, and no contacts whatsoever in the country, Samantha did the only thing she could. She saved the dog’s life. Then, she uplifted her entire life and moved to Sri Lanka.

The Birth of Dogstar Foundation

Ten years on, Samantha lives in Negombo, a fishing village on the west coast of Sri Lanka, roughly 35km north of the country’s capital. There, with her husband Mark, she runs the Dogstar Foundation, which is now one of the leading animal welfare charities in Sri Lanka. Giving up their illustrious careers in the transport industry in both the UK and Australia, Samantha and Mark work without salaries, providing much needed care to Sri Lanka’s forgotten street animals.
Read more:


Vaccinating dogs and recording data about their location and health condition are crucial components of the work that Dogstar Foundation undertakes, but, the dogs don’t make it easy. Once they see the Dogstar Bus rumbling down the various alleys and streets that they call home, many of them bolt for cover. Some dogs even sound the canine alarm throughout the neighborhood to let their furry friends know that the Dogstar bus is in the area.

Samantha and Mark have just returned from Nepal, where they worked alongside various charities to provide the many animals affected by the earthquake with urgent medical attention. Wherever there is an animal in need, you can be sure to find this dedicated duo there.

Read more:

AnimalCare aprons for Mother’s Day!

Yuen Foon, our long-time supporter, ordered these aprons for the children in her Sunday School to present to their mothers on Mother’s Day!

Let’s hear it from Yuen Foon:

My pupils and co-teacher got a surprise last Sunday. 2 children were absent. They guessed that in my bag were t-shirts. They got t-shirts way back in 2012. I taught them when they were in Form 1. Now they are in the most senior class. Can see that they liked their gift very much. They got to choose their aprons. The girl who got the frills apron is the monitor — so must be different.

TQ for making unique gifts for my children.

Aprons at Sunday School

Thank YOU very much, Yuen Foon, for always giving us great ideas for our homemade gifts!

Our gifts by donation:

100% of your donation for our homemade gifts go directly to our Fund for the animals.

The aprons above are all sewn by my mother:


My mum is 82 years old.

And it’s her gift to the animals!

The editor’s chairs and territorial issues

This is an ongoing story, with new developments happening on a daily basis.

We all know that poor Tabs doesn’t really have a place in our highly hierarchical Bunny’s Place.  She’s so mild-mannered, she has repeatedly failed to establish a spot to call her own.  All the Cows see her as an easy target and she gets bullied all the time.  Her only friends are Tiger and Indy.


So it was a cause for celebration when Tabs discovered the editor’s chair.


All was well and she enjoyed that privilege for many months.



Bunny decided he wanted it too.

mini-P5101129 mini-P4281087

And we had to get a garden chair for Tabs, at the pantry.


Bunny tried to wrestle that away from Tabs as well…

Then, we had two editor’s chairs, sometimes placed like so (as above).


Bunny tried to take that away as well.

mini-P5021096 mini-P5021106

And this sometimes happens.


Bunny, at 6.15kg (last weighed), gives me pins and needles and I would have to take a break every few minutes, by placing him on the sofa-bench.


But it breaks your heart having to do that…


And this also happens…but it means Indy is protecting Tabs, so this arrangement cannot be disturbed at all. But it also means I have no chair…


So I have to use this plastic stool instead. mini-P5161152 mini-P5161156

Or I have to stand, under different chair-circumstances.

It’s all about playing it by ear and reading into the situation at hand. Not an easy task, being the only human in an all-cat environment.

Cats rule.

mini-P6150012Meanwhile, poor Tabs…

We are thinking of installing a shelf above my table for her…

But how can we tell the other cats (especially the Cows) that the shelf is exclusively for Tabs?

Spay-neuter sponsorship for 5 cats (Wong Yee Heng’s)

We have fully sponsored RM410 for the spaying of 3 female cats and the neutering of 2 male cats.

Ms Wong sent the following photos:

20150513072658 IMG-20150513-WA0011 IMG-20150518-WA0008 IMG-20150518-WA0009 IMG-20150518-WA0010