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Neutering aid for 1 cat in Cheras (Leong Chee San’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat, Orea.

Ms Carman Leong is a new applicant.

i have been Feeding this street female cat fews weeks ago,
She name Orea after she lay a baby kittens after 3 weeks at Balakong Cheras apartment down stairs, i help her sent to neutering and once recoverd. We will return her same place and continues feeding ang help street Cats needed.

i am summit bill and record pictures about this little poor Cats at Balakong here.

We are only fews people here, really need the help to survival cats street here.
Thank very much you.
Carman Leong

Vaccination aid for 2 cats in Klang (Siti Nur Alisyah bt Mohamad Azlan’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM50 for the vaccinations of these 2 cats, Abulu and Ireng.

Updates on previous cats are below.

I am Alisyah, I found one male cat and one female cat around the restaurant at Bandar Putera, Klang. I picked them up and bring them home. I sent them for vaccination and plan to send them for vaccinations.
for a long-term plan,  I will give my best effort to care for them , wishing they live in a healthy and positive environment. I will continue to shelter them and provide the best and most premium food for them.
Previous cats:

This is the latest medication record for my pets. I only send them for one-time vaccination to be neutered due to my financial strain. My goal is to continue to revaccinate them when my job is stable due to pandemic conditions. Regardless of what happened, I still allocated my money for their medication, send them to the vet if they have a fever, and give them the premium food without colorings I also provide them with love and the best surroundings. I apologize if my application is incomplete here and there. i really appreciate your sincere attention to this matter.

best regards,


We have advised Puan Siti to please follow the vaccination schedule for the cats as “revaccinating” them later does not serve the purpose of creating the immunity for the cats. We hope she will consider this.

Brotherhood (He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother) – an album

I’ve compiled some brotherhood photos here, some past, some today’s.

The cat brothers:

Cow Mau gets the Brother-of-the-Year Award hands-down. He has always looked after Bunny and Pole, but especially Bunny who has been moong-char-char right from their childhood days!

It is always Cow who chooses to sit near Bunny, never the other way around.

The human brothers:

Ryan is a naturally loving brother. Whenever Jayden cries, he will call the parents and quickly bring his favourite toy cars to give to Jayden, to pacify him. Ryan shares all his toys with Jayden.

Ryan is, without a doubt, Jayden’s hero!

Ryan: He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!

Bonding of the brothers!

Tabs, the nanny-cat

Not only fun to lie on, but very fun to scratch on!!

Breaking news!!!!!!!

Berita hangat!!!!

After months of not sitting in his chair because it was taken over by Indy, this morning, for the first time in MONTHS…

…Bunny went back to his chair!!

As you can see, we even installed a makeshift “roof” for Bunny because last time, this chair was his only safe place. And if it rained heavily, the rain leaks through at the side, so we made this roof for him.

But Indy took over the chair and Bunny had no way of getting it back. That was months ago. So Bunny actually had no more safe place – those were difficult times for us. We tried all kinds of things in the room and the pantry – cardboard boxes, baskets, trays, mats, blankets, but Bunny did not feel secure in any of them. He just went out to the Blue House in Ginger’s Patio, but when it rained, that was also a problem.

Then finally, Bunny “found” Tab’s litter box in the kitchen bathroom and he decided he wanted a litter box with the litter still inside! So I bought litter boxes and kept them in the room and voila – Bunny went for them! From one litter box, it became three because Cow also wanted his litter box beside Bunny.

Later, Bunny migrated to the apartments and took a tray at the ground floor. He was very happy there.

Today, Bunny took back his chair!!!

Wow!! We can make a series out of this, with sequels!

The surprise element in the Surprise Me Happy Meals for extremely fussy and demanding cats

Wow, what a long title that was!!

So, the Surprise Me Happy Meals concept started because:

(1) Bunny needed some “junk” to bulk up his stools for this constipation problem.

(2) Indy has been going on hunger strike because he is bored with the meals. I force feed him 75% of the time and he loves it!

(3) Cleo…well, she has always had eating issues and she eats anorexic meals.

(4) Ginger is plainly demanding and fussy and demands for variety.

This leaves only Cow Mau and Tabs who are all compliant at meal times. But wait, Cow Mau also had his mouth problem, but he still continued to eat. What a good cat! Tabs is not fussy, she’s okay.

So, I’ve been varying the surprise element in the Surprise Me Happy Meals ever since we started doing this. Because of the demanding nature of people like Indy and Ginger, a new “surprise” only works for 1-2 meals, then it has to be changed. Well, of course, right, otherwise, why call it a “surprise” element. Duhh…

The thing with surprises it that I don’t need surprises in life. In fact, I’m the total opposite. I like everything to be predictable (but that’s foolish because nothing is predictable in life). Still, for example, when I watch a movie, before I do it, I will (a) google for the ending because I don’t like shocks and surprises, or (b) read the book to find out the ending (in the days before the internet) or (c) ask anyone who has watched it to tell me the ending! Well, that’s just me. I don’t like shocks and surprises.

So anyway, getting back to their meals, Yui Ping (my son-in-law) passed me 5 cans of Brit renal canned food yesterday, so this morning, that was the surprise element. I was a little unsure because the last time I tried it was after Cleo had her dental and she did not like it at all.

But here’s how it went today: I only gave a spoonful each to Tabs and Ginger since it’s renal food. Both of them liked it. Then, the real acid test was on Bunny and gang:

The verdict: They LOVED it!

Cleo jumped onto the counter to get the first taste (that is rare, normally she will run off to the furthest end to mooch around before coming back at mid-meal or after everyone has finished, she is so nonchalant about food, like, “Oh, eat? Do I have to?”). Indy actually ate by himself (someone buy me a lottery ticket, please!). Bunny did not walk away to look at me to ask for something new (he started getting very fussy lately but before this, all his life, Bunny ate anything and most heartily too). Cow Mau, well, he’s the most compliant when it comes to eating (“I will eat whatever is served, I’m okay, I know some cats outside don’t even get any food, so I’m grateful.”)

This is the Brit renal diet: https://britvetdiets.com/diets/35-renal

But then again, when will the novelty effect wear off? Well, I’d say, maybe I can try at lunch time again, and once this can finishes, I had better give it a break first, move on to other surprise elements, then only come back to this.

I mixed the Brit with their staple Cubgrub and Coco’s. All sapu habis, nothing was left behind.


Ginger’s “inside” time

Ginger gets “inside” time every afternoon.

Ginger’s massive spraying time is actually in the mornings. He’s more subdued in the afternoons so he gets inside time then.

Another Surprise Me Happy Meal (all raw!)

I have not given up my efforts to convert everyone back to 100% raw.

Back story: Bunny had constipation while on 100% raw so I had to give him some “junk” (canned and kibble). Did it work? Oh yes, it did! It really did bulk up his stool and now, I don’t have to do the Scratch3x song or take him to his special spot to stimulate defecation. He does it all by himself and I just have to go faeces-hunting in the back garden every few hours (for my recording). But to be fair, Bunny’s constipation could very well be due to old age too, but after I gave him some “junk”, the defecation really improved. However, Tabs is on 100% Cubgrub and she doesn’t have any constipation problem. It’s just that she defecates once every few days (which is typical of cats on 100% raw diet if the raw diet doesn’t contain fiber). One also needs to differentiate between constipation and non-daily defecation. Bunny has constipation, as determined by the vet and he has needed enemas and even manual evacuation before when he was blocked. Now, he is on Cisapride and Lactulose, probably for life, to help with the motility of the intestines.

So…when Bunny got “junk”, it goes without saying that EVERYBODY demanded for it too. Of course. So, everybody had some as well. And also, I was having problems getting Ginger and Indy to eat. They both got tired of raw food and wanted something more tasty. Hence, I started introducing Surprise Me toppings (consisting of raw treats, canned food, kibble, anything “new” just to attract them to eat).

Well, this morning’s treat was….Primal Freeze-Dried!!

Primal has been out of stock for some time during the pandemic but it’s finally in stock again now.

Primal was Tabs’ No. 1 favourite food. She just loves it so much.

I had to acclimatise everyone to Primal again so yesterday, I started giving them Primal “powder” as toppings. Previously I know most of them preferred Primal dry. But it’s supposed to be rehydrated. But being a fresh packet, yesterday, the Primal nuggets appeared to be a bit too hard, especially for Cow Mau, so I added water and they all ate it….everyone was surprised and happy. Well, except Indy. Indy wanted it dry.

Last night, I decided to rehydrate the Primal nuggets in preparation for this morning’s breakfast.

So, did it work? Rehydrated Primal (as it should be consumed, with water).

YES, it did! For everyone, except Indy.

This morning’s Surprise Me Happy Meal was a mixture of Cubgrub, Coco&Joe’s and rehydrated Primal nuggets. I mixed them all up. After one-and-a-half years of eating only Coco’s (three flavours) and Cubgrub Chicken, they kind of got tired of the “same” food, so luckily Primal came to the rescue! Otherwise, I was on the verge of just giving in to them and giving them canned food, just so that they would eat! Now no, not giving in to their demands. It’s back to all raw again, but a mixture of three raw brands (please see footnote at the end of this post).

Ginger loved it! Ate more than his normal amount.

Tabs, of course! It’s her No. 1 favourite food. She had three helpings!

Bunny loved it lots! Cow Mau too because the rehydrated Primal is no longer too hard for him. Both ate additional helpings.

Cleo had two helpings too. It’s rare for Cleo to ask for more food as she isn’t too interested in food, in general. I used to wonder how Cleo survived all those years when I didn’t have that much time to monitor their eating (when I was working and had limited time). She ate so little.

Only Indy wasn’t interested because the Primal wasn’t dry. But after everyone had finished and I had force fed him his usual force-fed Coco&Joe’s, he willingly ate rehydrated Primal as well.

So, that makes this meal a 100% success!!

For lunch, they had the same thing and I had the same result as well – everyone ate heartily with the exception of Mr Indy Jones who was force fed (why he loves being force fed, I don’t know!).

I know it’s that surprise element that works so I would have to keep changing the surprise element with different types of food, but the staple/base is still raw – Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s. I might even add Primal into the staple recipe. Talk about being kiasu – three different types of raw food as the staple diet!!

P.S. Please don’t follow what I do…you should just keep to one type. I only have to do this because my cats are SO fussy!!

Ginger-proofing the patio?

This was my extremely pathetic and temporary makeshift Ginger-proofing yesterday when he started scratching at the fiberglass netting. He had already made two tiny holes with two scratches and it would have taken just minutes, perhaps, to tear it, if he had wanted to. Of course by doing this, I could not get in and out easily. I figured we should put polycarb pieces to protect the fiberglass netting at least 3-4 bars from the ground up, on the outside (Ginger’s side). We have many of these from the previous Minnie-proofing of our patio wall. Of course, if you remember, our attempts at Minnie-proofing failed miserably and she escape practically with her eyes closed.

Minnie would remain as our greatest (ever) escape artist. Without having even been to Bunny’s Place, she already knew there was a way out through our kitchen bathroom window, to Bunny’s pantry, up the water pipe (yes, she could scale that, I don’t know how!!) and then do a backward bend, latch on to the roof, and she’s out! But here’s the thing, she had NEVER been to Bunny’s Place, how would she know? But she did, and the moment she escaped through the kitchen bathroom it merely took her a few seconds to do all that, to the roof!

By the way, Minnie is so happily settled at my friend’s place with her sons. I’ll always be grateful. I get videos of them every month. Here…I snipped this from today’s video, it’s Minnie!

Our unbeatable escape artist!

Anyway, let’s get back to Ginger’s spraying. Ginger was neutered before he was one year old, while he was still a community cat at the playground under the care of his feeder. It was only after that that we moved to this neighbourhood and Ginger got bitten by Mr Quack and he came to our house to ask for help and the rest is history. When Rosie got ill, all of our CNRM cats were confined indoors, including Ginger. Ginger still did not spray urine to mark territory. He was a mild-mannered cat. It was only about two years back that Ginger decided to turn alpha and started marking everywhere in the house. Why that happened, we don’t know for sure, but perhaps it had something to do with his enmity with Indy and Cow Mau? Even though Indy and Cow are confined in Bunny’s Place, they do get to come out to the patio sometimes, so Ginger does not like this. Or, now that I recall, the spraying intensified when Minnie’s boys were born. Ginger was their mentor but he also started spraying more with them around. Once the habit is formed, I guess it’s very hard to change it.

I don’t know why, but most of our male cats are alpha-cats. Let’s see…Cow Mau, Bunny, Indy are all alpha (and yes, they spray). Tiger didn’t spray much because he was so mild-mannered. Vincent and Mr Zurik also sprayed until they got sick (then the spraying stopped). So perhaps when they are well and confident (and alpha), they will spray. I should worry when they stop spraying, right?  That means they are no longer alpha and confident and could be feeling ill.

And contrary to what some people believe, neutering need not necessarily stop a cat from spraying to mark territory. Cow Mau and Bunny were neutered before they turned one year old. Indy too. They only started spraying when I rescued new cats. So it was a case of being in a multi-cat household and having to assert one’s alphaness.

Here’s hubby taking down one of Minnie’s many polycarb pieces.

I hope this will work.

Oh by the way, could I continue with the benefits of Ginger living at the patio? We listed 11 benefits yesterday. Allow me to continue, please…

(12) The poor piano is no longer sprayed on. It has enough stains as it is.

(13) Our stationary bike is no longer sprayed on too. The poor vehicle is rusted at certain parts because of Ginger’s spraying.

So, here’s our makeshift (also temporary) Ginger-proofing of the fiberglass netting because hubby has to rush to work today. We just took down a piece of Minnie’s polycarb, cut it into size and used cable ties to temporarily tie them up to block Ginger from scratching the fiberglass netting.