Ginger’s bullying continues – caught in action

I was getting ready for Vincent’s subcut today. Ginger marched into the room to inspect everything.

Ginger: I’m staying to watch.

But Vincent wasn’t in the room. He had probably gone downstairs, so I went down to look for Vincent. Ginger followed me down too and we found Vincent drinking water at the patio. As I was about to go out to carry Vincent in (to take him upstairs), Ginger beat me to it. He surged ahead of me, lunged onto the chair (Vincent was under it) and made a loud noise (pushing the chair).

Vincent had a shock of his life (imagine if you were drinking water peacefully and suddenly, a loud noise sounded right above you) and ran away.

Poor Vincent….

He ran for cover to his latest “nest” by the plants. I scooped him up and carry him upstairs to his room for the subcut.

Ginger wasn’t allowed in this time. I was afraid he would disturb (sabotage?) the subcut procedure.

A reminder in large print – for me!

I get up at 4.30am every morning because there’s just so much to do and I can get a lot done early before dawn breaks. Vincent also has this habit of waking me up sharp at 2.30am every day!

Over the past few days, it’s been very hectic, processing claims and dealing with incomplete claims, having to contact the applicants for resubmission.

Wednesday’s claims.

Thursday’s claims.

Look at the number of claims in a day. If applicants do not cooperate and get all the documents in order, for each incomplete application, I have to contact the applicant (through email, whatsapp or by phonecall) and each incomplete application has its own story. It can be a case of a missing bank account number, missing signatures, missing clinic stamp, missing date, incomplete photos, not using real names (this is the most annoying – don’t they know their own names?), etc. Sometimes, I spend hours just processing claims alone. Then, comes to banking in of the aid that we provide, then publishing each claim in the blog for accountability to our donors. It’s a lot of work and it’s exhausting!


Cow Mau’s “vicious” attack on Bunny Bun Buns

Two nights ago, Bunny was found to be hyperventilating. He was panting with his tongue out and that lasted for quite sometime. If it had gone on longer than an hour, I would have carted him to clinic under emergency already. I read that while dogs pant, cats should not.

We put on a tshirt for him, and later, even the Thundershirt, but it did not help. There was also a bit of thunder that night, but normally, Bunny had never ever been disturbed by thunder or lightning, so we didn’t know why he was panting. It was quite worrying, actually.

Luckily he was still able to eat, but he did hiss and struggled when we tried to hold him.

We were completely baffled as to what could have caused Bunny to hyperventilate that night…until the next morning.

I was in the room and heard a huge cat fight going on in the garden. Rushed out and saw Cow and Bunny in a locked-body fight. I grabbed the water hose and sprayed on Cow until he let go of Bunny. This was close range spraying too.

Cow ran off hissing and Bunny also ran off, very frightened.

Don’t know what happened between these two brothers, but our guess is, Bunny, being blind, must have accidentally bumped into Cow and that made Cow fly into a rage.

Cow has anger management problems. Always had and still has.

Cow was clearly on a warpath and he was all out to get Bunny, so we had no choice but to put Bunny out in the patio. Bunny was hyperventilating again, very badly.

Poor Bunny.

Pupils dilated too. Clearly in shock.

It took some time, but he soon settled down and the panting stopped entirely.

Then, Bunny started looking around….Bunny bullies Heidi (and while Heidi isn’t afraid of “anything”, she is terrified of Bunny). Bunny has a vendetta on Heidi. Reason: Unknown.

Bunny bullies Ginger too. But luckily, Bunny didn’t detect Ginger’s presence.

Nor Vincent’s.

Tabs and Heidi were both safe inside the house.

We had to go out, so we left Bunny, Ginger and Vincent in the patio and closed the patio door so that Bunny could not come into the house and start spraying or attacking Heidi.

When we came home, Bunny was okay, but he was about to attack Ginger and he also detected Vincent’s presence and was about to launch an attack on Vincent (who was crouching and keeping as still as he could, hoping Bunny wouldn’t see him).

Well, that’s the Cow family for you. Cow Mau, Bunny, Pole and Cleo – they are all eccentric and of very strong personalities. Cow, Pole and Cleo would bully Bunny (own flesh and blood, right?). Indy is the only one who is compassionate enough not to harm Bunny in any way even Bunny walks right into him or rams into him. We have seen it so many times.

If poor Bunny (being blind) walks into Pole or Cleo, he would get smacked. If he walks into Cow (heaven forbids!!), Cow would beat him up good and proper. Sometimes, Pole and Cleo would just pass by and smack Bunny for no reason too. It’s just plain bullying.

We were thinking of putting Bunny permanently in the patio, but Bunny bullies Ginger, Vincent and Heidi….sigh.

Difficult, right?

And we only have ten of them!

But Indy’s still the best of them all.

You’re the best, Indy!

You’re a bit crazy at times, but you are THE BEST!

Cow needs anger management therapy, but he can also be very sweet at times. If Bunny stays out too long at the patio, Cow worries too and would start looking for Bunny.


The first cushion casualty and Ginger’s jealousy

So, Vincent had two velvety cushions – the happy sunflower and the big paw.

But Ginger has been very jealous of Vincent for a few weeks now. He had been going up and down the stairs to check out Vincent’s things in the room. I even caught Ginger going up onto the subcut table to check out the fluids.

As far as Ginger is concerned, it just isn’t fair, you know.

How come Vincent gets all kinds of foods, how come he gets to eat all the time, and he gets subcut every day? What about me? How come I don’t get this subcut thingie? And now he gets cushions??  What about me???

I guess the cushions were the last straw for Ginger. It was just too much for him to bear, you know.

So, what did he do?

He jumped up and pee-ed on Vincent’s sunflower cushion. Then, he pee-ed on our cushions too.

So yes, the first cushion casualty was the happy sunflower. Luckily you could just dump it into the washing machine to get it washed. Easy peasy – it can be spun dry as well.

Ginger: You see? Why does Vincent get all this special food, and why does he get a pretty bowl?  And all I get is a lousy steel bowl, with no patterns? It isn’t fair. 

To get Vincent to eat, the trick is to surprise him at every meal. So recently, I ordered two Monge flavours which I’ve almost never given them before for many years – Chicken with Omelette & White Bait and Seafood with Chicken (both of which, as I recall, our cats didnt quite like). I was taking a chance.

And guess what, I hit the jackpot!

Vincent LOVES these “new” flavours!

There’s quite a bit of gravy in both, so it’s excellent as Vincent loves gravy.

Feeding time!

As for Ginger, don’t know if he’s so upset until he scratched his own ear, but we discovered a self-inflicted wound on his ear this morning, so we took the opportunity to take him upstairs, place him on Vincent’s subcut mat and gave him some “treatment”.

He was clearly….so happy.

Food galore and some Vincent-news

It looks like some sumptuous North Indian cuisine, but it isn’t!

That’s Primal, Gold-D and Coco&Joe’s.

And if you think that’s a lot of choices for one meal, what till you see what Vincent is offered on a daily basis! Yes, up to 7 types, sometimes.

Yesterday morning, he didn’t want any of his favourite Cindy’s Tender Chicken (and help!…I had laced it with Azodyl already), so I took a chance and pour in some RC renal kibble and guess what…he walloped it all (yes, with the Azodyl powder too).

I consulted another vet two days ago, just to seek an opinion. He says since Vincent refuses to take the Azodyl capsule, rather than waste it (it costs a bomb), I should just open up the capsule and mix the powder with honey (to coat it) and give it to Vincent. I haven’t attempted with the honey yet, though. It’s easier to just put it in his food.

I also learnt that based on latest research, the new protocol for fluids is to give 100ml to 120ml per time per day. This is indeed news to me. So, based on this research, the 250ml I have been giving Vincent is way over the limit, but he seems to be doing well on it…. I was advised to check this out:

But I also consulted Vincent’s vet and she says the 100-120ml fluids is for CKD cats in stage 1 or stage 2 (there are 4 stages).  Vincent is already in stage 4 now, so it is very likely that the dehydration is bad (as his kidneys are already “leaking”) so Vincent would need daily subcut of about 200ml, at least. The vet says I could try to reduce from the current 220-250ml to 200ml and monitor Vincent’s hydration by using the pinch test.

That’s the thing with cats. They are so resilient that they don’t show any symptoms or signs that they are ill…until it’s critical.

That’s just the way they are.

Feeding Vincent still requires “mental skill” (amounting to mind-reading) and a lot of patience.  This morning, I got it wrong. He didn’t want what I offered first. So he walked over the the canned food boxes and nudged at one of the boxes (can cats smell through the tin cans?). I mean, I have three brands there – Monge (two flavours), Gold-D (two flavours) and Cindy’s (three flavours). Yes, Vincent told me what he wanted and it was correct.

Amazing, right?

But it doesn’t happen all the time. Most of the time, I have to rely on my own “reading” as well as what had been eaten in the previous meal. Is he on a craze of a certain food, or it is time to change yet?

So yes, getting the right food for Vincent is a daily challenge.

Ginger still bullies Vincent, but occasionally I see Vincent “fighting” back. Ginger smacks him, he smacks Ginger back. All is good. No more “offering the other cheek” – definitely not.

He does like to sit out in the patio garden too. Getting some sun.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Bandar Saujana Putra (Chew Zhe Wei’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Ms Chew is a new applicant. Previously, she applied to SENS.

Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Serendah (Yeap Yin May’s)

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 dogs.

Ms Yeap is a new applicant.

Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Puchong (Wong Yeng Yin’s)

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 dogs.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kajang (Nurul Huda bt Mohd Fadzil’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Dear Doctor,

I just spayed this male cat.  I found him at Kajang town, near the market.  I have neutered his mother before, and I think this is the best time to spay him before release him back.
Attached herewith the picture of the cat before and after spayed.

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Rawang (Liew Kah Yan’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this dog.