A new variety of food for Pole

My friend, Chen Chen, introduced me to Aixia cat food for finicky seniors: https://www.aixia.jp/en/products/

They actually have a range for kidney cats too, but it’s not available at the online stores.

I ordered a variety of flavours for seniors (above 15 years and above 11 years) from Perromart (I love this online store) and they arrived today!

This is the one for seniors.

I’m using all kinds of food for finicky and choosy Pole – it’s just as long as she eats. She is still, surprisingly, hooked on RC renal kibble. Not bored of it yet. She doesn’t like RC renal wetfood anymore so I’m kind of stuck with two boxes now. But everyone else loves it – oh well, at least they can eat it up. No harm giving Bunny, Cleo, Indy and even Cow this food since they are all elderly.

She wasn’t exactly crazy about it, but at least she is eating it.

She no longer eats RC renal wetfood – neat or blended. No. Yucks.

There are two small cans in this pack.

Aixia is not going to be Pole’s staple food, of course (not until I scrutinise the fine print of the ingredients). I’m using it to break the monotony for her. Her staple for now is still RC renal. She is on Cindy’s Tender Chicken with Broth as well. I haven’t succeeded in converting Pole back to raw food yet – it’s harder than I thought, but it IS expected because I am letting Pole “graze” just because she is a gastric patient and has to eat small meals throughout the day. So, the no-grazing rule does not apply to Pole.

For Pole, the rule is: As long as she eats on her own. And enjoys her food. That is happiness enough.

Up and up!

Rio made it to Level 6 this morning!

Rio is up!

Now, I don’t remember who this is…haha, but he is licking wetfood from the little plate. The thing is, all of them can lick wetfood off my finger except Lynx. Lynx still cannot like (or doesn’t want to). I have to rub the food on his mouth.

Surprisingly though, Lynx can eat the RC Weaning kibble (meant for Minnie, actually, but it is formulated for kittens AND mother-cats). So, Lynx can eat kibble but cannot lick wetfood? More like, he seem to prefer kibble? No, no…not another kibble king. The whole Greystoke Family is going to be on raw food once the weaning period is over. I think either Robin or Rio is also able to eat the kibble now.

Arrgh…I still cannot tell the difference between Rio and Robin unless I look at their tails. But Rio’s is tricky because it can be straight or bent with the crook.

Hello, everyone!

Every morning, whenever I open the curtain, all four kittens will line up for roll call. It’s the cutest sight.

Everyone has achieved Level 6 by today!

Level 7 would have to wait. It involves jumping from Level 6 over to the blue basket (that’s Level 7). It isn’t about height anymore but it’s all about the ability to jump and we don’t expect the kittens to do this until they are at least 2-3 months old.

Vaccination aid for 2 dogs in Balakong (Liew Wei Jane’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM50 for the vaccination of these 2 dogs.

Neutering aid for 4 dogs and 2 cats in Balakong (Liew Wei Jane’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM800 for the neutering of 4 dogs and 2 cats. Except for one dog whose neutering charges were RM200, the rest were all fully sponsored (dog RM150 and cat RM100).

Updates on previously claimed animals are below.

Dear Dr Chan,

Hopeful you have received my latest email of all the updated aided strays as requested.
In here, I would like to request for the following neuter and vaccination aid.
Thank you very much for the effort, assistance and kind initiative that was being provided from your organization.
Previously claimed animals: 

Vaccination aid for 6 cats in Cheras (Chan Mun Kueen’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM150 for the 2nd vaccination of these 6 cats.

We also aided in their first vaccination.

Updates on previous 4 cats are below.

Dear Dr. Chan,

I’d like to apply vaccination aid for the kittens. One month has passed and kittens are ready for their second vaccination. I brought them to the clinic and they have been vaccinated. 
Daisy, Bubbles, Sparkle and Twinkle are doing well. They are healthy and happy.
I hope the committee will approve my application. Thank you.
Best regards,
Mun Kueen
Previous cats:

Our new cat collage

These twelve drawings of cats with ear notches are from a calendar gifted to me by rescuer Koo last year. I saved the pictures and turned it into a collage.

12 cat pictures and 2 cats to add to the deco!

The ongoing Minnie-Ginger scuffle

Minnie has gone back to chasing and attacking Ginger again.

It happened multiple times today and we had to intervene or else a trip to the vet’s would have been warranted.

Minnie back in the cage as a “punishment” for attacking Ginger.

Ginger ran for cover to the vegetable pots in the patio and sneaked back into the house through the kitchen window. He is now comforted by Tabs.

Tabs wanted to help.

All quiet now…with three kittens in the big red basket and one in the pink one, Smurfy in the white and Minnie on top.

Lynx makes it to Level 6!!

All in celebratory mood today, lots of achievements to shout about!

And Lynx attempts the next level…and makes it up!

Yes! And our smallest kitty goes all the way up to Level 6!!

Making this second attempt.

While all this was going on, Robin was quite contented being at Level 3. He is the biggest too!

But later, he made it to Level 4 as well (the big red basket).

Here’s Robin in the big red basket!

The kittens level up today!

Lots of levelling up today, by the hour!

All four made it to the pink basket this morning!!

Then, by this afternoon, guess who made it up another level into the big red basket?

Yes, Rey!!  Rey made it all the way up another level. And this is a difficult one too. It requires greater upper body strength to heave oneself up all the way.

Hooray for Rey!

Rey is the reigning champion now….

But no sooner than that was said, Lynx also made his way up to the big red basket and there is a victorious celebration!

Next, someone else makes it up to the next level….