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Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx’ medical check-up and dinner

Here’s the results of today’s medical check up for Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx.


Weight: 5.4kg
Applied Advocate spot-on
Smurfy has an infected wound on the right side of his body, infected with round bacteria. Treatment – Clean with chlorohexidine and apply Fucidin twice a day. Because of this wound, the lymph node near the wound is enlarged. It should subside once the wound heals.
Smurfy has lost some incisors too.
Gum inflammation and enlarged neck lymph nodes. To give Vetri DMG.
Vaccination next week if eating well and no issues crop up.


Weight: 4kg exactly
Applied Advocate spot-on
Minnie has arthritis in her joints. Normally when young cats have arthritis, it could be due to injury.
Minnie has lost many incisors.
Has gum inflammation and enlarged neck lymph nodes, like Smurfy. To give Vetri DMG.
Minnie has gingivitis as well. To give Orozyme.
Minnie has many allergic cells (blood test).
Vaccination next week if eating well and no issues crop up.


Weight: 5.64kg
Applied Advocate spot-on
Lynx also has gingivitis. To give Vetri DMG and Orozyme.
Lynx has many allergic cells (blood test).
Vaccination next week if eating well and no issues crop up.

So all in, Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx are in much better shape then Rey and Robin. This is also why we brought Rey and Robin back first.

The vet said to let them settle down, monitor to ensure they are eating well and if there are any issues, it should show within one week. If there are none, then they can be vaccinated in one week’s time. And because their vaccination last year was not done, they would need two vaccinations this year.

Since all of them are young, they should be on daily Orozyme as well.

Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx were hiding in the room from the time I brought them back to the time we took them to the vet’s. Food was offered in three separate bowls and I did leave the room to give them privacy but the food remained untouched. This is so different from Rey and Robin who came home and immediately ate like they hadn’t eaten in a long time!

The vet said since Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx did not have anything contagious, I could reunite them with Rey and Robin, so that’s what I did upon reaching home.

I opened the two bathroom doors that adjoin the two rooms, and Rey and Robin quickly came over. The two are SO super confident now. They are totally at home. Actually, Robin is the most confident! No more timid, shy and scared as he was in his previous home.

Different environment, different behaviour.

Rey is also super manja now.

I remember rehoming Raven last time (she was a black kitten who had come on her own to our house). After a few weeks I went to visit, but Raven could no longer recognise me. That was what gave me doubts about bringing Minnie’s family home, I wasn’t sure if they would remember me, but they do!

Rey quickly came to see Minnie (she’s in the box).

For tonight’s dinner, Rey and Robin ate 100% raw food. I am confident Robin’s diarrhoea is gone. (Update: I was wrong, the diarrhoea came back, so it would have to be back to steamed chicken tomorrow.)

Rey and Robin are eating like nobody’s business.

Smurfy is still hiding but is willing to eat in his hiding place.

Lynx is also eating in his hiding place.

Minnie is more interested in surveying the windows to try to escape, as expected. To escape is in her DNA.

I waited patiently and finally she came out to eat.

And then continued trying to find ways to escape.

Lynx finally came out of hiding!

Rey and Robin are completely at home, playing “hosts” to their family!

Lynx is out!

So only Smurfy is hiding now. We will give him all the time he needs. They will be living in these two rooms until our catio is ready.

Meanwhile Tabs and Ginger are eager to meet them and have been coming to the doors of both rooms. What are the chances that Uncle Ginger will be their mentor again? What are the chances that Tabs will not be afraid of them now?

We shall see….one step at a time.

But I’m so glad they are home now!

Welcome home, Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx!

Yes, they are back with me!

I went with a friend to collect them today.

Early this morning, I prepared our next bedroom as a post-quarantine room for Rey & Robin. Robin’s diarrhoea is still there, but it’s very much better so I can put them together already. I took a few hours to get them to come over to this bedroom.

Then, my friend and I went to collect Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx.

They are home now! And I will be taking them to the vet’s for a check-up later today.

Minnie and Smurfy!

Now, it’s very hard to tell them apart because they are exactly the same grey colour. The tell-tale is that Minnie is slightly smaller and Minnie (being female) has an ear notch.

The whole family is “wired” to escape if only for the thrill and challenge of it.

Lynx found Rey’s hiding place! It’s between the tarpaulin and the headboard.

By the way, Lynx came to me when we reached today. Looks like he knew. And it’s normally very hard for the adopter to even touch Minnie and Smurfy, but both allowed to be caught today and went into the carrier.

They know, don’t they? They know they are coming home.

I shall update after the vet’s visit. I hope they are all well. Smurfy has a wound but it doesn’t look serious. I had also given Smurfy the FeLV vaccine before he was adopted.

After their check-up I will reunite the whole family if Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx do not have any health problems that is contagious. Rey and Robin are currently in the next room enjoying a meal of steamed chicken! Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx are hiding between the tarpaulin and headboard and are too scared to come out to eat….for now. Of course I know it will take some time. It’s a “new” place for them.

Bunny and his chronic constipation

I shall not repeat the backstory for Bunny and it’s a long story.

Ever since I started a more “rojak” diet for Bunny, it has really helped with his constipation problem. I think adding kibble and canned creates bulk – it’s as simple as that. So he is able to defecate, but he is still on Cisapride to help with the motility in his intestines and he is still on Lactulose twice a day.

The vet had said I could slowly decrease the Lactulose and monitor his bowel movement.

I did.

I started by reducing the twice-daily Lactulose from 2ml to 1.5ml. But still twice a day. It worked. Bunny could still defecate.

Then, two days ago, I reduced it to once a day – 1.5ml. It still worked!!

But yesterday, there was no poo.

This morning, again, no poo. And worst of all, this morning I saw Bunny straining twice and nothing came out.

Oh no, oh no, oh no….it looks like the twice-daily Lactulose simply cannot be stopped.

I was all ready to take Bunny to the vet already today, but luckily after a while, I saw Bunny’s trademark poo (yes, only a small piece) on the grass at this usual place. Phew!!

Looks like we simply cannot reduce the Lactulose.

I guess once old, problems will arise and it becomes chronic. It’s unlike an illness where one gets better or even recover from it completely. It’s a chronic problem which will have to be managed all of Bunny’s life.

And we will manage it.

Bunny has also been very fussy about food. He will only eat raw chicken meat (well, at least it’s raw) and if I’m lucky, he will eat some Brit Renal (a complete diet). He will also eat Monge Monoprotein 100% Rabbit (again, a complete diet). Some canned food brands are not  complete diets but only complementary. As far as I know, an animal needs a complete diet for long term health. Complementary as snacks is perfectly okay, of course. But only as snacks.

Bunny in his favourite Blue House.

Am so relieved I don’t have to take Bunny to the vet’s today as I have a long day ahead.

Rey and Robin are fine. Robin’s diarrhoea is still there, but very much reduced. I think he IS on the mend. So relieved.

Rey & Robin’s dinner

I gave Robin a bath as well and that was quite a disaster! He was literally screaming and Rey didn’t even bother to come out to look! Anyway, it was a quick bath and he got dry very quickly.

For dinner, thanks to a friendly reminder by my friend, Agnes, I put pumpkin together with his chicken to steam, so Robin had steamed chicken with pumpkin.

What I do now is to first serve Robin in the bathroom (because the moment I enter the bathroom he will always be there to greet me) and quickly close the door. Then, I serve Rey in the room. Rey had a mix of ID (just to finish the can that Robin refused to eat), raw chicken, raw gizzards and Cindy’s Complete Pate. Rey ate, as usual, like a gentleman. By the time Rey had finished, I open the bathroom door and our guzzler and food-snatcher, Robin, had also finished his. Yay! He ate the steamed pumpkin too.

I also pumped Vetri DMG into their food, because feeding them by syringe turned out to be very difficult. For Robin’s antibiotic, I just the bread-ball and it worked. Pilling him using the finger is also a struggle.

Gentleman Rey eating his dinner. I’m glad he ate up all the gizzards. The boys used to LOVE raw gizzards last time. I’ll slowly reintroduce Rey to the raw diet. The same plan is for Robin but we have to settle his diarrhoea first.

This is what’s left of Robin’s steamed chicken with pumpkin (laced with Vetri DMG). Robin’s diarrhoea has improved a lot, but there is still a wee bit of it. Hopefully it will be all gone by tomorrow.

Then and only then will I start to reintroduce him back to the raw diet. I hope Robin can put on some weight and at least reach 4kg, slowly and steadily.


Rey’s Malaseb bath!

I did it!


And got scratched in the process and I think there might be a hole in my tshirt too, but never mind!  I was home alone with Jayden so I asked Jia-Wen to come over for a few minutes to look after Jayden.

First, I prepared the towels, the e-collar and the hair dryer in the next room.

Going to use the shower area, need a stool because I cannot squat (for more than 10 years now).

I carried Rey in and he didn’t suspect a thing until I turned on the shower. Of course he struggled and jumped like crazy. I used warm water. Then, I rubbed the Malaseb shampoo all over and realised I had left my phone in the room. So I started counting numbers – 1, 2, 3,…..until 420. The vet said 7 minutes is the minimum. While counting, I continued massaging Rey – he rather liked it, actually and didn’t struggle as much. Robin came to “help” his brother….awww. He stood on the covered toilet bowl to watch and make sure his brother was okay.

After 7 minutes, I had to rinse him off and the struggle started all over again. After rinsing, I reached for the towel and wiped him as much as I could before bringing him out to the room for the hair dryer.

Oh, the hair dryer sound was a no-go, absolutely. Rey was too scared, so I decided not to do it. It’s a sunny day, and he has very short fur, it should dry very fast. I let him go and he ran for cover to his favourite hiding place, between the tarpaulin and the bed headboard. That’s where he hides now, but when I called him, he immediately came out.

He’s already completely dry because I let him hide for 5 minutes to settle down.

You’re done, Rey! Good boy!

The next one will be in 5 days…phew!

Meanwhile in the commotion and pandemonium, Robin was attempting to escape from the window of the other room, but I believe I have escape-proofed these two rooms plus the bathroom quite adequately. All the sons have Minnie’s genes – they are wired to escape, if only for the thrill and challenge of it.

For a reward (which was lunch), I “tricked” Robin into going into the bathroom and locked him there with his steamed chicken while Rey was served Monge Monoprotein 100% Rabbit (who can resist this?). Rey eats like a gentleman. Robin snatches food!

By the time gentleman-Rey finished his food, Robin too had polished his bowl clean – Success!!  Otherwise, there would be no way Robin would eat his bland steamed chicken. He would surely snatch Rey’s tasty rabbit.

I’ll go check later if there is any diarrhoea. I know this “brand” of diarrhoea – it’s the type where you go right after eating something.

On another note, it isn’t easy pilling or syringing medicine for Robin and Rey. They probably have not had the experience in their previous home. That’s going to take some work. This morning, we cleaned Rey’s ears with Pyo Clean – it was a struggle too.

Petfood Donation (chicken) to MunMun Furry Sanctuary

Donors: In memory of Bhante Punnaji, anonymous donors, donors from Boost, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Alven Loh Hong Ping, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Gan Lay Yong, Ginger, Jasmine Ee, Joy Saga, Khoo Ming-Yi, Kok Khee Wee, Kwan Pei Kuan, Lee Kah Sun, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Rey & Robin, Tan Lai Fun, Tan Tay Thye, Wan Tai Seng, Wong Chin Kuan, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Ground chicken neck and bone – 200kg

Chicken liver – 200kg

Mun Mun cooks chicken and rice for his 250 shelter dogs. We have reimbursed Mun Mun the full amount for this chicken supply.

Rey & Robin – the morning of Day 3

Robin is not out of the woods yet.

This morning, I found 2 patches of diarrhoea in the litter box and 2 more random patches (but very tiny) on the floor and the basin.

I fed them breakfast but Robin is naughty, he totally refuses to eat the Hill’s ID now. Instead, Rey LOVES it (oh well, no harm). So I gave Robin canned chicken. I hadn’t prepared steamed chicken because I thought he would be hungry enough to eat the ID. Well, I was wrong. He is either very choosy (and demanding!) or there is some other reason, which I haven’t found out yet.

I haven’t handled them for 1.5 years so it is going to take me some time to get to know the adult in them. I only knew them as kittens, up to the age of 6 months. At that time, they were TOTAL gluttons – they walloped any raw food that I gave them. Sapu habis, every time. And they ate like their stomachs were bottomless pits (well, they were still kittens then). I remember my husband called it the “F1” (Formula One), how I had to confine them at the patio while preparing their food, then the moment I opened the patio door, they would zoom into the kitchen like Formula One racing cars and in the matter of seconds, all the food would be totally eaten up. Those were crazy times!! Lynx was the eating-monster. He snatched everyone’s food.

Now, after 3 days with Rey and Robin, Robin is an eating-monster, actually. He snatches Rey’s food. Imagine that. And yet, at their previous home, Robin was so timid and would shy away the moment another cat so much as approach his bowl.

Different environment, different behaviour – I know this to be true of cats. Long ago, we had Wii and he was so bullied by Cow & Bunny until he had to keep running away from home so I had to rehome him. My dear friend took him, and guess what…Wii became the taikor in HER household (which had more cats than mine). Yes, the leader of the clan there. Bullied till a pulp in my home by Cow & Bunny but a total taikor in a household with so many more cats than mine. Maybe he thought he should start afresh in a new environment – better bully before you are bullied?

So, back to Robin now. In the two morning sessions that I have since spent with them today (from 5am until 6am), I witnessed Robin pooping in the litter box. The stools were liquid each time. Not much, but liquid. So, he is not out of the woods yet. But I suppose there is good progress in that just yesterday, the liquid stools were simply leaking out all over the floor, but today, it’s being passed out while Robin squatted at the litter box. I suppose that’s already an improvement. Since Robin refuses to eat the ID, I will go back to the steamed chicken for the next meal.

Luckily they were only fed two meals per day at their previous home, so I don’t have to give them so many meals per day. Our own cats are totally pampered – they used to get 3 square meals per day and now, with Jayden being here, they get even more meals because I have to quickly feed them whenever Jayden takes a nap. So I could no longer keep to the regular feeding times.

Frankly, for Robin, I have not ruled out the feline corona virus or FIP even though he does not have other FIP symptoms. It could still be the corona virus, which is a mild infection. But the vet found anaerobic bacteria in his stools yesterday, so it could also be a bacterial infection, and not viral. Hopefully, it’s not the corona virus as that’s contagious, though curable. FIP, is a different story altogether. 10% of feline corona virus cases can mutate into FIP.

I made a judgment call yesterday after seeing such good improvement and released Robin from the bathroom so that he could play with Rey. I figured both of them have just had quite an experience, being transported in a long journey from their previous home to mine, so perhaps Robin needs Rey’s company. I weighed the pros and cons and decided to let him be able to play with Rey. I know it’s a risk putting them together, that is why it’s a judgment call on my part. But I shall see today if Robin should be confined again.

Here are some photos from this morning. It’s really hard to take their photos because they are SO incredibly active and almost never sit still!

Hooked-tail Robin!

I’ve figured out a way to leave one window pane open (but covered by the mosquito netting). Minnie and her boys are ALL incredibly smart and they are all climbers with pliable bodies. I thought our smartest escape-artists were Indy and Pole before we met Daffodil. Then we thought Daffodil was the all-time smartest…until we met Minnie.

Minnie is the undefeated champion in escaping and she has an unbelievably brilliant mind. Imagine this, she had NEVER ever been to Bunny’s Place before, she was only living in the house. But she knew she could get to Bunny’s Place through our kitchen bathroom window, and the moment she got there, she went straight up the water pipe, scaled it effortlessly and got to the roof with her pliable body. HOW???  HOW did Minnie know all this without having even been to Bunny’s Place???  You tell me. And we thought Bunny’s Place has been made escape-proof because we fortified it several rounds after Indy and Pole managed to escape, we thought it was THE fool-proof cat place. Well, Minnie proved us so wrong in a wink of an eye.

And make no mistake, Rey is also an escape artist as brilliant as his mum. I didn’t write about this as I was too sick at that time, but Rey did escape from the patio as a kitten. He scaled Stargate2 all they way up, how he got out is anybody’s guess as he was merely a kitten then. He landed up in the next-door neighbour’s garden and I heard mewing. All his brothers were on the alert and followed the sound. Luckily we managed to get him back by luring him with food from our side of the wall, luckily he was so greedy at that time (that food worked) and luckily the neighbour’s house was higher than ours. My husband climbed up our garbage compartment platform and grabbed him when he went for the food. That was one crazy rescue – the neighbour had gone overseas and we would never have been able to get into his compound to get Rey back if we hadn’t manage to lure him with food along the wall.

It’s past 7am now. I got to go.

More later!!

Rey & Robin – after the visit to the vet’s

This is going to be a very long story….

Here’s a record of what’s wrong with both of them and the treatment administered:


Weight 5.5kg (that’s good)
Has tongue ulcer due to virus – to give Vetri DMG
Has the flu – also Vetri DMG
Ear infection – to apply Pyo Clean (more effective than Epiotic cleaner)
Was a little bloated and gassy – to deworm
Rey’s balding patches is due to a flea bite allergy. This means he got bitten by a flea and he is allergic, hence it becomes very itchy, he scratches, he balds. There is visible flea dirt on Rey too. Rey’s hair roots are infected too (observed under microscope). Treatment – given a low dose steroid injection today, to bathe with Malaseb every five days. The vet did not find any fungus in the bald spots, but to be sure a fungal culture will be done, results known in 4 days’ time. Already applied Advocate spot-on yesterday (part of the treatment).
Rey checked for FIV/FeLV – thank goodness it’s negative.
Rey was dewormed.
Vaccination cannot be done until he recovers from the above.


Weight 3.4kg (severely underweight)
Has tongue ulcer due to virus – to give Vetri DMG
Robin is the one with the diarrhoea (see pictures below) – stools examined – found bacteria. I asked if the diarrhoea could have been caused by (1) excessive eating yesterday, (2) the change of food, (3) eating a bit of raw food, etc – the vet said no. If the gut is healthy, none of these can cause the diarrhoea. So, Robin’s gut is not healthy and it is also infected. The stool examination found anaerobic bacteria and the infection has been there for some time now. It isn’t something that happened overnight. To treat, the vet gave a B12 jab and Robin is to start on antibiotics (Metronidazole).
As the vet was very concerned about Robin being underweight, I was advised to have a full bloodwork done on him to check if there is any organ damage.
Robin was checked for FIV/FeLV – thank goodness it is negative too.
Robin was dewormed again although the adopter had dewormed him in mid-May.
Vaccination cannot be done until he recovers from the above.
Already applied Advocate spot-on yesterday.
With bated breath, we waited for the blood test results. I was so worried in case he already had any organ failure. Luckily the blood test showed that Robin’s kidneys and liver are both normal. Only his globulin is high, probably because he is having the diarrhoea now.
The vet also mentioned the slim possibility of FIP (corona virus), and this was also at the back of my mind because of the diarrhoea, but the vet thinks it is NOT LIKELY because Robin does not have any other symptoms of FIP.

We came home and I quickly separated Robin and Rey (vet advised to do so in case the diarrhoea spreads since it is a bacterial infection). I fed Robin Hill’s ID (which thankfully he was willing to eat) and gave him his first dose of Metronidazole. Rey was given normal food.

Then, I fed the rest of our cats and was just in time for Jayden’s arrival for the day. Jayden is staying overnight now.

After a few hours, I went in to check on Robin and you won’t believe this – there were only FOUR droplets of diarrhoea. This is a HUGE improvement from the three rounds of cleaning I’ve had to do this morning before going to the vet’s where the entire floor was covered with droplets and patches of diarrhoea. Yes, THREE rounds. When I checked in the evening, there was only ONE drop of diarrhoea. Our vet is amazing, isn’t she?

I will have to bathe Rey with Malaseb tomorrow and clean his ears.

Hopefully, both of them will get well in time.

By evening, Robin was reluctant to eat the ID already. What a mischievous cat! So I gave him Cindy’s Tender Chicken which is very similar to boiled chicken. I don’t know if Robin is the type of cat who simply cannot put on weight, or he hasn’t been able to compete for food at his previous home. I hope he can put on some weight after this.

This is the droplets and patches of diarrhoea which covered the entire floor this morning. It just drips from Robin’s anus. This morning, there was hundreds of such small patches all over the floor, but at the last check this evening, there was only ONE. Please, let it NOT be FIP.

Rey & Robin – skin issue and diarrhoea

After coming back yesterday and eating the “first” meal at home (yes, voraciously for Robin), I noticed a few drops of brown liquid stools on the floor. I wasn’t sure who it’s from, though.

From then on, there was the same brown liquid stools all over the floor, but in small amounts. My first thought was: Oh oh, Robin has eaten too much!! My second thought was: It could be due to the change of environment or slight change in food. I had already given both of them the same canned food that they eat at the adopter’s, it’s just that I did not give their kibble because I don’t have it. I did, however, sneak in some raw food (just a small amount) because I was over-enthusiastic, seeing him eat so happily and so much. Rey did not eat much yesterday. Robin ate like a…..glutton. On hindsight, I shouldn’t have allowed him to eat so much. My bad, I know. Robin was the one who ate the tiny bit of raw food.

I know Robin had difficulty competing for food at his previous home because he would just shy away whenever any other cat approaches him, so just let him eat when he returned yesterday. And he WAS so, so hungry (or greedy?).

Robin eating…like a glutton!

Rey was hiding behind the toilet bowl for HOURS. I decided to let him come out on his own when he is ready since he had already eaten a little bit of food upon coming home.

For dinner, I had to lure him out.

By evening, this was Rey’s hiding spot in the room.

And by night, Rey was already TOTALLY and completely the super manja cat! He was rubbing himself all over me and jumped up to sit on my lap until almost midnight. Robin, of course, was the instant manja cat the moment he came home.

So my fears were unfounded after all. I was worried they might not remember me or might be uncomfortable in a “new” place. And when they were with us, they had not been upstairs to this particular room before. They were always at the patio and downstairs, or upstairs in the family hall only.

So, cats do remember!

Even after 1.5 years, cats will remember, and they did go away as kittens. I had not been to visit them because I was too heartbroken (I could not adopt them because I was in ill health at that time and I honestly did not think I could possibly live for another 15 years to see them through). It would have been irresponsible of me to die leaving 5 cats with no one to care for. However, the possibility of being unable to live for another 15 years is still there, but now it’s just 2 cats and I shall think of something for them. There are no plans to rehome them now. They are staying with us until (a) I’m too sick to function, or (b) I die.

I had to bring Robin back because it was so difficult for him to compete for food at his previous home. I was also worried that Robin might have some congenital problems (like Rio?) because he looked so thin. At least I could get him checked and start whatever treatment that is needed. Or, at least I can ensure he gets to eat at every meal without having to compete with others for his food…and fail.

Looking back, I did try to rehome them but no one could take them. I also understand that they are not of a “pretty colour”, being the “common” grey-black tabby. Minnie and Smurfy were grey but the boys were all dark coloured. My friend told me, in all honesty, this “colour” is the hardest to rehome.

So whatever is it, I’ll always be grateful to the adopter for taking them at the time when I really could not cope with another 6 cats. At that time, we had 8 of our own (with Heidi and Pole).

Rey wasn’t particularly hungry yesterday.

But this morning was a different story altogether. Rey became the glutton!! Robin wasn’t too interested in food this morning.

However, when I entered the room this morning, oh my goodness…the entire floor was covered with droplets of diarrhoea. The bathroom had bigger patches of diarrhoea. The bed (luckily I had covered with cardboard) also had droplets of diarrhoea. But Robin and Rey were so happy to see me; they were very active. Nobody looked sick at all.

So, luckily I had already got an appointment for them at the vet’s today. Rey, for his skin issues and now, WHO has diarrhoea?  I suspect it’s Robin though I have not been able to witness anyone passing those liquid stools unless I separate them, but I figured since we are already going to the vet’s, the vet should be able to tell through an anal examination.

I thought I’d get them vaccinated (lapsed last year), but I think that would have to wait now. We probably have to address the skin issue and the diarrhoea first. There was very well-formed stools in the litter box, though (so one of them doesn’t have diarrhoea). But there was also lots of diarrhoea in the litter box.

For diarrhoea, I go by the advice of our senior vet years ago – give small amounts of boiled chicken. So it’s boiled chicken for both of them this morning. Rey ate a lot. Robin, only a little.

I know, even I cannot tell them apart in the photos unless it shows their tails. Rey has a thin, long tail. Robin has a shorter, hooked tail. But their faces are different too. Rey looks exactly like Minnie. Robin has a manja look which had always melted my heart. Even when he had gone to his new home, tiger cub pictures/drawings would remind me of Robin. It broke my heart. And every time Ryan watched his “Five little ducks went out one day” cartoon-song, well…you know. But at least I knew they were all together. At that time, the family was still close-knit. Now, no more, confirmed by the adopter. Minnie is the socialite with her friends. Smurfy is on his own and happy being so. Both are still quite feral in nature. Lynx is a taikor with his gang (there are two more black cats there with him – wait, are cats racist?). Only Rey and Robin are still together. This is why we only brought R&R back.

Anyway, we will be going to the vet’s today for a full examination and I shall update much later because Jayden will be here today and I won’t be able to update unless he takes a nap.