Ginger’s orientation in Bunny’s Place

Since Ginger has become a super-alpha sprayer in the house now, I thought there might be times we need to put him in Bunny’s Place.

It would also be good if Ginger can be accepted by the Cow Clan.

So, Ginger had a supervised orientation today.

He was making a lot of noise while I was inside Bunny’s Room, so I opened the grille and an “exchange” happened – Ginger came in and Pole went out! It was almost like a “prisoner swap” but of course nobody is a prisoner here.

Indy was the first (and only) cat who was on the offensive.

Ginger was smart enough to jump up onto the wooden chair next to me while Indy made his war cries.

Indy was clearly fed-up by Ginger’s presence and he could not get to Ginger, so he made his protest known by biting me on the hand. Then he flipped on the floor and bit his own paw repeatedly. He was letting off steam.

He soon settled down.

Cow was asleep and not bothered by all the goings-on. He did look up (he was totally aware of what was going on, of course). But he decided he didn’t need to react.

Ginger also settled down.

I put Ginger down on the floor and Indy seemed civil now.


Indy tried to bite Ginger ear, but Ginger protested.

Side by side.

I let Ginger back out and Pole back inside. Prisoner swap! Haha…

Can Indy be friends with Ginger?

Now, Indy is on the same chair that Ginger sat on and poking me repeatedly with his paw.

Indy is a very possessive cat, so his acceptance of Ginger is definitely going to take some time.

And there’s Cow and Bunny to contend with as well. It’s no easy feat.

Two cats for adoption (Ng Chen Chen’s)

If you are interested, please contact Chen Chen directly at

Location: Klang Valley

Chester (female)

Dasher (male)

Hi Kah Yein,
My latest pair of rescues is taking a long time to find a home. This is because they became bonded along the way. Although I am still open to the possibility of adopting them out separately if there are good offers for them, I really hope to get them adopted together because they are such a loving pair. They talk and follow each other. They look out for each others’ needs, etc.
The Petfinder profile for:
I have a few inquiries for Dasher but whenever I ask if they are able to adopt Chester too, the reply is always no or total silence. And there have been zero inquiries for Chester.
Chester is one of the sweetest cat I have the privilege to meet. She is harness-trained and warms up to people quickly. If you know of anyone who is looking to train up a cat as therapy cat, Chester would be a great candidate.
When I rescued Dasher, he was totally scared and shut down. Chester was rescued a week earlier before – she took him as her own baby and cared for him until now. When Chester finds food or a toy, she will call Dasher over to check it out. They are simply adorable together.
However, finding a home who is able to take them as a pair is hard. So I hope that you could help publicise them on your site.
Thank you very much!

Double Charity Donation to community cats

Recipients: Community cats
Donor: In loving memory of Legolas

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Monge Kitten kibble 10 kg – 4 packs
Cindy’s Original cat canned food Tuna Salmon – 4 boxes

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About the Double Charity Donation:

Double Charity:
(1) donate petfood to shelter & street animals of your choice,
(2) proceeds go to neutering & vaccinating street animals.

Share our vision of giving quality petfood to shelter and street animals! They certainly deserve it.

Intruder-nemesis alert

White Bushy is Ginger’s greatest nemesis.

Quite a number of the neighbourhood cats have been trying to colonise our compound lately. Without CNRM-cats on duty outside, this is bound to happen.

Ginger really doesn’t like White Bushy and they have fought before previously. White Bushy has a home down the road.

Bunny is on one of his trips out and he is oblivious to everything.

Ginger’s alpha-ness

Ginger has a jealousy streak. He was very jealous of all the attention that Zurik had and now, he is jealous of Tabs.

Tabs loves to sit at the window in our bedroom every morning and enjoy the scenery, then she will take a long nap there. But Ginger is jealous so he too goes up and sprays on the bed (usually my pillow will be the victim). As a result of this, we often have to close the bedroom door thus Tabs cannot have her favourite spot (unless someone is home to keep an eye on Ginger and stop him from going upstairs).

Ginger has the whole patio to himself, but it’s just not enough for him.

Tabs and Heidi sometimes sit on this deck chair, so Ginger sprays on it too.

Ginger also sprays on our living room cushions. He wants the whole house to himself. Looks like all our males are very alpha.

Tabs has to take a nap in the kitchen today.

Heidi still follows out to the park for taiji and gets her half-boiled egg yolk every day. This has become her routine.

Then, she takes a long morning nap.

Pole’s trips out and the Cow Clan

For quite some time now, Pole has been mewing at Bunny’s grille at certain times of the day, asking for attention.

This got more and more regular, so we decided to let her out to the rest of the house.

So, Pole has been getting trips out to the house every day now.

We think that since the house is Daffodil escape-proof, it should be Pole escape-proof too.

So far, so good. There has been no escapes.

We also do not have to monitor Pole because (1) she doesn’t spray and (2) she doesn’t pick fights with anyone. Ginger, Heidi and Tabs (of course!) accepts her presence.

Cow also doesn’t worry when Pole is out. He only worries when Bunny is out.

In the mornings, she enjoys resting in her condo.

Indy occupies the groundfloor of Pole’s condo. There’s no issue there.


Bunny’s favourite spot.

Cleo’s throne.

The Cow Clan functions in a way where there will always be one cat on guard while the rest sleeps. Now, it’s Cow’s turn.

Double Charity Donation to Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary

Recipients: The cats and dogs at Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary
Donors: Kok Khee Wee, Ahmad Amir Kamil, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, In Loving Memory of Vincent and Zurik.

The petfood:

Cindy’s Original 80g canned food
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Alps Classic dog canned food 400g (pate)
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Big Thanks to myanimalcare and donors for the donation of canned food for our furrykids. Your continuous support is very much appreciated. Cindy’s Orginal 80g canned food Chicken Salmon – 4 boxes, Alps Classic dog canned food 400g (pate) Salmon – 5 boxes

About the Double Charity Donation:

Double Charity:
(1) donate petfood to shelter & street animals of your choice,
(2) proceeds go to neutering & vaccinating street animals.

Share our vision of giving quality petfood to shelter and street animals! They certainly deserve it.

Mother-cat and kittens for adoption (Nazlin Mat Zin’s)

If you are able to help, please contact Nazlin directly at 0133983361.

Location: Klang Valley

I’m writing again to seek your favor to advertise this post on your website.
My friend found this family (mother cat is a stray cat) about few weeks ago nearby their house area.

Due to many constraints (she will be travelling out of country soon and my hands already full with 8 cats; two of them are sick and on medication), we are desperately looking for an adopter whom willing to give this family a forever home.

We are very worried about their safety since mommy cat always move her kittens around.
I can be contacted at 0133983361 (whatsapp/sms only). Attached are the pictures of mommy cat and kittens (we couldn’t find another two kittens). Area: Ampang

Thank you so much for your help.

The emptiness

I’ve kept all of Zurik’s favourite places intact.

This is his favourite box-house, right in front of Bunny’s room. He’ll wait for me here if I’m inside the room.

His blanket on top of the piano.

I remember the numerous times I’ve had to balance myself, one leg on the piano stool and the other on the piano itself, to feed him his medicines so that I don’t have to take him down. Zurik had no problems jumping up onto the piano top.

And there’s another box-house here and of course, on the counter where he guards my taiji sword.

And he used to love curling up sleeping in this box-bed. It fitted him very well and he would look so comfortable in it.

I still find myself silently calling out for Zurik every time we come home from somewhere. “Zuzu” was my nickname for him.

Every time we took him to the vet’s, after he had gone into the carrier, I will tell him, “I promise I will bring you back, ok? Don’t worry.” And he would go confidently to the vet’s and back home, without making a single sound.

And every time we went out from the house, I’d say to him, “We will be back soon, Zuzu. We are just going out for awhile.” When we returned, I will look for him to let him know we were back, as promised.

I’m not ready to remove all his box-houses, his box-bed and everything in his favourite places yet.

I still miss him a lot.

His quiet presence has indeed left a huge gaping hole in our lives.