• “Kucing yang tak suka makan ikan”

    “Kucing suka makan ikan” is a norm in Asian countries. While fish is definitely not an ancestral food for cats because cats originated from Persia which was mostly arid desert land (not much water, hence, not many fish), we believe that Asian cats have learnt to eat fish because of the influence of the human…

  • Brushing the cats’ teeth

    What a breakthrough!! This is clearly a case of “if you don’t try, how would you know?” Ming-Yi recently told me that she could brush her cats’ teeth and I wondered how. I thought it was because Dorami and Mina are such obedient cats (they were when they stayed over here during Chinese New Year)…

  • Mersing dugong and seagrass home to get protection

    The news: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2024/03/01/mersing-dugong-and-seagrass-home-to-get-protection/ Excerpts: The fisheries department is in the process of gazetting the waters around the Mersing cluster of islands in Johor to provide protection for the dugong and its seagrass habitat. The department said these islands are the only place in Peninsular Malaysia where the dugongs can be found. Photo credit: Facebook pic…

  • Adding more water to the cats’ meals

    I am on an ongoing quest to add more water to the cats’ meals. Each cat has a different plan because of their different dietary needs and preferences, and of course, their individual idiosyncrasies. Riley is a total junkie and if she were given a choice, she would want to eat kibble. So for Riley,…

  • More calico mother-daughter portraits

    Akira is going to be of the same size as her mother anytime now! If Samantha is a diluted calico, what is Akira then? A faded calico? From https://sports.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dilute-calico-cat-rare-130404646.html Are dilute calico cats rare? Yes. Only one in every 1,000 cats is born a standard calico and dilute calico cats are even harder to come…

  • The unresolved issue in the porch

    Creamy came at 5.30am this morning. Misty was there too. Misty lives in our porch. I didn’t have the heart to shoo Creamy away, so I fed him and he ate. Only raw food. I know he only comes for raw food. Maybe he doesn’t get that from his home. Creamy licking his lips after…

  • Protect yourself and your animals at all costs because there is no justice in this world

    This news came out last week and yes, I saw it then: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2024/02/23/senior-citizen-in-scuffle-during-stray-dog-round-up-faces-trial/ So it isn’t “new” news anymore but it would do well for us to reflect upon the sad situation in our country for street animals protectors and caregivers. As you might remember, both sides had shaken hands and agreed not to sue…

  • The fear in Gerald

    Either Creamy has developed a terrorist complex in him or Gerald is just too timid, I really don’t know. This morning, husband went out to the porch and found Creamy there. Misty and Gerald were nowhere to be seen. He shoo-ed Creamy back home. By the time I went out to feed the Porch Cats,…

  • Thank you very much (February 2024 donors)

    A rather slow month, probably due to Chinese New Year and the school holidays. Hopefully the pace will pick up from next month onwards. We would also like to send a gentle and friendly reminder to all applicants to please abide by the requirements when applying for our aid because the policies are sent to…

  • Neutering aid for 2 cats in Kulim, Kedah (Norshahana bt Ahmad Shah’s) & Updates

    We have provided an aid of RM240 for the neutering of these 2 cats, Iti and Bun. (RM90 full sponsorship for Bun (male) and RM150 aid for Iti (female)) Updates on Ms Norshahana’s previously-claimed cats are below. Previously-claimed cats:

  • The many benefits of sleeping with your cat(s)

    Please take time to watch the entire video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So7ixQZctPY

  • Happy Meatless Monday!

    This is a meatless dish from Pho Nam at Nu Empire Shopping Gallery. They have a vegetarian section on the menu consisting of delectable dishes. Have a happy meatless day!

  • Dateline: The 16th day, 3.20am

    Except for Cow Mau, all our other cats did not eat dinner tonight. They were too freaked out by the fireworks of Chap Goh Mei. The rains came and went off too early this evening. Even before the rain stopped, the fireworks already started. And it went on and on all night until way past…

  • Poor Tabs

    The fireworks have started and Tabs is terrified. I expect there will be the bombs and blasts tonight. Please rain. Please. A former applicant texted me to wish me Happy Chap Goh Mei this morning. I returned the wish but I added “Please say NO to fireworks”. To many, they normally will not reply and…

  • Feeding the Blondies

    The Blondies are still keeping to their pattern of eating a full meal once in two days and grazing after that. Well, perhaps the frequency has reduced to once in 1.5 days now. I was told that some cats just like to graze and do not like to eat two square meals per day. This…

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