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Bunny’s routines

For quite long now, Bunny has been very, very dependent on routines. His life practically revolves around routines.

If you remember, last July, Bunny had a major constipation problem where even enemas did not work and he had to have a manual evacuation done. Since then, he has been on laxatives and supplements to ensure that he can still have a bowel movement on his own. I’m doing the best I can to prevent megacolon from happening.

It took a great deal of effort, but for a few months now, Bunny has been able to have daily daily bowel movements. I measure the length of his faeces with my finger. One finger long is considered good. If it is longer, it’s a bonus. But if it is shorter (I call it “just the head”), that’s a cause for concern and I would increase the laxatives for that day.

But the only time Bunny would try to defecate is immediately after breakfast. If he misses that window, he will not do it anymore for the rest of the day.

It’s all about maintaining the routine every single day. So, the mornings are really important for Bunny.

And now that only, there’s also a “pooping song” that I have to sing each day to make him get into the defecating (squatting) position.

At the beginning, in order to stimulate him to defecate, I even had to resort to letting him smell the scooped-up faeces of the other cats. Yes, yucks indeed, but that worked, so I had no choice but to do it daily for some weeks. But now, he doesn’t need to smell faeces anymore. The song works.

And I also have to place him in a particular spot in the garden to stimulate him to get into position. It’s a special spot and that spot works. It has to start with that spot and from there, he might move to another location, but it simply has to start at THAT spot.

See his routine?

And then, there’s the pooping song as well, which works. He needs to hear it and the lyrics are simply, “scratch, scratch, scratch….”.  When he hears this, he would start scratching, and from there, he gets into position. If I don’t sing the song, he won’t scratch. If he doesn’t scratch, he will not defecate. That’s just the way it would work.

This is the miracle of the day!

When Bunny gets into position, I actually start to pray and I would hold my breath and wait to see the faeces coming out. One finger long, that’s all I ask for. Just one finger long would be enough.

Last week, I started training my husband to make Bunny poop. He had to learn the pooping song as well, and to know which exact spot in the back garden to place Bunny to begin the routine. My husband suggested that he record my voice singing the song! We have not resorted to that yet.

Luckily for us, breakfast does not need to be at a specific time. It can be anytime as early as 6.45am until 7.30am. But the routine for defecation must take place immediately after breakfast. If this window of opportunity is missed, he will not defecate for the whole day.

To help with overcoming his constipation problem, I also resorted to giving Bunny extra water each day. Initially when the problem began, I would give him diluted Cindy’s pureed food (yes, this food has been a lifesaver for our cats). For Bunny, what works is to use hot water. He really likes it hot. Just mix the pureed food with hot water and he would drink it all up.

I was surprised that he could drink hot water, but yes, he wants it that way.

After months, he got tired of the extra water sessions and refused to drink, so I had to improvise again. I added the diluted Cindy’s pureed food into his regular meals. That worked too, but I still used hot water. I guess hot water brings out the aroma of the food?

And Bunny never misses a meal. I’m using the word “never” literally, because truly, Bunny NEVER misses a meal. Indy, Cleo and Ginger might miss meals every now and then and I wouldn’t worry, but Bunny NEVER misses a meal. He might eat less, but he would still eat.

This evening, for the first time in forever, Bunny did not want to eat.

I immediately went into panic mode.

I bribed him with all kinds of foods, but nothing worked. Bunny did not want to eat. Thoughts and fears crept into my mind. Is it his kidneys finally giving way? Bunny also has chronic kidney disease but it has been maintained for almost three years now and he is on 150ml subcut twice a week.

To play it safe this evening, I force-fed Bunny some food. I didn’t want him to miss a meal as he has NEVER missed a meal before. I have a theory that if Bunny misses a meal, he might not have enough food to stimulate a bowel movement for the next day. That would be worrying.

Then I started googling and wondered if reducing the B12 supplement to alternate days was the cause of the decreased appetite. Bunny is also on the Gentle Digest probiotic daily. His eye supplement (Maximum Ophtal) is given three times a week. Initially, the B12 was given daily but the vet suggested that I reduce it to alternate days. I tried this about two months ago, but found that it affected his regularity, so I went back to giving it daily. Two weeks ago, I attempted to reduce it again to alternate days.

Does B12 actually increase or decrease appetite? Google says it can work both ways.

What a bummer!

I went from site to site, trying to find what I might have done differently that resulted in Bunny not eating his dinner tonight.

Finally….I figured it out.

It’s the hot water!

I used room temperature water this evening!!

So, after about an hour of panicking, I went to Bunny and offered him some Cindy’s pureed food (tuna), diluted in a wee bit of hot water.

Believe it or not, Bunny licked it all up!!


Then I gave him another helping and later, added some of his Coco&Joe’s too.

He ate up everything!! Many helpings!

So it was the hot water!!

He had to have his meals with hot water and only hot water.

Talk about sticking to routines!

Does the temperature of the water matter? I won’t be surprised if it does because I only use hot water from our water dispenser. So I think it would have to be THAT particular temperature.

Bunny also has routines on which place or spot he goes to at certain times of the day, but that would be another story for another time!

I’m just so relieved Bunny finally ate tonight! I’ll take that as a win and something to be utterly grateful for!

Cindy’s pureed food to the rescue for Cleo

Last month, Cleo had her dental done and five teeth were extracted. After that, she had sinus problems resulting from the surgery and that took some time to resolve. Finally, that settled and the next challenge was to get her to take the Renal N powder.

Initially, the bread-balls worked, but the success rate was totally inconsistent. On certain days, she would plainly refuse the bread-balls and I had to force them down, which was mighty stressful for Cleo and me.

Finally, on 31st December, I gave up on the bread-balls and resorted to using Cindy’s pureed food (with goat’s milk). I simply mixed the powder with a blob of the pureed food and offered it to her. I used tuna since that’s more tasty than the chicken. I did not think it would work at all because surely Cleo would be able to smell the powder in the pureed food. The reason I used the bread-balls was to hide the smell.

But surprise, surprise…..the pureed food worked!

It just goes to show that sometimes, the simplest idea is the solution. One just has to try.

But then again, with Cleo, for how long will it work?

Then there was also the question of when to give her this “treat” to ensure that she would willingly lick it all up. Renal N is supposed to be a life-long supplement for her kidney disease so I wanted to find a method that will work on the long term.

I first started by dividing the dosage of Renal N into three “treats” per day and I used only the tuna pureed food. First, I would test if she was willing to eat the food (unlaced) by giving her a wee bit in a bowl. Only then would I offer the laced food. This worked. Gradually, I offered her the laced food directly – that also worked!

Then, from three times, I decreased it to twice a day (ensuring she still gets the full dose each day). And from tuna, I alternated with the chicken flavour as well, and surprisingly, that too worked!

It’s been 19 days now, and Cindy’s pureed food still works…so far. I have reduced it to once a day now (full dosage) and Cleo seems to look forward to the “treat of the day”! Reducing it to once a day was also done so that she doesn’t get tired of it. At least there’s something to look forward to each day.

How long will it continue to work?

I do not know, but as long as it still does, this will be the way to go.

When we first started the Renal N, I noticed that her appetite improved tremendously too. But now, it has more or less settled down to her “normal” appetite.

I was initially very wary of letting Cleo go through with the dental procedure, knowing that it is very difficult to manage her. But I’m glad we took the leap and got it done.

We are now managing Cleo’s chronic kidney disease with 200ml subcut three times a week and Renal N (1 1/2 small scoops) once a day.

Welcoming our second grandson!

Jia-Wen and Sihui’s second child was born this morning!

Ryan has a baby brother now!

Welcome to the world, little one!!

Petfood Donation to Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary

Donors: In memory of Manja Lim JaJa, In memory of Chief, Dobby & Happy, Kok Khee Wee, Ng Seng Yum, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Kwan Pei Kuan, Wan Tai Seng, Tan Tay Thye, Khoo Ming-Yi, Wong Chin Kuan, Tan Lai Fun, donors from Boost, anonymous donors, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Cindy’s Original cat canned food 80g (with broth)
– Tuna Chicken – 10 boxes
Dog canned food Alps classic pate (400g) Lamb – 5 boxes
Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg – 10 bags
Cat litter Angel Kleen – 15 bags
Monge Adult cat kibble 10kg – 8 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Mun Mun: Kong Hei Fatt Choy. Received pet food from Avant pet. Big thanks to Dr Chan Kah Yein, myanimalcare and donors for their continuous support. 🙏

Mun Mun Furry Sanctuary is home to 250 dogs and 80 cats. It it run by Mun Mun and Phoebe. They are also feeding two groups of stray dogs outside the shelter.

Vaccination aid for 1 cat in Tanjong Karang (Nor Dalilah bt Ab Rahman’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM25 for the vaccination of this cat, Bubu.

Last November, I discovered a box of mother cat and 5 kittens behind a surau in my living area, Tanjong Karang. I knew that surau is full of stray cats, especially male adult cats. I decided to take the cats home, because I was worried the other cats might attack the kittens, or the mother cat might get pregnant again and there will be abundance of stray kitten in few months if I let that happen. 
So I named her Bubu, she had 5 kittens, 1 already dead when I took them home. I plan to take care of all 5 of them in my home. I will take Bubu to the vet for neutering operation next month, 2 weeks after her second vaccine. And if all the kitten achieve 1kg next month, I wish to vaccine all of them and apply for vaccination aid again. 
I attached here the collage photo of Bubu and her vaccine card, the full form and the receipt. 
I also attached the picture of cats that I applied subsidy from My Animal Care before. Momi, Popo, Bobo, Popi and Kecik. Three other cats, Topi, Caca and Cicak passed away. 
Thats all, Hope to hear from you soon, 
Thank you. 
Photos of previous cats: 

10 kittens for adoption – all adopted! (Maslinda bt Abd Talib’s)

An update: There was another new kitten, so it was 11 of them.  All have been adopted now!!

The original post:

If you are able to adopt, please contact Maslinda directly at wa.me/601115583258

Location: Klang Valley

Here’s the story:

On 6th January, around 7.30pm, heard sounds of kittens at the porch of my house. 
So I went out to take a look. Found 1 sack, tied and the sound comes from there. 
The sack was tied with tali rafia, some movements from it. 
Ok had to bring them in. Get a knife, cut the rope. We really hope it’s not other things other than cats (I was imagining it cud be snake)
And …..here they are. 
10 beautiful & healthy kittens.
5 with orange base
2 grey
1 black
2 white
Haven’t really take a look whether they are male or female yet. They eating well. 
So now they are at my house. I’m looking for adopters who can help me take care of them and give them better care.
I’m moving out from my current hse and I can’t bring all these 10 new kittens with me. Community cats that i’m going to bring is already almost 20 with one pregnant cat expected to get birth in 1-2 weeks.
I’m moving out on the 30th Jan, therefore that’s why I’m reaching out to you. Hope you can share this to your readers.
Sharing photos of these cute bunch here. They are healthy, have been dewormed n deflead yesterday. And manja too. Of course they’ll be following everyone who enters the room for cuddle.
I’ll be adding more photos too. 
I can be contacted at wa.me/601115583258

Petfood Donation to Imm’s Shelter

Donors: Kok Khee Wee, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Kwan Pei Kuan, Wan Tai Seng, Lee Kah Sun, Tan Tay Thye, Khoo Ming-Yi, Than Foong, Wong Chin Kuan, Tan Lai Fun, donors from Boost, anonymous donors, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Monge cat kibbles adult 10kg – 1 bag
Cindy’s Original 80gm
– Tuna w salmon – 3 boxes
– Pacific fresh tuna – 3 boxes
Alps Dog kibbles 13kg
– Lamb – 1 bag
– Turkey – 1 bag
Alps Dog can classic pate 400gm
– Salmon – 1 box
– Turkey – 1 box

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

A message from Imm’s Shelter: Our grateful appreciation to Myanimalcare donors for petfood received today. Our furry babes at Imm’s shelter convey their thanks, love and best wishes to all donors for a blessed and happy new year 2022. 

Imm’s Shelter is currently home to 30 dogs and 16 cats. They are still undergoing renovations after much of the shelter was destroyed in the thunderstorm in September 2021.

Happy New Year 2022!

Wishing all friends and well-wishers a very happy, healthy and safe new year!

Thank you very much (December 2021 donors)

We wish to thank all donors and well-wishers for their kind and generous support throughout 2021. The year seems to have passed by so very quickly with many challenges for everyone. The number of neutering claims have dwindled tremendously, but we hope it will pick up next year. Meanwhile, we will continue providing food aid with the funds we have.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe new year!

This month’s neutering aid:
Number of animals: 2 dogs
Amount paid out: RM300.00
Recipients of the Neutering Aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/aid-neuter/

This month’s vaccination aid:
Number of animals: nil
Amount paid out: 
Recipients of the Vaccination Aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/aid-vacc-med/

This month’s petfood donation: RM6198.39
Recipients of the Food Aid: https://myanimalcare.org/category/aid-food/

This month’s donors:

Anonymous donors
Donors from Boost
Ahmad Amir Kamil
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd
Khao Yen Ling
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kok Khee Wee
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lee Kah Sun
NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan
Sia Jee Kei
Soon Wei Ling
Tan Lai Fun
Tan Tay Thye & his karma debtors
Than Foong
Wan Tai Seng
Wong Chin Kuan