Lovely minis!

Our grateful thanks go to Ms Wong Pei Ling for making these two beautiful minis of Jack and Happy for Ms Yvonne!

Ms Yvonne has donated RM500 to our fund and RM500 to another organisation of Ms Wong’s choosing.

Thank you so much, Ms Yvonne!

They are so life-like! The minis are on the left, by the way!


Bunny to the vet’s (eye injury again – Indy!)

There was a war cry episode between Indy and Bunny last night.

This afternoon, Bunny’s right eye was swollen and he was also squinting.

So, it was off to the vet’s this evening.

Indy is a big bully. I think he also picks on Bunny because Bunny is blind.

The vet checked and Bunny’s right eye got scratched (there is an ulcer). He was given an anti-flammatory injection since the eye was very swollen. He would have to be on the plasma eyedrop and Beazyme for 10 days. Tramadol was given for two days to help relieve the pain.

Poor Bunny….

The vet also said that Bunny’s right eye still has some vision, and Indy happened to attack the good eye. Sigh.

Hopefully the painkiller will prevent Bunny from rubbing his eyes.

The bully and the victim.

Get well soon, Bunny.

We have trimmed Indy’s nails really short. He gets into these bullying frenzies for unknown reasons.

Conferences at dusk

After taking a well-deserved long nap and a hearty dinner, the kittens held several conferences at the patio.

This looks like a conference about the insects in the pebbles.

I think it ended with Lynx eating one.

This one is about Heidi’s medicinal herb. Now, don’t destroy the pots and the plants, please. Heidi needs her herbs.

Yes, the Greystoke Kittens are back, Tabs. But you have full permission to discipline them as you deem fit.

Robin with his favourite toy, a white plastic spoon.

Lynx is checking out their condo. Yes, all the baskets are intact.

Heidi: It makes no difference to me. Just keep your distance and I won’t hiss at you.

The Boisterous Foursome….is back!

We brought all the kittens home today.

Firstly, our grateful thanks go to the kind adopter for reaching out to help me when I needed it most. I had not been well since mid-September and I was on the brink of a breakdown.

Secondly, to all readers who offered support and words of comfort when I made the decision, I thank you with all my heart.  Most of all, thank you for not judging me harshly. Even though you did not know my circumstances, you only offered kindness and were not judgmental. Some of you contacted me personally to offer the kindest assistance too. Thank you!

My husband and I decided last night to bring the kittens home today. I will do my best to manage one day at a time.

Here they are, back home now. It was a long drive home and they slept in the carrier. The first thing I did when we reached home was to offer them some food.

Lynx, Rey and Rio ate. But not Robin. Robin was mewing all over the house and went exploring first. It almost felt like he wanted to make sure he was REALLY home. Food can wait.

He finally ate!

Robin “Bin Bin” was mewing a lot. I guess he wanted to tell me all about his two days away from home.

They are now taking a restful nap at their favourite pebble spot.

I will do my best….one day at a time.



A quiet afternoon

The kind adopter sent me a video of the kittens and they are adjusting to their new environment now with the guidance of two “aunty cats”.

For everyone who has given me supportive and comforting messages, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your kind understanding.

Minnie started rejecting her kittens when they turned 4 months old. She also started escaping from the house despite all our best efforts at cat-proofing our house.  Now, she comes back daily for food, but does not wish to come back into the house. She just wants to go back to being a free spirit and free-roaming cat.

Smurfy was also getting independent of the kittens. He played his role as big brother when they were young, but now that they have grown, he too started slowly distancing himself.

It was because of this that we decided it was time to rehome the kittens. When I first rescued Minnie and Smurfy, my objective was to get Minnie spayed and later, Smurfy. Little did I know that Minnie was in early pregnancy then. She was also jaundiced, so I had to nurse her back to health and let her go through her pregnancy in the safety of our house.

Tabs was the one most affected by the presence of the kittens. She was very stressed and would ask to go into Bunny’s Place every single day. The kittens were all too boisterous for her.

Heidi could take care of herself. She would just hiss at the kittens when they got too close.

There’s a bit of return to normalcy for Tabs now.

Smurfy seems to like the peace and quiet too.

I thought Smurfy might look for the kittens yesterday, but he did not. Perhaps both Minnie and Smurfy decided it was time to get back to their lives.

Best of pals.

Minnie, after lunch today. After roaming, she comes back and stays in the porch.

The Greystoke Kittens – to their new home

It has not been an easy decision to rehome the Greystoke Kittens. But I know I don’t have the capability of looking after so many for the long term, so rehoming them would be better for them in the long run. Now that their vaccination schedule is completed and they are all solid, robust and very healthy, it’s time to find them a new home.

For sometime now, I have been contacting a few of my friends, but no one could take them in. Granted, I totally understand that everyone also has his/her limitations. From rehoming all 4 together, I had to settle for rehoming in pairs and finally, individually. It would be really sad to separate them as they all grew up together and are close-knit.

But now, I am so very grateful that a very kind and compassionate friend has offered to adopt all four of them together. This is a bonus point as they will not be separated. And this is a friend whom I can trust, not a stranger. They will be in good hands.

Having a small snack before the car trip to their new home.

Saying farewell is never ever easy.

Be a good boy, Rey.

You too, Rio.

Be good and be happy in your new home, Robin. I will miss your gentle nature.

Have a brand new adventure, Lynx and be good.

We are so very grateful to the compassionate friend for offering to adopt all four of them together. Thank you so, so much. We will also respect the adopter’s request for privacy.

Have an exciting new beginning now, Rey, Rio, Robin and Lynx. Be good, be well and healthy.

Minnie is living as an outdoor cat now and she comes back frequently for food. Smurfy is still with us and will remain as Ginger’s best friend.

The Greystoke Kittens – for adoption

The Greystoke Kittens are now fully vaccinated and I am looking for loving forever homes for all of them.

If anyone is interested in adopting any of them, to be kept indoors (since they have not been outdoors before), please do contact me at They are loving, of good temperament, active and playful and would make good companions to liven up a household. They have been given a clean bill of health by the vet too.

It would be good if they can be adopted in pairs since they are close-knit and are companions to one another.

Please do help me share widely.

Thank you very much.


Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuala Lumpur (Ng Wei’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM80 for the neutering of this cat.

Mr Ng Wei is a new applicant.

Dear Dr Chan,

My name is Ng Wei and I’m a new applicant for this neutering aid program. Attached herewith the collaged images, a copy of application form and receipt for your reference. 
Last month, I found this grey male cat laying at the roadside of Jalan Loke Yew with his hind legs being injured. I brought him to the clinic, took care of him, named him “Da Shu (uncle)”, and decided to neuter him after he recovered from the injury. My plan is to “partially” release him at my housing area, i.e. let him wander around during daytime and keep him in a cage at night.
Thank you AnimalCare for coming out with this aid, it’s a big support for a college student like me who wishes to reduce the stray population. 
Ng Wei


The new Greystoke equilibrium

So as it stands now, Minnie did come back for food, but she made it clear that she would only eat at the porch and does not want to be confined anymore.

Ever since the kittens turned 4 months old, Minnie had already distanced herself from them.


The four kittens seem to be better behaved without Minnie around. Smurfy remains Ginger’s best friend, of course.