Mr Kiasu

Someone is not supposed to be in this picture.

Ginger doesn’t know that ever since losing, Indy has declared a vendetta on him. Or maybe he does know, but he’s just challenging Indy with that “innocent” face of his!

Ginger, I would not take such a risk….


Poor Tabs….

The cat tree belongs to Tabs as she is the only one who knows how to use it and she loves it.

Heidi uses our dining chairs as her scratching post and when we tried to tell Heidi that the cat tree serves this purpose, she went to show us her preference by scratching on our dining chairs.

Ginger doesn’t use it at all.

But Ginger is Mr Kiasu.

So, lately, he has been spraying on Tabs’ cat tree until it smells now.

I’ve just cleaned it with the Stain & Odour Cleaner from Cindy&Friends. I hope it works.

Poor Tabs….


“The Leg” – by the Cow Clan

Cleo does the unbeatable classic “The Leg”.

Cow can do it too.

Bunny, Indy and Pole just didn’t want to be left out as they thought this was a family portrait post!

When it is too hot

Sometime last week, it was way too hot, so we put an extra fan out for Minnie and Smurfy.

When they don’t want to eat

I’ve learnt to just let them be if they wish to skip a meal.

They will look for their own medicinal remedy.

As long as it is not more than a day…unless they have gastritis, then it is small meals throughout the day, force-fed, if need be.

Minnie’s portraits

We are STILL waiting for our contractor to come Minnie-proof StarGrille.

Until then, Minnie only gets restricted trips out. We took some wefies today!

Minnie has green eyes!

Looks like we made it, Pole!

Today is the last day of Pole’s Cystaid Plus, so it’s been 30 days since her last FLUTD.

I open up the capsule and mix the powder with Cindy’s mousse. Initially, she licked it up herself, but after a few days, she refused, so I rub the mixture onto her mouth and she quite willingly licks all of it up. I also crush the Omeprazole granules and mix it together.

Her current food is either AD or Avoderm mixed with Primal.

What is Tabs doing here, you ask? Well, it’s Hari Raya and Tabs decided to balik kampung today.

To my utter surprise, Pole ate some Coco&Joe’s on her own this morning.

It’s noon now and there has been no vomiting. Yay…

We shall take it one day at a time on this food transition.

Meanwhile, it’s good enough that Pole eats and does not vomit. That’s more important.

For Pole, her lifelong medication are (1) Transdermal Methimazole for hyperthyroidism, (2) Amlodipine for high blood pressure.

And for now, she needs transdermal Mirtazapine to cope with the vomiting which the vet suspects is due to nausea caused by her kidney disease and/or the hyperthyroidism. She also needs Omeprazole daily as the vet says many kidney patients take it too.  It would help with her gastritis.

And Pole also takes B12 daily. This is a small tablet and so far, I have been able to give it to her.

A rare Cow family portrait!

Cleo hounds Pole when Pole gets all her small meals throughout the day.



Smurfy’s adventures

Smurfy gets to come out to play several times now, on a daily basis.

So far, he has not attempted to escape.

He just wants to play, play and play!

Yesterday, he became more interested in dashing out to play rather than to eat. He would just lick one-third of his food, then he would dash out to play.

Just like a playful human child.

Smurfy likes this corner and he also eats Heidi’s medicinal grass.

But he does try to jump up here.

He is too small to reach up to the StarGrille.

Minnie cannot be let out yet until our contractor fortifies StarGrille.

Ginger is keeping watch, but it looks like he accepts Smurfy now.

Smurfy wants to play with Ginger but Ginger isn’t really interested to play.

These are this morning’s playtime photos:

He eats the serai (lemongrass) and also the vegetables!

The only time Ginger has any issue with Smurfy is when Smurfy goes into Ginger’s cage.

That cage belongs to Ginger.

Peppermint “uncang teh” to keep the tikus away?

Some people have problems with rats in their homes.

Our recommendation? Adopt some street cats!

But some prefer other methods of control.

I came across this article but have yet to verify its authenticity:

It claims that used peppermint teabags can keep rats away.

You may wish to verify it and perhaps, try it?

But adopting street cats is so much more effective and in turn, you get the love and joy from caring for your pets!

Okay, this website attests to it too: