Lanky comes a-visiting…again

Ever since Vincent’s passing, Lanky has been trying very hard to join our inside colony.  He has been coming to the porch every now and then, and also visiting Bunny’s Place from the ledge at the back.

Then, ever since Zurik came to live indoors (since he was diagnosed with FIP), Buddy stopped coming so, that freed up even more “space” for Lanky – front AND back!

Every time Lanky visits Bunny’s Place, Cleo would be on hand for a fiery war-cry battle.

This morning was another one such case.

We heard a war-cry…

There’s Lanky…and there’s Cleo.

Lanky, we have no vacancy here. Sorry…

Cleo ensures the lanky one goes out of her sight.

Bunny knows he doesn’t have to fight any battle.

Pole just “helps” by looking in the correct direction.

Cow knows Bunny’s Place is in good hands…

…under the Queen.

Indy says he is still on medical leave. 7 teeth…so 7 days it is.

It still took some coaxing to make Indy eat. He is still on Tramadol (the pain medicine) and his antibiotics. He doesn’t paw his mouth (which is good) and he can eat…with some persuasion.  He wants to be handfed, not force-fed, just fed by hand. A little pampering goes a long way, of course.


Super-Jon’s 230km bike ride from Lumut to SJ (8) – taking Mac on a 50km ride to Jenjarom!

As you all know, Jon Tham will be cycling 230km from Lumut to SJ on 24th June 2019 to raise funds for AnimalCare again!!

As it stands now, the tally is RM2855. I’m sure we can do better than this?!!

Shall we top it up?

Public Bank Bhd 3168194929  
(AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor) 

We also have two sponsored (FOC) places for the celebratory dinner at 6pm on 24th June 2019, after the ride. The dinner will be held at Little Wonders Cafe along SS18/6, Subang Jaya.

This morning, Jon took Mac the Owl (my homesewn mascot for the ride) for a 50km bike ride from Puchong to Jenjarom and back!!

Watch the video!!


Thank you so much for your noble efforts, Jon!!

Happy Wesak 2019!

Indy’s updates

Indy was feeling a little low today. In fact, he started feeling a little “not his usual robust and Super-Indy” self last night.

I guess after the initial euphoria and numbness of the extraction sites wore out, pain would have set in and it is totally understandable that one wouldn’t feel so good.

If I had seven teeth extracted, I wouldn’t be feeling on top of the world too.

So, it took some coaxing to get Indy to eat today. He didn’t care much for AD or any “sticky” food. Actually, he preferred good clean kibble. I added water, as usual.

With a bit of coaxing, he ate all his meals.

Accompanied by his brothers and sisters!

Actually I was worried about Indy’s scaling and extractions too.  He has been known to have all kinds of unexplained health issues in the past. When he got sick, doctors would be baffled and even with blood tests and scans, you could not pinpoint exactly what was wrong with him. I remember once the doctor tried to insert an IV-pod into him and he reacted violently by throwing some sort of fit at the clinic. Then, he had a strange reaction to oral Baytril too, which resulted in being hospitalised and finally, he could only be given injectable Baytril (I had to send him twice a day to the clinic for his injections).

So, I was very relieved when Indy’s scaling and extractions went smoothly this time with only very minor issues.

Hope he will continue feeling better as the days go by.

Sheer willpower of a little goat to run again!!

Project-based applications (a gentle reminder…and a surprise in store!)

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants that since 5th April 2019, our Neutering and Vaccination Aid runs on a project-based system.

Putting it simply, there is no more “forever” or “automatic” approval of cases. Rather, each case must be presented to us with information and photo evidence of the colony size and details.


When you apply, please provide full details of your colony (location, number of animals to be neutered, gender, etc.) and photographs of the animals in the colony, as proof. Unless adopted, we expect you to continue caring for these animals after they have been neutered, on a long term, if not lifetime basis.  
Apabila anda mohon, sila berikan maklumat terperinci tentang koloni (lokasi, bilangan haiwan yang perlu dimandulkan, jantina, dsb.) serta gambar haiwan-haiwan ini dalam koloni, sebagai bukti. Sekiranya mereka tidak mendapat tuan baru, anda harus terus menjaga haiwan-haiwan ini selepas dimandulkan, untuk jangka panjang, atau sepanjang hayat.

If you reapply for another colony, we will require photos and updates of the previous colony. So, please keep proper records. 
Sekiranya anda mohon untuk koloni baru, kami akan minta gambar serta cerita kemaskini tentang koloni yang lama. Oleh itu, sila simpan rekod yang tersusun.

We wish to reiterate that our funds are for those who practise CNRM (C = Caring) and we wish to emphasize that the animals must be continued to be cared for, for a lifetime after they have been neutered.

For the applicants who practise CNRM and have been honest, sincere and courteous, please remember to adopt a system where you keep good records and photos of all your previous animals. If you do, we have a surprise in store for you come 31st May 2019!

Wait for it….

Kepada pemohon yang mengamalkan CNRM dan selama ini jujur, ikhlas serta sopan, sila amalkan sistem penyimpanan rekod tersusun dan gambar-gambar semua haiwan yang pernah dimohon dahulu. Sekiranya anda berbuat demikian, kami ada “hadiah istimewa” untuk anda pada 31hb Mei 2019!

Sila tunggu….

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Puchong (Lian Hui Shan’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Dear Dr Chan,
I’m writing to apply neutering aid for a stray male cat.

It was found roaming outside of my house recently. I brought him to castrate on 8/5/2019 and will be releasing it back.
I will continue to feed him everyday after this.

The attachment are the photos of the cat.

Thank you.

Lian Hui Shan

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Mantin (Yeap Yin May’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this dog.

Ms Yeap has provided the photos of some of the dogs previously claimed from us (please see below).

From the above, the black dog wasn’t claimed from us. The rest are.

Super-Jon’s 230km bike ride from Lumut to SJ (7) – two FOC places for dinner!

Latest updates!

We have received an anonymous donation for TWO free places for the celebratory dinner after Jon’s 230km bike ride on 24th June 2019!!

First come, first served!!

Just write to me at to let me know if you’d like to take up these TWO free places.

Dinner will be held at Little Wonders Cafe on SS18/6, approximately at 5pm or so.

Let’s check out the tally so far:

Direct donations: RM2855 

Mr Zurik 100
Tabs & Friends 100
The Cow Clan 100
Manja & Family 100
Yap Chin Kwan 100
Khoo Ming-Yi 50
Beanie 200
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd 500
Jia-Wen & Bunny 150
Sihui & Tabs 150
Mong Looi 150
NandaLeonie Hong 400
Anonymous 100
Teddy XL 100
Tan Lai Fun 50
Shen, Reita & Bev 100
Mary Yap 50
Ginger IMO Daffodil & Rosie 50
KC Chia 50
Peggy Quah 50
Angeline Yee Siew Ling 100
Connie James 105

Donation pledges (to be honoured after the ride): 

(none yet)

Pledges to cycle with Jon on the last leg: 

  1. Chan Kah Yein
  2. Khoo Jia-Wen (if not flying)
  3. Connie James
  4. KC Chia

Celebratory dinner (minimum RM35) at Little Wonders Cafe:

  1. Chan Kah Yein
  2. Connie James
  3. Mong Looi
  4. Mary Yap
  5. (foc place)
  6. (foc place)

Any balance from this RM35 for the dinner (a main meal and a drink) will go to the Fund. I will personally absorb any shortfall.

Let’s support Jon’s noble efforts! You may make a direct donation now or make a pledge to donate after he finishes the race.  Do let me know by email:

Public Bank Bhd 3168194929  
(AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor) 

100% of your donations will go towards our Neutering and Vaccination Fund for street animals. Your donations will be used immediately as they are received.

Neutering Fund:
Vaccination Fund:

Let’s try and hit RM5000, shall we?!!

Please help us forward this link!!

Thank you!