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Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuala Lumpur (Jacqueline Wong Mei Lin’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat, Tugu.

Updates on the previous 4 cats are below.

I am writing to apply for neutering aid for Tugu.

Tugu is the first cat we (my husband, son and I) met in our colony and the first cat we picked up. At the time she was very congested and had laboured breathing to the point where she wasn’t really eating and quite lethargic. I picked her up planning to get her well enough to spay. Once she recovered, it was clear that she was pregnant, so she was fostered for a few months and gave birth to 4 kittens, which have either been adopted, or awaiting adoption. 

Tugu has now been spayed. I will keep her in care for a few more weeks so she can put on some weight, before releasing her to her previous home at the café where we manage the colony, and where she will be reunited with Blackie, Charlie and the others. 

Update on previous claims:

  • Charlie and Blackie doing well. We have had to reposition their feeder as the chickens were helping themselves to the cat food. We are also going more often to give them some wet food as the restaurant is doing limited delivery service, with fewer staff around. 
  • Maggie and Hujan will be released into the colony next weekend – in cages first until they get used to their surroundings


Happy Father’s Day

To all fathers and pet-fathers, Happy Father’s Day, Good Health and Stay Safe!


Neutering aid for 1 dog in Kuala Linggi (Edwin Sam Keat Song’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this dog, Tomo.

Updates on all previous claims are below.

I would like to make another spaying claim for Tomo, a pup that was given away by a friend due to family reasons, who also stays in Kuala Linggi area. Since he has not been neutered yet we have decided to neuter him and foster him while we look for a home for him. 

Previous claims:

I would like to update you the 3 musketeers, Echo, Charlie and Bravo have been adopted by a neighbour farmer in Nusa Dusun, Kuala Linggi. Therefore they sometimes come visit our farm by themselves and go back whenever they feel like it.


The other six are still under our foster care.

The hoopoes are nesting again!

Here is the story: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2021/06/18/rare-hoopoes-at-it-again-at-taiping-lake-gardens/

They are reusing their old nest for a second nesting! Looks like they like the Taiping Lake Gardens.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Shah Alam (Dazila bt Mat Jali’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Updates on the three previous claims are below.

Saya Dazila binti Mat Jali ingin memohon subsidi pemandulan bagi seekor kucing yg telah diselamatkan dan dibela oleh saya di rumah.

    Nama kucing ini adalah Ine, berusia lingkungan 1 tahun jantina betina. Diselamatkan di Shah Alam di belakang sebuah pam minyak yang terdapat banyak monyet, bersama ibu dan adik beradiknye yang baru dilahirkan. Usianya pada waktu itu lebih kurang seminggu. Sehingga kini saya menjaga kucing2 ini di rumah sendiri.
    Di sini saya sertakan gambar collage Ine sebelum dan selepas operate. 

   Terima kasih.

Previous claims:

Saya ceritakan keadaan terbaru Abby, Gergirl dan Juna di sini.
        Keadaan kesihatan ketiga-tiga kucing yang telah dimandulkan dengan subsidi adalah sangat baik. Makan dan minum seperti biasa. Berat badan ketiganya juga agak bertambah sedikit. Kecuali Abby saya terpaksa kurung dalam cage bila saya keluar bekerja kerana Abby bersikap membuang najis merata rata di lantai tidak di dalam litter tray, tapi keadaan dia adalah sihat. Parut surgeri juga sudah tidak kelihatan, luka snip di telinga juga sudah kering tidak berdarah.
       Saya sertakan di sini gambar-gambar terbaru ketiga2 mereka, yang masih saya sendiri jaga di rumah. Thank you doktor di atas subsidi yang di sediakan.

Tabs, the model

We had to take many, many shots before getting this one!

Tabs: Do I look like the model?  

A pretty striking coincidental resemblance, won’t you say?

Bella and Birdy’s visits

It is highly likely that Bella’s nest is all ready by now. We don’t know for sure because it is so high up in the palm tree and we cannot see it from the ground, but we know the spot. It is also thickly covered with foliage, so that’s a good thing. It should be safe from predators.

Bella flies around often and we don’t see her carrying twigs anymore. The nest must be ready.

The nest is not visible from the ground, but we know where it is because it’s where Bella goes to.

Bella (or/and Felix) still swoops down to our porch and makes a fly-pass whenever we are there. It’s like a greeting. There was once when Bella made a very low fly-pass right outside our gate too. She only does this when we are in the porch.

Birdy even came to roof near our patio and perched there for awhile, perhaps to say hello as we were sitting there at the time.

We noticed that Bella and Birdy (and possibly, Felix) only fly around our house. They have boundaries, from a certain tree to another big tree. They don’t wander far.

Here’s Bella. She flew to the cable and perched there for awhile when I went out to the porch just now.

There are certainly lessons we can take home from watching Bella and her family. Even though tragedy struck, they move on quickly and get on with life. They live in the now. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. All we have is now.

Cow and Bunny’s daily trips to the patio

Cow and Bunny get daily trips out to the patio.

Here’s what happened in one of the recent trips.

Ginger is not exactly happy having his territory intruded upon.

We have to keep Ginger from confronting Cow & Bunny so as to prevent any possible clash (and injuries AND trips to the vet’s!).

Ginger to Tabs: This is OUR space, right? 

Tabs: I’ll just stay behind the bicycle for safety…

Cow & Bunny don’t really care about boundaries. They rule where they roam.

Ginger: I’m watching….Do not forget that I won the last round.

Oh yes, we have not forgotten. Not at all.

Bunny will always end up in the Blue House. And he will take a long nap until the next meal.

Luckily, Ginger allows Bunny to occupy the Blue House and will not disturb him.

We have to watch over Cow and ensure there is no confrontation with Ginger.

Tabs: I’m still hiding behind the bicycle. Is it safe to come out yet? 

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuala Lumpur (Jacqueline Wong Mei Lin’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat, Maggie.

Updates on previous claims are below.

I am writing to request for neutering aid for Maggie.

We first met Maggie in August 2020 in a park in Desa Sri Hartamas. She was very sick from Sporo. After buying Inox and trying to treat her on the street with no improvement, I had her boarded at a vet for a few months, and later in October, moved her under foster care where she went on Sporanox while undergoing regular checkups with another vet.  While under foster care, she managed to get out of the cage once, but came back willingly the same day. At her last check up, the doctor noticed that she was pregnant. She went on to have 4 miracle babies whilst in foster care in March 2021 and now that they are weaned, they have been adopted, and Maggie has been spayed. 

Plan for Maggie is to release her into my colony with Hujan after MCO. They are both still in foster care for now.

Also please see attached recent photos of Charlie and Blackie, who are still healthy and well. I saw Hujan last weekend and she is fine at foster care. 

Charlie and Blackie