“A field of flowers”, blankie for Great Grandma

Oreo wrote to me sometime last week:

Dear Dr Chan,

It’s me-ngiao. Could Little Nut and I trouble you for a nice patchwork blanket for Great Grandma? She’s recently moved into Grandma’s house after Grand aunt (Grandma’s little sister) went to the rainbow bridge-ngiao last week. Great Grandma’s favourite colour is purple but blue would do as well. And if possible, can it be covered in flowers-ngiao? Great Grandma has been so sad and we want to cheer her up a bit. She doesn’t have a blanket at the moment and she doesn’t like a weighty blanket. I heard her telling Mama that she uses a towel when she feels cold-ngiao. That won’t work and I thought of our blankets and you.
Little Nut and I would pay for the blanket-ngiao, with extra in memory of Grand aunt. Please let us know if it is possible. Thank you.
Of course we can make a purply floral blankie for Oreo’s Great Grandma! So I went straight away to the biggest and only textile shop in Subang Jaya, hoping to find purple floral material. Unfortunately, would you believe it – they didn’t have any! Hmmph! But I bought plain coloured purple cloth and another blue floral cloth. Luckily too, my mum had made 20 pieces of 9-patch motifs from her recently acquired batch of cloth, which, coincidentally was very floral! I sent photos of these to Oreo and Hazel thought it was all so “pretty-mew”.
So we were all set….
mini-9-patch floral
These are the 9-patch motifs.
Heidi agrees that we should turn them into more interesting motifs.
Here we go…
Cut, re-arrange and voila!
What’s with the leg, Daffodil?
She ain’t heavy, she’s my daughter…
In the making…
For anything floral, of course the consultants would be Rosie and Daffodil!
Here we are!!
A field of flowers for Great Grandma, as Oreo puts it!
I’ve sent the blanket to my mum’s for the backing to be sewn in. The backing cloth is contributed by Agnes Cheong.
Pretty, pretty flowers!
From Oreo:

Hi Dr Chan-ngiao,

Little Nut says “Pretty!!! The flowers look so happy and bright! Great Grandma’s bed is going to look like a field of flowers! Thank you-mew Dr Chan!” And I must admit-ngiao, the blanket is so pretty. Daffodil and Rosie and you have a talent for making scraps of random flowers into a field of flowers-ngiao. Thank you all! And thank you in advance to Dr Chan’s mama.

And we thank Oreo, Hazel and their Mama for their very kind and generous donation of RM1000 for this blanket!  Many animals are going to benefit from this.  Thank you so much! Tomorrow is also AnimalCare’s 7th anniversary, so this donation means a lot to us!

This donation by Oreo’s Mama, is made in loving memory of Oreo’s late Grand Aunt, Ms Vivien Michelle Lim Swee Tee. May she be in a peaceful and blissful place.

Neutering aid for 2 cats in Seri Kembangan (Muhd Najib Fadlullah b. Ilias’)

We have sponsored RM160 for the spaying of Kangkung and Joanna. We with to thank En Fadlullah very much for his graciousness in claiming RM20 less for each cat so that this money can be channeled to other animals.

Our request to all applicants was that if it is at all possible, they might agree to voluntarily claim RM10 less per animal as the volume of claims keep increasing every month and donations are scarce. We thank En Fadlullah for his kindness.

We totally understand that rescuers and feeders have to spend a lot on other needs like vaccination, medical treatment, food, etc., and this is why our request was for a voluntary reduction, if at all possible.

In his own words:

Hai Dr.Chan,tidak mengapalah rm80/ekor sudah cukup kerana saya memang sudah bertekad ingin berusaha lebih & contribute lebih.

Jutaan terima kasih, En Fadlullah!

From: muhdfadlullah92
Date: 2016-05-30 8:26 GMT+08:00
Subject: Kangkung & Joanna TNRM Subsidy
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Hai Dr.Chan,pada 23/5/2016 iaitu hari Isnin,saya telah menangkap 2ekor stray kitten betina untuk di TNRM kan. Saya mengambil keputusan untuk menangkap mereka kerana saya merasakan berat mereka telah cukup untuk dimandulkan,saya tidak mahu bertangguh. Saya menangkap mereka di kedai makan berdekatan rumah saya.
Pada mulanya saya bercadang untuk menghantar mereka ke vet pada hari Selasa iaitu 24/5/2016,akan tetapi vet memberitahu saya bahawa jika hantar pada 26/5/2016 iaitu hari Khamis,saya akan mendapat harga yg lebih rendah iaitu RM100 sahaja berbanding RM130 pada hari2 biasa.
Jadi,saya telah puasakan Kangkung & Joanna pada malam hari Rabu & menghantar mereka untuk dimandulkan pada hari Khamis itu. Saya telah berbincang dengan vet untuk mengambil pada hari yang sama memandangkan mereka tiada rekod vaksin & vet bersetuju.
Saya sangat bersyukur kerana akhirnya telah menemui vet yg tidak terlalu strict tentang vaksinasi & saya tidak sangka vet tersebut dekat juga dengan vet yang saya biasa pergi sebelum ini.
Saya telah menyuruh vet membuat ear-tipping kepada Kangkung & Joanna kerana saya akan melepaskan mereka semula apabila sudah sembuh nanti. Tetapi saya tidak menyangka vet cas kos ear-tipping sebanyak rm10/ekor,tetapi tidak mengapalah.
Seperti yang saya telah bersetuju sebelum ini,saya akan memohon subsidy RM20 lebih rendah dari kos pemandulan. Jadi saya berhasrat ingin memohon subsidy sebanyak RM80/ekor untuk Kangkung & Joanna.
Terima kasih Dr.Chan :)

Neutering aid for 2 cats in Ampang (Noorzilah bt Kamaruddin’s)

We have fully sponsored RM200 for the neutering of No Neem and Tobby.

From: Hannah Ismail
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016 at 2:08 AM
Subject: Neutering Claim
To: chankahyein@gmail.com

Dear Dr Chan,

I have neuter two strays cat recently
One female & male


No Neem (female)
Female cat very active and such a lovely and very good cat. Found this cat near the Mamak stalls near Bukit Indah Ampang near my house . She was skinny and l brought back home with love and feed her well now she is grow strong and steady cat have no problem adjusting with the others cat

Tobby (male)
Found new the dumping area around Ampang Point Super Market .
Very small size kitten and l was nearly lost hope for this one due to his bad eye infection. But manage to cure and very playful and noisy cat Everyday he has grown and turn to be such a handsome cat now
image1 image2


Neutering aid for 1 cat in Puchong (Tan Poh Yoke’s)

We have sponsored RM100 for the spaying of Hui Hui.

From: Octopus Pinky
Date: Tue, May 17, 2016 at 3:48 PM
Subject: apply neutering aid
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>


​dr chan
how are u,
pls find attached for application​ form
pinky octopus

Neutering aid for 2 cats in Shah Alam (Syazwin Azwani bt Abdul Razak’s)

We have fully sponsored RM180 for the castration of Milo and Mallow.

The vet sent the following photos and confirmed that they are rescued cats:

IMG-20160523-WA0048 IMG-20160523-WA0049

A new drawstring bag!

We would like to thank Amy Lee for her kind donation of RM200 for 2 tshirts and a drawstring dashchund bag!


This bag is sewn by my mum with the (thinner) canvas that she bought sometime last year. Amy’s request for a drawstring bag has given us a great idea on how to make use of this thinner canvas now – we’ll make drawstring bags with an applique on it!!

Thank you very much, Amy, for the donation as well as the great idea!

Night time caper

Last night, we had an incident.

I heard strange cat noises in the porch.  Quite a number of times too.  So we went out to check.

True enough, “something” happened.


Everyone was at a sentry post. A look-out post.

Head count: Vincent, Ginger, Daffodil, Heidi.

Where is Rosie???

mini-P5260869 mini-P5260870

Daffodil these days almost never leaves the sewing table. She eats and comes into the dining room and is ON the sewing table most of the time. She even uses our kitchen bathroom to do her business. She is a total house-cat.

So why is Daffodil on the pillar looking out?

Rosie must be in trouble.


We have to look for Rosie.

mini-P5260872 mini-P5260873

Where is Mr Zurik?

He’s back to his old ways of chasing Rosie these days.


Oh, here’s at the patio. Not involved in the vigilance duty.

So we went looking for Rosie at the playground with the torchlight.

From quite far away, two small spots of bright light were spotted. And the two spots of light came running. Yes, it was Rosie.

She must have been chased by some other cat and had run off to the far end of the playground.


Back home. Safe and sound!


Peek-a-boo cat bags!




My mum sewed this bag as a gift to Janet, the lady who donated the mustard-coloured cloth for these bags.


And these two are ordered by Mei Yee. We thank Mei Yee for her kind donation to our Fund.


All sewn by my mum!

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Cheras (Angie Ng Chow Keun’s)

We have fully sponsored RM150 for the spaying of this female dog.

Received text:

Dear Dr Chan,
Re: Neutering Claim

Rescued a stray black dog at wet market in Taman Midah, Cheras KL.
After neutered, I will looking for adopter.
Attached here the pictures of the dog.
Thank you!

Your truly,
Ng Chow Keun

ng chow keun may 26