Flipping the script

Koo shared this well-expressed article and I think many rescuers and caregivers in the animal welfare community may be able to relate to it.

Please read the full article here: http://jessicadolce.com/i-love-animals-too-much/


Most people simply mean that they care about animals and they don’t know how they’d cope with all the pain and suffering. That’s legit.

Could they say something better? Sure! They could say:

“I love animals so much, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to do that work. Thank goodness there are strong, compassionate bad asses like you that choose to step up.”

Or just something simple like:

“Wow, that’s tough. Thank you for your service.”

And then you can say:

“Thanks for appreciating what I do. It’s really hard, but you know what makes it easier? Donations.”

Then ask them to write your shelter or rescue or clinic a check.


So the next time someone says they couldn’t do what you do because they love animals too much, just smile.

Practice the fine art of compassionate badassery: know who you are, what you value, why you do this hard, but deeply meaningful work, and then choose not to get rattled by other people’s comments.

Choose to hear it as a compliment instead. Choose to spin the story in whatever way lifts you up or, at the minimum, doesn’t make your eyelid twitch.

In fact, go ahead and choose to interpret anything that comes across your plate as being less personal, less insulting, less intentionally menacing, and way more neutral or benign.

Doing that isn’t for anyone else’s benefit (though it will benefit others). It’s a freebie you can throw yourself so that you suffer less.  And wouldn’t that be nice?

The work is hard enough as it is. Flip that script so that it hurts less and serves you better!

Thank you for your service. You guys are the best.

To everyone who is in the arena, indeed, you all are the best!

Neutering aid for 2 cats in Seri Kembangan (Muhd Najib Fadlullah b. Ilias’)

We have sponsored RM170 for the spaying of Carrot and the castration of Opick.

From: muhdfadlullah92
Date: 2016-04-29 14:07 GMT+08:00
Subject: Re: TNRM Subsidy Carrot & Opick
To: chankahyein@gmail.com, muhdfadlullah92@gmail.com

Hai Dr.Chan,pada hari isnin baru2 ini,saya telah menangkap seekor stray cat betina yang saya namakan Carrot di parking bertingkat lrt sg.besi. Abang saya memberitahu saya bahawa dia setiap hari memberi makan Carrot pada jam 630pagi iaitu semasa dia hendak pergi kerja menaiki lrt,jadi saya fikir tidak salah sekiranya saya mengambil tanggungjawab untuk memandulkan Carrot & akan melepaskannya semula apabila sembuh nanti.
Pada hari selasa tengahari,saya telah pergi ke vet yg saya biasa pergi akan tetapi telah di reject hanya kerana Carrot belum pernah divaksin. Saya berasa sangat stress. Pada hari yang sama juga,saya telah menangkap seekor lagi stray cat jantan di luar rumah saya kerana saya lihat dia bergaduh dengan Apin yang telah saya mandulkan hari itu,jadi saya fikir lebih baik saya mandulkan juga Opick ini supaya tabiat suka bergaduh dia terhenti. Pada petangnya pula saya telah membawa 2ekor stray cat itu ke vet di bangi untuk memandulkan mereka,akan tetapi juga telah di reject mentah2 kerana mereka tiada rekod vaksin. Hal ini membuatkan saya fedup & berasa amat putus asa untuk terus menolong stray cats di luar sana. Saya rasa seperti ingin melepaskan semula Carrot & Opick akan tetapi saya cuba untuk bertenang dahulu.
Saya terfikir apa kata saya hantar di klinik vet di port dickson,doktor tersebut mengenali & memahami saya. Walaupun sangat jauh,saya gagahkan juga untuk menghantar mereka & menunggu sehingga selesai pembedahan iaitu pada hari Rabu berikutnya 27/4/2016. Saya bangun seawal jam 5pagi untuk membersihkan kucing2 yg lain kerana takut terlewat ke tempat kerja akan tetapi akhirnya mengambil cuti untuk menghantar mereka mandul di port dickson kerana ini adalah plan yang betul2 last minute :)
Akhirnya saya telah berjaya memandulkan mereka berdua & segalanya berjalan lancar. Selepas ini saya tiada pilihan lain selain vaksin dulu & menjaga stray cat selama dua minggu sebelum dimandulkan. Sebab mengapa saya tidak mahu vaksin dahulu adalah kerana saya perlu menjaga mereka lebih lama iaitu lebih kurang 1bulan dari awal hingga akhir,akan tetapi nampaknya sekiranya saya masih mahu menolong stray cats di luar sana,saya tiada pilihan lain. Saya cuma takut mereka lupa bagaimana ingin survive di tempat asal mereka,di mana mereka mahu cari makan & di mana mereka ingin menyorok sekiranya berlaku kecemasan,sebab itu saya jika boleh tidak mahu kurung mereka terlalu lama.
Lebih kurang dua minggu dari sekarang,saya akan membawa mereka untuk divaksinkan & melepaskan mereka semula ke tempat asal beberapa hari selepas itu sekiranya mereka sihat selepas divaksin. Dan saya berhasrat ingin memohon subsidy untuk pemandulan Carrot & Opick ini,terima kasih Dr.Chan kerana sudi membaca cerita saya yang panjang ini,saya hanya ingin berkongsi pengalaman bersama Dr.
PhotoGrid_1461838883892 PhotoGrid_1461839044338

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuala Lumpur (Chuah Sze Nee’s)

We have fully sponsored RM90 for the spaying of Miao Miao.

From: SzeNee Chuah
Date: Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 9:27 PM
Subject: Neutering Aid Application
To: Chankahyein@gmail.com

Dear Dr Chan,

I wish to apply for the neutering aid for a female cat.
This cat is named Miao Miao, I found her near a flat in bandar Sri permaisuri last month, I decided to keep her until she is big enough.
Today I took her for neutering and decided to adopt her.

Here I attach the picture for your usage.

chuah szenee apr 18


Drip, drip, drip!! (Daffodil’s nostril drip)

I plucked up enough courage.

I managed to do the saline drip for Daffodil!

It was all done nonchalantly. The trick is, you must be extremely calm about it so that the cat does not sense any tension, fear or anxiety on your part.


It was….actually, quite easy, really.

I even managed to do it three rounds on both nostrils. I know that’s pushing it a bit too far, but you’ll want to maximise the moment.


No biggie for anyone.


Daffodil immediately asked for food after that, so yes, of course she gets whatever she wants!

Daffodil goes to the vet

Daffodil has been sneezing and having a runny nose for 5 days now. I thought 5 days was a bit too long so we made a trip to the vet’s today.


The last trip to the vet’s, Daffodil was so scared she stretched out and tore the plastic covering of my car seat. This time I’m more well-prepared. I brought the Carebears blanket along.

The vet took a look at Daffodil and said 5 days of runny nose is still quite okay and not a cause for concern yet. He acknowledged that I may be particularly concerned because of Daffodil’s age, hence, possible lowered immunity (which I was) but assured me that her body condition is good, she had no mouth ulcers and no conjunctivitis. Her weight has also remained unchanged and yes, she is still eating very well though she did skip a meal or two in the past 5 days.



…Daffodil did have a few bad teeth (not surprising since she had been living on the streets for 10 years prior to our move to this neighbourhood). These bad teeth could lead to infection and cause a runny nose as well. But we should not need to address the bad teeth at this point in time.

To help with the runny nose, the vet gently squirted some salt water into both her nostrils. Of course, the vet can do anything to her without her objecting. That’s why they are vets (and we are not!). Daffodil didn’t even attempt to put up any struggle. None at all. I didn’t even have to help by holding her. In fact, the vet told me not to hold her. The less stress, the better, especially when Daffodil has had a feral history but is now living in the house. You do NOT want to upset her so much until she runs away and lose all her trust of humans. That is very important.

The magic touch of a vet! That’s why they train for so many years…

mini-IMG20160503120503The vet left Daffodil alone so that she would be comfortable and spent the next hour explaining all about cat flu to me and what options I had for Daffodil. He also wanted me to see how effective the salt water treatment was – yes, we didn’t hear Daffodil snorting at all. None. The salt water worked wonders. Salt water has the ability to clear the mucus.

Daffodil hid behind the computer screen. I think she was quite comfortable there, especially when the vet had switched off the air-cont so as not to aggravate her runny nose.

Cat flu is normally caused by one (or several) of three pathogens – the Herpesvirus, the Calicivirus or Chlamydia. If it is caused by the herpesvirus, then Lysine would work well since the molecular structure of something in Lysine is similar to the Herpesvirus (some “trickery” can happen in the body and Lysine can help the body heal).

Also, when the flu bug infects the cat, it takes about 1-3 days for the flu to present itself internally. Once this happens, if there are memory cells in the body, antibodies will be activated to help fight the flu. This is probably why Tiger recovered in one day, Ginger in two days and Vincent in five days. If there are no memory cells, it takes a bit longer for the body to churn out antibodies to fight the pathogens. The antibody level reaches its peak in 7 days and that is why the pet has a good chance of healing without any help, even if it takes about 14 days for recovery to take place.

I am already giving Daffodil Vetri DMG as well as TF. The vet said this ought to be enough for now. If I want to give anything else in a few days’ time (if there is no improvement), I could opt for Lysine (Enisyl is one brand) or Cordiceps (the brand is Cordy). Cordiceps have been researched and found to be helpful in respiratory problems in dogs and cats. Antibiotics is not necessary at this moment (it’s useful for warding off secondary infections or the chlamydia, if that is the cause – the chlamydia is some bacteria-like microorganism).

The big consideration for Daffodil is that it’s unwise to do too much at this point because she has a history of being feral (for 10 years) and I’ve only recently managed to “domesticate” her which means her trust of humans came rather late in life. It’s important not to scare her too much (by force-feeding her medicines, etc.) because that would be extremely stressful for her. Worse, she might run away.

Before we left, the vet squirted some salt water into both her nostrils again. No struggle, it looked too easy. By the way, Daffodil’s right nostril is bigger than her left. We don’t know why.

We came home without medication, which is good. Let the body heal by itself. At least, give it a chance to do so.


Rosie came to greet her mother upon her return. Or did she just want to go into the carrier?

mini-IMG20160503123437 mini-IMG20160503123501

Telling Ginger all about her visit to that strange place where liquids were dropped into her nostrils.


Ginger: No, I wouldn’t have liked that, I think. 

Daffodil: Actually, it was all quite pleasant. The runny mucus cleared up while I was there. 


Zurik said in Russia, they did things differently.

Вы не можете заболеть – that’s it!


But he too would like to go into the carrier, he said.

Since our return from the vet’s, Daffodil seems fine, though there is still some runny nose. She ate heartily, which is good. I’m still thinking whether I have enough courage to try the salt water nostril drop on her. I mean, her claws are as sharp as ever, you know…

I’ll let you know if I dare to try it.

Neutering aid for 4 cats in Kuala Terengganu (Engku Nor Hidayu Tuan Ahmad’s)

We have fully sponsored RM160 for the spaying of 2 female cats and the castration of 2 male cats.

From: Engku Nor Hidayu Tuan Ahmad
Date: Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 3:37 PM
Subject: Neutering Subsidy
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Hello Dr Chan, my name is Engku Nor Hidayu from Kuala Terengganu.
I am applying for your neutering subsidy. I have post out the receipt and form to you and here are a little story about the cats.
Tom & Kat
Tom and Kat was rescued by me earlier this year. Their mother gave birth to them in my garden and I took them in.
Timmy & BooBoo
I took Timmy and BooBoo in from their useless owner. Their previous owner kind of just let the Mother get pregnant over and over again and poor BooBoo and Timmy, they are abandoned by the owner. I feel so sad looking at them all dirty and hungry, hence I took them in with me.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Thank you.
mini-IMG_0218 mini-IMG_0219 mini-IMG_0220 mini-IMG_0221

Neutering aid for 3 cats in Kuantan (Salmiah bt Mat Arof’s)

We have sponsored RM280 for the spaying of 2 female cats and the castration of 1 male cat.

From: Salmiah Mat arof
Date: 2016-04-25 22:33 GMT+08:00
Subject: memohon subsidi kucing jalanan
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Saya telah menjumpai 3 ekor kucing yg baru dibuang agaknya. Mereka ketakutan, Kucing ini 2 ekor betina dan seekor jantan. Yang betina saya namakan Pusy dan Baby dan jantan saya namakan Puss.  Saya telah iklankan dan ada yg sudi menjaganya, setelah saya mandulkan.
Bersama ini saya sertakan gambar2 kucing tersebut. Gambar Pusy, Baby dan Puss.
IMG-20160425-WA0002 IMG-20160425-WA0004 IMG-20160425-WA0005

Neutering aid for 6 cats in Kuala Lumpur (Lim Ai Mooi’s)

We have fully sponsored RM510 for the spaying of 3 female cats and the neutering of 3 male cats.

We wish to thank Mdm Lim for her immediate response after reading our message (https://myanimalcare.org/2016/05/02/we-need-your-help/). Mdm Lim wrote to us this morning saying that she wished to withdraw her application (photos submitted, we were just waiting for her receipt to arrive by post, and it did, this afternoon) since donations are scarce and she hopes whatever money left can be channeled to the more needy rescuers. We clarified that we are not closing the fund yet and we do have reserves to carry on a little longer. Moreover, her application was submitted last week and it’s only fair that we honour it in full. Mdm Lim suggested that we only give her 50% of what she is claiming, but we assured her that we will be happy to honour all applications made before the announcement since the rescuers have already spent the money. Her claim is also only RM510 for 6 cats, which is less than our maximum of RM100 per cat.

The purpose of the announcement is also to give ample time to all applicants to be prepared for the eventuality that we may reduce the quantum of aid or close the fund (should we run dry). Many rescuers cried foul when we closed our Medical Treatment Fund in 2014, similarly a few food fund recipients were really unhappy when we closed the Food Fund in 2013, citing “who is going to help us now?”. It’s hard when one depends solely on others and it’s not very wise too. We don’t want this to happen when and IF we have to lower the quantum of our neutering aid. Let’s all be prepared.

We are very touched by Mdm Lim’s kind consideration and thoughtfulness and thank her profoundly for it. Let it show on record that we persuaded Mdm Lim to accept this aid because we want to honour all applications made before yesterday’s announcement.

From: Lim Ai Mooi
Date: Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 2:20 PM
Subject: Applying Neutering Aid For 6 Stray Cats
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Dr Chan,

I had sent 6 stray cats from Pandan Jaya wet market area for neutering on 14/04/2016, 19/04/2016 and 21/04/2016. Three males and three females. The three males are over 3.5kg, so there’s a extra charges of RM10 for each of them(Receipt No : 0181). Therefor, the neutering fees for each male cat will be RM80. All of them will be releasing back to the colony after post-op.

Thank you in advance.

Warmth rgds,

Lim Ai Mooi

1 2 5 3 male 4 male 6 male


When one door closes, another opens

We have been looking forward to participating in Pet World this year as an opportunity to raise some funds and we applied for the NGO booth. We were told to wait until the end of April. On the last day of April, we received an advertisement featuring the whole list of partners for Pet World and found that we have not been selected as one of their NGO partners. So, if you are hoping to buy our merchandise at Pet World, please be informed that we were not given a booth and will therefore, not be there.

However, when one door closes, another opens, as the saying goes.

We are extremely thankful to Setia Alam’s Sambodhi Buddhist Association (12, Jalan Setia Prima B U13/B, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam) for inviting us to open a booth on Wesak Day at their centre, to raise funds and sell merchandise. So, if you live in Setia Alam and would like to purchase our merchandise, please do drop in on 21st May 2016, from 9am to 12noon.  The booth is on the road, so it will be very visible and easy to locate. Would anyone like to volunteer to help me on that day? I just need ONE volunteer as the crowd isn’t very big.

We are also extremely thankful to the Buddhist Maha Vihara at Brickfields (123, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur) for allowing us to open a booth at their premises (beside their canteen) on a Sunday, once in two months. We will have an opportunity to raise funds through our merchandise, from the temple devotees and other visitors. Our upcoming booth is on 15th May 2016, from 7am until 11am. Agnes Cheong will be helping me on that day. Please do drop in if you’d like to purchase any merchandise from us. You could also pre-order and come collect on that day, to save money on shipping charges. The Vihara is open to the public.

When one door closes, several smaller doors might open…(thank you!).

We would also like to thank those who responded to our appeal for their donations that came in this morning. And also to those who offered help in kind. This is all very touching and heartwarming. Thank you very much!