Rosie’s great escape (Day 8)

This morning, Rosie ate kibble by herself at about 5.30am. She didn’t want any wet food.

Then, at 7.00am, she went to the kitchen to ask for kibble again. So I gave it to her and she ate…on her own.

That’s a good sign….(I hope).

After that, she started whining all over the house. We thought she wanted to defecate, so we brought the litter box (with OKO Plus) near to her and even put her into it, but she jumped out and continued whining all over the house.

Finally, my husband put her in the upstairs bathroom together with the litter box thinking that she might want some privacy to defecate.

We left her there and went to the patio.

But I didn’t hear any sound from upstairs so I asked husband if he had latched the bathroom windows.

He quickly went upstairs to check.

Rosie was gone.

Husband closed the windows but did not latch them. He thought Rosie wouldn’t be strong enough to push the windows, but then again…hey, we are talking about cats here. They have incredible strength, tenacity, determination and intelligence.

So, Rosie had escaped.

We went out to the road to look for her and saw this….


She was just sitting on the roof, looking down at us.

Of course there was no way we could call her to come down. She’s a cat, after all.

I knew there was nothing we could do, so I left her there and went to practise taiji at the playground with Heidi.

After an hour, I checked and Rosie was still there, at that exact spot. She seemed to be enjoying the view from up there.

After awhile, I drove the car out to my mum’s place and Rosie was no longer there.

We thought she’d come back at around 2.30pm or so. So we waited.

We even went out to buy fish (ikan kembung, ikan sardin and ikan bilis tembaga) to steam for all the cats. We came back and I steamed the fish, hoping the aroma would attract Rosie back, but she did not come back. Everyone had a fish feast (well, except Vincent and Tabs who weren’t sure if fish was food).

By 2.30pm, there was still no sign of Rosie.

A search was mounted.

We went all over, asked the neighbours, the guards and I even drove to the back to check at Mr G’s house.

We went onto the roof too. Rosie was nowhere to be found.

By 3.30pm, Connie said she would drive over to help look.

Connie arrived and we continued searching. Husband cycled all around the neighbourhood too – many rounds.

Rosie was nowhere to be found. I started worrying in case she got caught by someone, or was she so weak that she decided to hide and not come home. I also know for a fact that Rosie must be very angry at being caged and being driven to the vet’s for all these procedures and I don’t blame her for not wanting to come back.

But Rosie needs to come back. She’s still not well.

We continued searching.

At around 4.15pm, suddenly Connie saw Rosie!!

It looked like Rosie was coming from the next door’s roof and was now heading towards our roof.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

I rushed upstairs to our bedroom and went to the window. Just then, I saw G-Cuz run on the ledge and down to the garbage compartment. I suspect Rosie’s appearance had something to do with G-Cuz.

Anyway, Rosie was coming towards our windows now.


Calmly and slowly, I coaxed her to come in. She was undecided (cats always do this to you, don’t they?), so she looked around.

It took sometime, but she finally came close enough for me to catch her and I had no choice but to grab her and pull her in.


I caught Rosie!!

I grabbed her and put her back into the cage. Then I went out to tell Connie that the mission had been accomplished.

It had been 7 hours since she last ate, so I quickly offered a bowl of kibble and another bowl which contained Primal, Natural Balance, home-cooked chicken and home-cooked steamed fish. Rosie smelled at it and refused to eat.


I thought I’d boil an egg for her, so I went into the kitchen and when I came out Connie had managed to make Rosie eat!!

I asked Connie what she did. Connie said she just asked Rosie to eat and Rosie ate.

Connie is a miracle-maker.

Rosie almost finished all the steamed fish. All by herself.

mini-P2250694 mini-P2250695

Our nightmare is finally over.

Thanks to Connie!


I did make the half-boiled egg but Rosie refused to eat it. So I syringed some into her mouth. Everyone else ate up the half-boiled egg (except Tabs and Pole who thought it wasn’t food).

I can’t believe Rosie finally came back, but am SO glad she did.


As for now, she isn’t coming out of the cage…..

P.S. Did G-Cuz chase Rosie back?

Rosie Day 8 (dawn)

Good morning, dear friends!


Rosie appeared to be very hungry this morning when I let her out of the cage. She rushed to the kitchen.

The fastest food I could offer was kibble and she ate it, voraciously too, but not too much. Then, I offered some wetfood (a combination of canned and home-cooked) – she sniffed at it but didn’t want it. Maybe she’s tired of the food that she had been force-fed!

Now, she’s sitting at the window looking out. I know she wants to go “ronda” but we cannot take that risk.

Three days ago, she also ate on her own one morning, but things went back to what it was after that. Yesterday, I did ask the vet why this happened. He said perhaps when we started treatment, something worked, but the disease caught up and it went backwards again.

Looks like the only way now is to let the medicines and supplements work their way to eventually (hopefully) fight off the disease and at the same time, provide quality nutrition so that the liver can heal itself.

The reason the second vet stopped some supplements (Liv-52 and B-Complex) is that we are already giving supplements and more doesn’t mean it’s better. Furthermore whatever supplements we give also taxes the liver. We need to strike a balance here – just enough.

So, Rosie’s regimen is this:


Doxycillin 50mg (the plan is to continue for a total of 21 days)
Samylin (liver supplement)
Maximus Hep (liver supplement with curcumin)


Squalene (Omega-3)


Baytril (to be discontinued once the short course finishes)

Seeing that Rosie ate voraciously this morning, I have decided not to start on Hemohim yet. We shall see how she is for today.

Getting the job done with the least medication and supplements could be a good thing, especially when this is a liver problem.

But I will try the half-boiled egg later today. The most important thing now appears to be getting the liver to repair and heal itself. Quality nutrition (which means high protein for cats) is the key.

Another concern is that Rosie has to get enough taurine in her food too. Taurine is found more abundantly in raw meats than in the cooked variety. However, BARF is not suitable at the moment (in case of bacteria contamination), so I’m giving her Primal Freeze Dried.

From the internet:

Red meat and poultry, particularly hearts and livers, provide adequate levels of taurine for your cat’s needs. Eggs and dairy are also good sources. However,shellfish such as shrimp and clams provide even more taurine than other animal proteins, making them excellent foods to feed your cat.

Shrimp is out of the question for now because they are known to be “cockroaches of the ocean”, so we shall not resort to that. Primal and eggs will be our choice.

Rosie still prefers to go out for her urination and defecation – she doesn’t like the litter box. This morning, she urinated on my blanket. The urine is still very yellow. I think the problem she is not defecating is due to the fact that she isn’t comfortable doing it in the litter box. So far, she only defecates when I give her Lactulose. The second vet said Lactulose may cause dehydration so it should not be used unless it is absolutely necessary.

Moment by moment…

Thank you very much, dear friends, for all your kind wishes. We are not out of the woods yet….

Another Mickey blanket!

We wish to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for ordering a third Mickey blanket for this son!

mini-P2230671 mini-P2230673

My mum sewed this blanket with the cloth donated by Mr Ooi himself!


We thank Mr Ooi very much for his kind donation to our Fund!

More foldable bags!

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Thank you very much, Mr Ooi In Haw, for your very kind donation!


These four small bags were sewn during CNY for someone who ordered but he did not pay up after three reminders, so we are thankful that Mr Ooi decided to buy them up!


Eight medium bags – all Hello Kitty cloth.

Below are 10 large bags, all cloth donated by Mr Ooi too!

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Yesterday’s thunderstorm – who was the hero?

Yesterday, we had a most terrible thunderstorm.

Of course all the cats were very afraid.


Cow was hiding behind the door.


Bunny was in the corner.


Tiger was under the bench.


Cleo too.


Poldrey as well.


And even our hero, Indy.

So, who was the greatest hero who held the fort?


YES, it was little Tabs.

Tabs was the heroine of the day!

Rosie Day 7 (no change)

Rosie was making a racket today and demanded to be let out of the cage…


So I took the opportunity to train her using the harness.

A few days ago, we tried it and she slipped out of it in a matter of 1-2 seconds.


So, today, we tightened the harness and made sure the leash would be almost vertical all the time.


But Rosie wasn’t happy with it…at all. She refused to budge.

mini-P2240681 mini-P2240682

Taking her out also did not work – she refused to budge.


The next best that we could afford would be to let her loose in the house with the windows all closed.


But she kept wanting to go out.

She scaled the window grilles too. I knew she wanted to urinate or defecate and she preferred the grass. But we just couldn’t risk letting her out. She might take half a day to return. Finally, after much complaining and going up and down the stairs, she decided to defecate onto a mat. It was “good” stools, a little soft at the end because of the Lactulose.


Tiger loves the cage, Rosie doesn’t.


She finally settled being inside the house. I guess she was stressed earlier on as she wanted to go out to defecate.

Rosie still has no appetite and doesn’t eat by herself. I still have to force-feed her but I do it over 4-5 times a day, small amounts at a time.  Rosie cannot take large amounts of food. This afternoon, I think she got a bit angry and vomited some breakfast out. I saw undigested egg white (boiled) so perhaps it’s hard for her to digest boiled egg white.

We took Rosie for her subcut fluids this evening. Her weight was 3.5kg. The vet palpated her liver and there was no change in size compared with two days ago.

We discussed Rosie’s case and according the vet, the subcut fluids is more for her to be hydrated rather than to flush any toxins out. The hydration is important for her recovery.

As postulated by the other vet yesterday, Rosie’s liver illness could be due to a parasite or she could have ingested something toxic a month ago. But the liver injury happened slowly, over time.

The liver has the ability to repair itself and good nutrition is needed for this. I told the vet about the boiled egg white that Rosie vomited out. The vet suggested I try half-boiled egg instead.

We are doing all that we can and we hope Rosie will recover.

She will go for her next subcut on Monday.

Meanwhile, I asked the vet if Rosie can be given Hemohim, a Korean herb which helps in liver cancer for humans. Animals can also take it, I was told. The vet says there is no harm in trying, but I’m also getting a second opinion first.

About Hemohim:


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