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Totally adorable and clever Little Riley

As you know, Riley has been creating games to play with Jayden.

Currently, they are playing fetch-the-ball.

Riley has been absolutely amazing in this game. Jayden throws the ball and Riley watches closely. If the ball lands on somewhere safe and easy for Jayden to pick up, Riley lets him pick it up himself. But if the ball lands on somewhere difficult, Riley goes after it and retrieves the ball for Jayden.

It amazes us how perceptive and almost uncannily accurate that Riley can predict where the ball will land. And it is a bouncy ball too.

If Riley thinks Jayden might fall, she quickly stands in front of Jayden to protect him.

While Riley herself loves playing with the ball, when Jayden plays with it, she takes on a helping role.

It is only when Jayden is asleep that Riley gets her turn and she plays!

Tell me….how clever and considerate is this little 7-month old kitten, right?

Such a little darling!

Two little darlings!!

An update on the Kota Bharu neutering project (Ms Woon Lay Yong’s)

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2023/02/05/help-needed-to-get-50-dogs-neutered-in-kota-bharu-kelantan-woon-lay-yongs/

Thanks to one of our former applicants from Kota Bharu, Mr Lim, he managed to help us get a rescuer from Kota Bharu to contact Ms Woon and they have arranged to meet up soon.

We hope the project will be a success.

Thank you, Mr Lim!

Samantha is in the “nesting” phase

I contacted the vet to update her on Samantha’s condition. She thinks Samantha is in the “nesting” phase now. It could be anything from 8-36 hours before birthing begins.

Here is another link: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/pregnancy-and-parturition-in-cats

The link says that the queen will stop eating 24 hours before labour, but Samantha is still eating! She loves Primal and will only eat this now.

Also, I’m so glad that the diarrhoea has really stopped. Her stools are very well-formed. How quickly she recovers (the power of youth)! She was only just dewormed and given the B-12 injection yesterday. We couldn’t do more as she was like a tigress.

It’s raining here (good…no pesky fireworks tonight!). Samantha’s cage is shielded from the rain and it is warm enough.

Waiting for Samantha to give birth

Samantha started mewing a little now and then this morning. She was also pacing quite a bit and moving from tray to tray.

I thought she would give birth today, but it hasn’t happened yet.

She also loves to eat Primal and doesn’t want kibble anymore. Well, clever girl! So I’ve been giving her Primal all day. She stopped eating since late afternoon. I read that when they are about to give birth, they will not eat.

Cleo goes close by whenever Samantha mews.

I read up on how to help a cat give birth and it says a cardbox might be better. So I replaced the carrier with a cardboard box.

Cow Mau is also nearby.

Indy has finally stopped sulking and returned to his penthouse. Phew!

I have read up on how to help in the birthing process ONLY IF help is needed and there are complications. I certainly hope there aren’t any!  This includes breaking the amniotic sac if the mother-cat doesn’t break it, getting the kittens to take their first breath, cutting the umbilical cord with dental floss, etc. It’s better to be prepared in case help is needed.

Here’s a useful link: https://www.thesprucepets.com/helping-pregnant-cat-during-birthing-555410

Another site says there is an interval of about 30-45 minutes between each kitten. I remember when Pole gave birth to Cleo, Wolf and Pans, there was an interval between the kittens. But Minnie gave birth to all four quite fast. We went for taiji class in the morning and by the time we came back, all four were already born and Minnie had cleaned everything up. We did not have to do anything at all!

Here’s another link: https://www.purina.co.uk/articles/cats/health/pregnancy/cat-labour-and-giving-birth

Help needed to get about 50 dogs neutered in Kota Bharu, Kelantan (Woon Lay Yong’s)

We received a request from Ms Woon Lay Yong (012-921-8291).

According to Ms Woon, there are about 50 dogs located in three Thai temples in Kota Bharu. There is a feeder but the feeder is not keen to get the dogs neutered. Ms Woon is requesting help from anyone to please take the dogs for neutering and she will provide the funds.

If you are able to help, please contact Ms Woon directly.

Initially we had already got Ms Woon in contact with one of our applicants in KL who will provide advice but the applicant is not able to go to Kota Bharu to help the dogs. We are also in the midst of contacting other friends to seek help.

We have also contacted one of our previous applicants located in Kota Bharu but he has a medical problem now and has moved to another town with his dogs. However, he will get a rescuer in Kota Bharu to help Ms Woon. This is in progress too.

If the feeder is willing to help catch the dogs, perhaps a few people can help with transport to send the dogs to the vet for the procedure and send the dogs back after recovery.

If any rescuer in Kota Bharu is willing to help out, perhaps everyone can work together to settle all the logistics issues.

Thank you.

Riley plays with Jayden

Riley is now Jayden’s kindy-friend in our house. Previously, it was Ginger.

Ginger allowed Jayden to do anything to him. Riley, on the other hand, plays with Jayden.

Riley first created a game of hide-and-seek with Jayden, during a small circuit with him as Jayden had just learnt to walk.

Now, Riley plays fetch-the-ball with Jayden and she even gets the balls out of difficult places or under the furniture for Jayden!

Isn’t she clever?

Novel protein, Cubgrub’s Duck, for the Monsters

The easiest clan to try on any new food is the Monsters. They will practically gobble up anything.

So I ordered Cubgrub’s Duck as a novel protein for them. “Novel” means it is uncommon to their diet, so you should only give it once in a while. It is to offset the incidence of allergy to a certain protein (the commonly used ones like chicken and fish) that has been eaten for too long.

Food allergy can lead to other medical problems.

So did they eat it?

You bet they did! The even seemed to love it. Ginger loved it too. Ever since Ginger went to live in the catio with the Monsters, he has been converted back to 100% raw. He eats what they eat.

Previously, when he was eating in the kitchen with Tabs, he demanded whatever the Super Seniors had because, I think he could smell what they had. If you don’t give it to him, he walks off, on a hunger strike.

So being in the catio has its benefits, especially for Ginger. He’s back to 100% raw and he won’t be spraying urine all over the house. The only thing is that Ginger is very good with Jayden. He is the only cat who allows Jayden to do anything to him. We let him in under supervision.

Everyone ate the duck and loved it!

Thank you, Cubgrub!

Later, I tried it with Cow Mau, Indy and Cleo. Only Cleo ate it.

Indy is the one who needs it, but he didn’t even want to try it. Next, I will try it on Tabs and Riley. All of them needs a novel protein once in a while.

Cubgrub also has Quail. But that’s a bit tricky.




Pacifying Indy and Samantha’s news

Indy is quite upset that Bunny’s cage had to be given to Samantha as a maternity ward.

He is no longer using the top of the cage as his penthouse now. When Bunny was around, Indy used to top as his penthouse and after Bunny passed away only did he move INTO the cage. But suddenly, I had to put Samantha there for her delivery.

I’ll see how things go and perhaps after a week or so, we can move Samantha back to the upstairs room and give the cage back to Indy.


Sam has finally come out from the carrier and has chosen the top basket to sit in. That’s good progress. At least she isn’t holed up in the carrier like yesterday. Last night, she also ate the wet food I served. There was faeces in the litter box this morning. It was quite well-formed. Hopefully the deworming and B-12 is working. Her diarrhoea wasn’t the serious type. Perhaps she has had it since she was living on the street.

Indy needs to feel he is “on top” of something, so since he was too upset to use the penthouse, he went up to the Blue House. Aww…poor Indy.  Perhaps to him, it is the same concept. The Blue House used to belong to Bunny too. He wants to inherit Bunny’s properties.

And either Indy was so upset or he heard what the vet said yesterday, he refused to eat his chicken baby food (pureed) this morning. He just walked away looking very sad. Yesterday, the vet suggested that I could try giving Indy kibble or other food (not the baby food) for breakfast if I also give him a late night snack. Maybe his stomach cannot be empty for too long hours. So perhaps Indy heard that. Cats read minds.

So I gave him some Gastro kibble and he ate, but only a bit. Still upset?

Then I offered tuna baby food. Perhaps a change of flavour, Indy? I try not to give too much tuna as it is a big fish. The mercury and heavy metal content in bigger fish is higher. That is why I opt for smaller fish like sardine. But granted, most of the fish used in cat food is tuna.

He ate it!! Cleo tried to wrestle it from him. No Cleo, you are on raw food, remember?

Indy finished it all! Phew…I get worried whenever any cat does not eat.

So, Sam’s going to give birth soon. I’m thinking of gender-neutral “P” names. Would you like to contribute to the list?

So far I’ve got: Pico (neutral), Petal (girl), Peaches (girl), Pebbles (neutral), Pixie (neutral).

Sam is calico and Gerald is striped ginger (ginger tabby), so I’m thinking maybe the kittens would be calico, tortoiseshell, tabico, ginger or black. Or anything, actually. I also don’t know if Sam was mated by another tomcat during that time.

We shall see…soon!

If there is a tabico kitten (female), I’ve got a friend who might like to adopt. Tabico means striped (tabby) calico. So instead of patches of orange and black, the cat has orange and black stripes.

Food Aid to Survivor Shelter

Donors: In loving memory of Bunny from his family, For Bravo and in memory of Chief and Lulu from Chow Yi Lin, anonymous donors, donors from Boost, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd, Bunny’s Place & Ginger’s Catio, Ho Yuen Foon, Khoo Ming-Yi, Kok Khee Wee, Kwan Pei Kuan, Mong Looi, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Sia Jee Kei, Tan Lai Fun, Tan Tay Thye, Than Foong, Wan Tai Seng, Wong Chin Kuan, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg (lamb) – 12 packs

Alps Chunky canned food for dogs 1230g x 12
– Lamb – 2 boxes
– Turkey – 2 boxes

As always, we thank Avant Pet for the free delivery to the shelter. Avant also gifted the dogs many, many cartons of Pet Milk (please see photo below).

All these cartons of Pet Milk are free of charge from Avant Pet to Survivor Shelter. Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise!

Ms Ong conveys her utmost thanks to all donors for the kibble and canned food.

Survivor Shelter is home to 47 rescued dogs. It was founded by Ms Ong Siew Hiang who runs a burger stall daily to earn money to sustain her shelter and look after all these dogs. The daily maintenance of the shelter is under the care of a very reliable salaried worker. Dogs who required medical care are sent to the vet by a pet taxi arranged by Ms Ong. She also purchases vitamins for her dogs to keep them in good health and her dogs are deticked regularly. Ms Ong uses 1 pack of the 18kg kibble for her dogs each day. She also buys her own kibble to supplement and on certain days, her dogs get canned food.

The following are some photos and videos taken when Ms Ong visited the dogs on 20th January 2023.