Double Charity Donation to community cats

Recipients: Community cats cared for by a feeder in Kelantan
Donor: In loving memory of Callie Boo Thompson & Mary Tan Thompson

The petfood:
Monge kitten kibbles 10kg – 1 pack
Cindy’s original canned food for KITTENS with goat’s milk
Tender Chicken with goat’s milk – 2 boxes
Tuna with goat’s milk – 2 boxes

This order was sent by courier (charges borne by donor) as it was to Kelantan.


About the Double Charity Donation:

Double Charity:
(1) donate petfood to shelter & street animals,
(2) donate towards neutering & vaccinating street animals.

The best gift is giving to those who can never repay you!


What plan are you brewing, Mr Zurik?

He’s up to something, I know.

I think he is planning an escape so we are on Code Yellow and high vigilance today.

I “measured” Mr Zurik’s breathing last night while he was asleep. It was 11 breaths for 30 seconds! Previously, it was 15 breaths. While I know this is a very unscientific way of determining whether his breathing is laboured or not, it’s still good that it isn’t 20 or 25, right?

He ate two breakfasts today and I have given him all his medicines. I have not perfected the art of giving him liquids yet. He hates liquids and HE has perfected a way to spit the liquids out. So this morning, I tried a different method. I syringed in the liquid in small portions and rewarded him with Nutrigel Plus in between. I don’t know if it worked, though.

Previously, I emptied the syringe at one go and I thought, “Wow! I did it!” but it wasn’t a success. Just as I managed to get the whole amount in, he managed to spit most of it out as well.

So, little by little is the way to go now.

Tablets is not a problem at all. That’s easy.  It’s liquids that is the problem.

Today is Mr Zurik’s appointment at the vet’s. He “seems” to have improved and he certainly looks well, but we know there is no turning back from FIP….

Moment by moment, then.

We all have to die one day, that’s a fact. But why can’ t we just live happily and when it is time to go, we just yawn, go to sleep and never wake up again?  Wouldn’t that have been a much, much better “design” for sentient beings to exit from life?

The day Ginger got trapped!

It was yesterday.

And it did not happen outside (thank goodness!). It happened in the house, at the patio.

Ginger has been occupying the cage at the patio as his “property” ever since I used it to house Cow (after his dental) and also Bunny (after his dental). That was when Ginger started going in to occupy it.

Before this, nobody went into the patio cage. It was an understanding that that cage is the sick bay. Only sick people went in. Hence, no un-sick person of sound mind would go in.

Coincidentally, this very cage was also the cage where Ginger occupied when he first came to our house to ask for help for his almost gangrenous paw wound due to a vicious bite from Mr Quack, the neighbourhood terrorist of the highest order (because even we humans were terrified of him). If Zurik was KGB, then Mr Quack would be in the ranks of, say, Genghis Khan or Atilla the Hun. If Zurik has menacing eyes, Mr Quack’s was ten times more terrifying.

So it was yesterday that I noticed Ginger hadn’t come for dim sum for a few hours, but I didn’t look for him because sometimes he does take long naps.

It was only when there was a thunderstorm that I started looking for everyone.

Well, I found everyone except Ginger.

Finally, I found him – he was “trapped” in the cage.

Now, nobody trapped him there. The door of the cage was merely “almost closed”. It was definitely not locked at all. All Ginger would have had to do would be to nudge the door open with his snout or paw. That was all.

But he didn’t know how to do it.

Ginger, are you a cat or what??

So, he remained stuck there and when found him, he was sitting up, looking very anxious and I could almost hear him say, “I’m trapped!!  I’m trapped!!  Why didn’t anyone come look for me???  Do you know how long I’ve been TRAPPED here??!!!”

I am almost sure Daffodil would have smacked him on the head as she was often fond of doing those days.  “You silly boy, just push the door open, for goodness’ sake!”, she might have said.

So I opened the door, and Ginger rushed to the kitchen. He wasn’t afraid of any thunderstorm, he had missed a few rounds of dim sum!!

Gimme, gimme, gimme….dim sum!!

Yes, he ate no less than three helpings of dim sum!

There he is again, this morning, in the cage.

Let’s hope he doesn’t “trap” himself again!

So, HOW can we let him out of Stargate2, right?  No wonder Daffodil spent her lifetime looking after Rosie and Ginger and did not abandon them throughout their lives.

Zurik’s feud with Heidi

For two days now, I have witnessed Heidi bullying Zurik.

The first time, I saw Heidi whack him with her paw. The second time, I saw them both in a stand-off and this time, Zurik wasn’t shying away anymore. He was standing his ground.

Good for you, Mr Z!

This is a neutral-face.

We classify Mr Zurik’s face into three categories which goes with how he is feeling. (1) Pussy-cat face, (2) Neutral face and (3) the KGB face (with the menacing eyes).

This is also a neutral face.

Enjoying freshly steamed sardines yesterday.

This is the KGB face. Look at those classic menacing eyes.

This is a pussy-cat face. He looks like Tabs now.

Another stand-off with Heidi but this is an unfair stand-off because it was during the thunderstorm and Heidi has an advantage over Zurik because the former is not afraid of thunder while the latter is. Very. So, “tak kira”.

“Tak aci”.

Tomorrow will be Zurik’s check-up and if need be, aspiration of the pleural effusion from his lung cavity. I saw Zurik coughing a bit last night and my heart sank. I have been monitoring his breathing pattern and since last week, it has been averaging at 15 beats per 30 seconds. It hasn’t changed. Of course it is much faster than that of an average calm cat, but the fact that it hasn’t changed…is that good? I guess it is.


When I was young, I used to watch a cartoon called ThunderCats. I wonder if anyone remembers this show…

There was thunder this afternoon. Where were all the cats?

I know Zurik is terrified of Thunder. So I put him into the carrier, but he didn’t want that, so I let him find his own safe place and he decided to just do this (photo above). Later, I went upstairs and Zurik accompanied me up as my bodyguard. Whether he needed my company or he was providing me company, I don’t know but I’d like to think he was doing his duty of keeping me safe, as he always does, during my taiji practice at the park. My bodyguard.

Cleo was hiding. Bunny is partially afraid of thunder too, but Indy isn’t at all. He just came in because everyone else came in.

Cow is VERY afraid of Thunder. His bomb shelter is behind the door. When Tabs lived in Bunny’s Place, Tabs had to share this place with Cow. That was double-fear for poor Tabs – she is already afraid of thunder and to have Cow right behind her too?

Pole is under the bench, in hiding.

Heidi is not afraid of thunder.

Heidi is not afraid of ANYTHING except….Bunny. Yes, Heidi is terrified of Bunny. For two days now, I caught Heidi bullying Zurik (next story).

Tabs is hiding inside the storeroom, her bomb shelter.

Where is Ginger? I could not find him anywhere until I looked outside and guess what, he had gone into the cage (his sick bay) but the door somehow got closed. Just “closed” but not locked at all. In fact, he was partially closed and Ginger did not know how to push it open! So, he thought he was trapped inside. Sigh…nobody trapped you, Ginger. You are NOT trapped. The door isn’t locked.

Ginger was eagerly waiting for someone to “rescue” and “release” him from the cage. Silly boy…

So, I “released” him. And was he afraid of thunder?  No, not in the least.

He came whining in…

He was very hungry!!!

Double Charity Donation to community cats

Recipients: The community cats looked after by a feeder
Donor: In loving memory of Callie Boo Thompson and Mary Tan Thompson

The petfood:
Monge cat kitten kibbles 10 kg – 4 packs
Cindy’s Original canned Tuna with Chicken in broth – 8 boxes

We thank Avant Pet for the free and fast delivery, the donor for her generosity and the cat feeder for caring lovingly for these community cats.

Photo sent by the cat feeder.

About the Double Charity Donation:

Double Charity:
(1) donate petfood to shelter & street animals,
(2) donate towards neutering & vaccinating street animals.

The best gift is giving to those who can never repay you!


Vaccination aid for 3 cats in Setapak (Janiah bt Salih’s)

We have provided an aid of RM75 for the neutering of these 3 cats.

Dr Chan, Saya menjumpai 3 ekor kucing ni di kawasan rumah saya di Setapak.  Saya telah menghantar kucing ini ke vet untuk divaksin yang ke 2  pada 12/4/19 bersamaan hari jumaat.

Kucing² akan saya bela didalam rumah.
Disini saya lampir kan bersama resit dan gambar
Saya harap Dr Chan meluluskan permohonan saya
Terima kasih
Yang benar,

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Sungai Besi (Aimi Dalila bt Azhar’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Klang (Farah Diana bt Abdul Fuad’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Dear Dr Chan,

Good day to you!
Thank you very much for your kind assistance. The subsidy had been well received for 1 Male cats on 19/04/2019.
Reference to my earlier email, here are the details of one more male cat (Milo @Maoren) that has been neutered on 14/04/2019 for your kind consideration. The vet confirmed he was fit to be operated after a week of medicines. The form and receipt has been posted via ‘pos ekspres’ yesterday, 20/04/2019.
Photo Collage (Milo @Maoren-Male)
Milo had been rescued as a kitten on August 2018 near a surau in Klang together with Amat, Mami, Oyen, Lang-Lang @Coco (fund received with many thanks) and 2 other kittens; 1 Female-Gegurl (neutered-no claim) and 1 Male; Boboy @Waffle (fund received with many thanks) which all of them had been fully recovered from sickness and malnutritions. I am happy to say that all seven (7) of them have been neutered : ) Now, Milo is happily living with others and roaming inside outside our home. He has been kept in caged with food and drink during night time with others for their safety.
Till my next photo collages.
Thank you, Dr Chan and have a good night!