Tiger’s seizures restarted

Tiger was seizure-free for about 2 weeks, then the seizures started again. It was actually during his treatment for the wounds (while he was on antibiotics) that the seizures stopped. That’s a strange, if it’s not coincidental. Maybe he has some underlying infectious disease that causes the seizures and the antibiotics addressed that.

We cannot be sure.

Meanwhile, we will just monitor him. He is still on prochlorperazine, which is Plan A. We have not progressed to Plans B and C yet, which is good.

We have bigger baskets but Tiger insists on getting into the smallest one that fits him.

With Vincent.

Nowadays, all four tabbies come upstairs onto the bed – Tabs, Heidi, Vincent and Tiger. Vincent sleeps on the bed all night. Ginger is the only non-tabby in the rest of the house. He still bullies Vincent.

Even though Tiger’s seizures restarted, he is not holed up at the tv rack at all. He is, in fact, quite social and hangs out with everyone. He participates in all our activities too.

It’s all about bags and baskets

Our “bag lady” still loves her paper bag on the kitchen island.

And while Heidi has her paper bag, Tabs is very happy with her basket.

But what happens when Heidi takes over Tab’s basket…

I don’t have a basket anymore…sobs.

It’s okay, Tabs. You have all this cloth!

This is MINE!!

That’s Heidi up there.

We don’t really know how old Heidi is, but according to the vet in July 2013 (that’s when she marched into our house and settled in the kitchen), Heidi is an old cat.

But still feisty!

Some reflections

For the last one week, ever since we were informed that the Selangor Neutering Subsidy (SENS) is open to all Selangorians (those who have a Selangor address on their IC’s), we have been gradually informing our many Selangor regular applicants that they are now eligible to apply for the Selangor government funds.

The criteria for eligibility are (1) Selangor address  (2) Selangor vet.

Surprisingly, though, none of our applicants seemed to be aware that they are eligible to apply.

So far, only six Selangorians have responded to say they will apply for SENS the next round. Even though it is just six people who are willing to switch over, this will free up some of our funds and enable us to reach out to those who do not hold Selangor IC’s (and the rest of Malaysia). Sadly, many just ignored the information. The information was conveyed through whatsapp, so we know it has been read, but there is no response.

But I suppose the saddest and most disappointing case was from one former applicant who wrote to ask if she could claim “from both sides”. The silver lining, if any, is that at least she asked rather than just do it quietly. But isn’t it sad that there are people who don’t even know that it is dishonest to do such things?

Ever since SENS was launched, we have been browsing through their webpage every day to ensure there is no double claiming. We owe it to our donors to do this cross-checking.

Honesty is a virtue.

On another note, you’d notice that sometimes we have applicants who claim for a few animals who tend to look alike. For such cases, we always request for a photo of the look-alike animals to be taken together. It is for accountability to our donors and readers. It is indeed heartening when applicants understand and comply even though they sometimes have to go out of their way to take the photos. Once, there was an elderly lady who was even willing to bring the two look-alike dogs (who had already been rehomed to two different houses) together just to take the photo for us. And recently, another lady drove all the way to the adopter’s house to take the photo for us. We are very grateful for such cooperation and kind consideration. Of course, there are also those who complain, as usual.

It does take all kinds to make the world. Take the good, leave the bad, learn from both.

For those who are honest, considerate and thoughtful, we are honoured to work together with you and glad that our paths crossed. Thank you!

Neutering aid for 5 cats in Kepong (Lee Chin Chin & Suzana Abd Wahab’s)

We have sponsored RM300 for the neutering of these 5 cats.

There are two black cats in the photo below.

Neutering aid for 4 cats in Kuantan (Salmiah bt Mat Arof’s)

We have sponsored RM240 for the neutering of these 4 cats.

Below, a picture of all three cats, taken together.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Ampang (Anis Suhaila bt Ramli’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Bentong (Yong Kim Mei’s)

We have sponsored RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Missing Daffodil and Ginger’s updates

Today is exactly a week since Daffodil crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. I still miss her very much and I think of her very often. Whenever I do, it’s a gentle reminder to do some good and acts of kindness and to share the merits with her.

I have always thought that passing of old age is “easier” to bear and to accept, but truth be told, it isn’t. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t prepared or that it came as a shock. It didn’t. The vet already told us Daffi had a weak heart and if she were to go, it would be her heart giving way, not the tumour causing any further damage. True enough, that was what happened. It was heart failure. And of course that would happen to anyone when it’s time to go.

The facts are “easy”. It’s logical. It makes sense. Everyone has to go one day. And heart failure is probably “better” than any painful illness or prolonged suffering, none of which Daffi had and we are grateful for that. She was happy and active until the end. What more can anyone ask for?

And yet….my logical mind is not helping me cope any easier this time.

Rosie’s passing was traumatising for me. She was very ill and it was getting worse every day. I was very traumatised. Daffodil’s passing was very peaceful. A friend even described Daffodil’s passing as “blessed”, and that is true. But why isn’t it any easier to bear?

I was all prepared to nurse Daffodil, thinking she might need subcut fluids or handfeeding. But Daffodil ‘by-passed” all that. I’ve always written (as I believed) that unlike humans, animals know when to let go. When it’s time to go, they accept and they rest. Maybe that’s what happened with Daffodil. She knew it was time to go. Maybe she didn’t want to go through all the nursing care, being incapacitated and being dependent.

It’s the Calico pride in her. And we all know how proud Daffodil was. Strong, courageous, stoic…right till the end. She decided for herself. She would not go down. She would just rest. In peace.

As dainty and petite she was, Daffodil was still a matriarch.

Maybe it’s hard for me to come to terms with her passing because I didn’t get a chance to provide the nursing care that I was all prepared to do, which I would gladly have done. Maybe that is why. But I ought to be thankful that Daffodil did not need any nursing care and that she was not incapacitated in any way at all because if she was, that would have been uncomfortable for her. Especially for someone as proud as her.

Last week was supposed to be a busy week for me. I was already making plans to stay home as much as I could, thinking of how I might have to cancel certain arrangements so that I could stay home if Daffodil needed me. The indication that made me prepare for the worst was her significant weight loss. But Daffodil chose to go on a Tuesday, which, coincidentally, was a day I had no classes (last week) thus enabling me to spend the crucial 8 hours with her after she passed on. It is an ancient Chinese belief that the consciousness might take up to 8 hours to “end” or “leave” (whichever concept one believes in, ie. “end” or “leave”).¬† There may be no more heart or brain activity, but something intangible called the consciousness may still be there. It takes time to end completely (or leave completely). And I was able to spend that 8 hours with Daffodil, in peace and solitude. I sat beside her throughout, with Tiger by my side. She looked so peaceful. I refreshed the flowers from time to time too.

In a way, wasn’t it kind of Daffodil to allow me to do all this for her? Last rites and funerals are all for the living, so that they may do something for their beloved departed ones…for that one last time. It’s for us. It’s not for them.

It’s been a week now and I still miss her so much.

Her house (cardboard box) is still in the kitchen. We’ve kept it there. And there are still some stains on some of the covers. The stains come from her tumour previously, and though we have been cleaning off the stains, some have remained even after several washings and now I want those stains to remain. Those will be tiny reminders of what it used to be. There’s even a card which Daffodil sat on and there’s a stain on that card. It’s funny, isn’t it, that previously, we were cleaning off the stains many times a day, and now, I just want to keep those stains for as long as I can.

Meanwhile, life has to go on. Ginger is adjusting. He’s back to his routine of waiting for me at Stargate2 as I drive into the porch and coming to the front door to wait as I enter.

In between, he spends a lot of time with us. He likes to be groomed a lot, so we do that for him.

We probably have hundreds of photos of the Bird Family, but I found this in my camera, taken shortly after Rosie’s passing.

Daffodil, mother-of the year. We will always remember.

Missing dog in SS3 – FOUND!! (Hayley’s)

Update: Found!!

The original post:

If you have any helpful information, please contact Hayley directly. Thank you.