Double Charity Donation to a good samaritan

Recipients: The cats in the home of the good samaritan
Donors: In memory of Mr Chan Kam Loon, In memory of Ms Chan Kam Peng, The Cow Clan, Tabs & the Kitchen Cats

This is my personal petfood donation to the good samaritan who responded to my search for an adopter to help 3 newborn kittens last week:

The petfood:

Cindy’s Original canned food (with broth)
Atlantic Tuna – 2 boxes
Tuna Chicken – 2 boxes
Tuna Seabream – 2 boxes
Tender Chicken – 2 boxes

Cindy’s Naturelle Grainfree cat kibble (13kg)
Chicken & Turkey – 1 bag
Salmon – 1 bag

The mother-cat and the 3 adopted newborn kittens.

A message from the good samaritan: Terima kasih, Dr Chan. kami baru rescue mama cat ni beberapa hari lepas… kini dia dh jadi ibu tumpang kepada kitten2 tu

No gift can be big enough to express my personal thanks to this good samaritan who was willing to give the 3 newborn kittens a chance at life. Thank you so very much!

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

About the Double Charity Donation:

Ginger….back on track?

Last night, Ginger seemed to have bounced right back and started eating his usual food and behaving in his normal “Gingerly” ways.

We felt sorry for him, so we let him stay inside the house (normally, his place is the patio at night – because he has a tendency to spray on all the cushions when no one is looking). But that did not work out because he came upstairs, jumped onto our bed, and started whining all night.

So, he went back out to the patio (I think he is more accustomed to this arrangement).

This morning, Ginger came in eagerly for breakfast and ate, perhaps, 1.5 times his “normal”.

So, that’s a good sign.

Everyone was given Vetri Lysine Plus this morning and everyone loved it (yes, even Cleo and Pole did not think it was poison!)….except Ginger!

Rhinitis (running nose, flu, etc. due to allergy or viral infection) might spread, so it’s best to fortify everyone with some immune booster.  The vet did ask if Ginger could be allergic to anything (any new aerosol sprays – no, did he dig soil to play with – no) – well, not that I can think of.  Perhaps it is an infection, but I’m glad he seems much better today.

Ginger eats!

I think Ginger felt much better with the nebulization done at the clinic, and the medicines must have taken effect because just now, he asked for food and ate his usual Cubgrub again!


Raw food doesn’t smell as aromatic as Recovery or AD. He must have lost his sense of smell this morning so he could not eat. Cats are guided by their sense of smell when they eat.

Ginger eats his raw food (Cubgrub)!

Let’s hope he continues to recover.

Ginger goes to the vet’s (sneezing problem)

Ginger had been having some sort of cough/sneeze which sounded like Heidi’s “reverse sneezing” for about 4-5 days now. I had been giving him Vetri DMG with the hope that it would resolve by itself, but it did not.

His appetite has been totally normal throughout and the cough/sneeze only happens at most about 3 times per day.

But this morning, he did not want to eat his Cubgrub anymore. Not even his favourite Duck.

Something was wrong.  He also did not look too well this morning.

I opened a cat of Recovery and he ate half a can of that (guess the smell is strong enough to entice him to eat).

For lunch, he had no appetite for his usual food. But luckily, he ate the Recovery. He normally does not sleep on the rocks at all, but he did today. Maybe for grounding with the earth? I remember Vincent and Zurik both slept on the rocks when they were sick.

So this afternoon, after work, I took Ginger to the vet’s.

It’s an upper respiratory infection (just the nose area). Ginger’s temperature is normal and his lungs are clear (what a relief!). There is also not much increase in the white blood cells (examined by an ear-prick blood test). But then again, Ginger is FIV+ so his immune response is compromised.

The vet prescribed an antibiotic (Doxycycline) for 10 days, a mycolytic (Bromhexine) and an anti-histamine (Cetirizine). I will continue with the Vetri DMG and the vet also added Vetri Lysine Plus (chewable). I can also give this Lysine to all the other cats to ward off colds. The vet did a nebulization on Ginger to help clear his nasal cavity.

We came home and all 7 of them love the Lysine chewables. Yes, all 7 except the one who needs it the most – Ginger!

Everyone loved the Lysine!

Ginger has gone to sleep on the rocks again now. I gave him AD for dinner, then his medicines (all after food).

Get well soon, Ginger!

Vaccination aid for 1 dog in Balakong (Liew Wei Jane’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM25 for the vaccination of this dog.

Write-up in previous post.

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Balakong (Liew Wei Jane’s) & Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM150 for the neutering of this dog.

The vaccination aid is in the next post.

Mr Liew has provided updates on the previous dogs below.

Above is my latest neuter and vaccine request. 

Below, the update of the latest aided strays.
Silly, Daisy and Rose, their surgical wounds are now fully recovered and I observed no complications  with the healing. I especially noticed Silly being much more cheerful than she used to be. Nevertheless, all three of them are now back to normal and I am constantly feeding and providing them with daily water and food.
Thank you.

Vaccination aid for 1 dog in Setapak (Foo Sook Cheng’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM25 for the vaccination of this dog.

Full write-up about this dog is in the previous post.

Neutering aid for 1 dog in Setapak (Foo Sook Cheng’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM150 for the spaying of this dog.

Ms Caryn Foo is a new applicant.

We have also provided a full sponsorship of the vaccination of this dog (next post).

This female puppy suddenly ran into my apartment in September 2019. I named it as “Ah Girl”. At that time, Ah Girl” was very afraid of human. It will only eat the food I feed her after I left. On November 25, she delivered 6 puppies. Within these 2 month 5 puppies has been adopted by kind person. Unfortunately, the remaining one died unexpectedly. On February 3, I decided to took it to ligate. After few day recovery, on 11th Feb, I brought it back to my apartment. Thankfully, managment allowed it to be there as “Ah Girl” did not attack other people for the time being. However, management will continue monitor and inform me immediately if there is a complaint from other tenant.

Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuantan (Nor Khamisah Bt Sadi Sutan’s) & Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM80 for the castration of this cat.

Updates on the previous cats are below.

Attached herewith related documents and photo for Neutering Aid application for my stray cat done on Feb 15, 2020.
Your consideration on this application is highly appreciated. 
1. The cat’s name is Mafin. I found him at one cafe in Kuantan on May 25, 2019 aged around 4months. At that time he was paralysed suspected due to accident or fell down from higher place. He was on nerve medication for six weeks, and then fully recovered. He will remain be under my care. Attached his photo on the day I rescued.
2. As for the 5 cats, they are still alive and staying with me. Attached their photo for your record.
Hope this information is sufficient enough for me to proceed with submitting the relevant documents. 
Previous cats: