The auction continues! (TY Beanie Babies & Cherished Teddy)

Here are three more of the soft toys contributed by Rinny Leong for our fundraising!


Introducing: Haunt the Beanie Baby (a Halloween special edition, donated to us two years ago by Rinny, but nobody wanted him…sobs), Cherished Teddy (also a beanie), and Harry the Beanie Baby.


A Cherished Teddy is priced from USD12.99 to USD30.00.


A TY Beanie Baby is priced at between USD4.99 and USD6.99.

Auction Rules:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order. 

3. The auction ends at 5.00pm, on Tuesday, 7th July 2015. 

4. The winner is to bank in payment no later than 48 hours after the closing time failing which we reserve the right to offer it to the next highest bidder or to reauction. 

5. You may use a pseudonym when placing your bid, if you wish, but please use a genuine email address as we need to contact you if you win. Your email address will not be displayed. 

6. Please participate responsibly in the spirit of goodwill, honesty and fun!

100% of the winning bid will be channeled to our Fund for the animals.

Do we hear RM50 for all three? (This includes postage to Peninsular Malaysia.)

We do know, of course, that with the GST, everyone has tightened their expenses, but perhaps you are looking to purchase gifts for a child or a loved one, here’s your chance to do so AND support our work at the same time.

The bids:

On 6th July 2015, at 12.33pm, Jennifer Chai bids RM50.


Would anyone like to adopt us, please?

Thong-mang goes home!!

Some updates from Thong-mang’s caregiver sent this morning.

TM has been eating n drinking well. I discharged her this morning n took her home. She poo in her cage on d way home. Nice n perfectly form poo. Not d soft n watery thing. She has passed d curve n is on her way up at a incredible speed. The vet himself said that she has good and very strong immunity n her recovery is very fast. Go down one day n she is up d next. He said we can go ahead n start her vaccination regime 3 weeks from now.

Now at home, she is barking n whining in her enclosure. She wants to come out to play n is as lively n mischievous as b4.
Hooray to our tough cookie!!

Beware of harmful and toxic ingredients in what you use

Time and again, we are warned about toxic ingredients that are used (sometimes in abundance) in the many personal care and household products in our homes.


Recently, there has been concern about triclosan, a chemical that is used in many, many personal care products:

Triclosan: This antibacterial agent is found in soaps, toothpastes, mouthwashes, deodorants, and even clothing. Studies have found triclosan may harm the human immune system, which makes people more likely to develop allergies, and reduces muscle strength in humans and animals. The FDA warns consumers to read labels for triclosan and recommends using plain soap to clean up. Instead of using antibacterial hand sanitizers made with triclosan, choose an alternative made with at least 60 percent alcohol.

Read more:

Here is more:

  • Triclosan:  Toothpaste, body wash, and deodorant are using antimicrobial chemicals such as triclosan to prevent bacterial growth.  However, not only is standard soap and water just as effective, triclosan is considered an endocrine disruptor.  Use of products containing this chemical can lead to reproductive issues, thyroid malfunction, and even cancer.
  • Parabens:  Many products – such as spray deodorants, facial creams, hair products, and toothpaste – contain chemicals called parabens, which mimic human estrogen.  In one study conducted at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, 99% of study participants with breast cancer had paraben accumulation in their tumors.  Even women who didn’t regularly use products known to contain parabens presented with parabens in their tumor tissue.  More research needs to be done but considering the increasing use of parabens in pharmaceutical drugs and as a food additive, it should be avoided if at all possible.  The word “paraben” is sometimes combined with methyl, propyl, isobutyl, or ethyl – so read your labels!


So, in order not to toxify ourselves and the environment, it pays to read the labels. It might also pay to pay a bit more and use safe and environmentally friendly (green) products so that we leave behind a relatively less contaminated earth for the animals and humans.

If you’d like to use green products, we offer the ones below. Not only will you be using safer products but you will also be supporting us in helping the animals.

slide 6 slide 7

Slide3 Slide4 Slide5

Orifera and Bacoff products are not tested on animals.

To order:

Thank you!

Spaying sponsorship for 1 cat in Shah Alam (Noorashima bt Alias’)

We have fully sponsored RM90 for the spaying of Luna.

From: Noorashima Alias
Date: 2015-06-29 8:55 GMT+08:00
Subject: Permohonan Subsidi untuk kali ke 2 (Anak Kak Chik)
To: Chan Kah Yein <[email protected]>

Selamat Pagi Dr. Chan.
Nama saya Noorashima Binti Alias.
Ini kisah yang telah saya ceritakan kepada Doktor ketika ingin memohon subsidi Kali pertama. Saya jumpa kucing (betina) saya pada 30-10-2014 dihadapan pasaraya di Kota Damansara. Pada ketika itu kucing betina ini dalam keadaan susu badan yang membengkak dan kakinya patah mungkin akibat daripada dilanggar oleh sebuah kereta alza yang kebetulan membelok dikawasan tersebut. Saya ambil dan bawa pulang. Saya bawa ke veterinar kerejaan di Damansara damai dan kucing itu dirawat. Dibekalkn ubat susut bengkak susu dan doktor menyarankan saya untuk mngeluarkan sendiri susu yang berlebihan bagi mengurangkan bengkak tersebut. Dan kakinya diurut secara perlahan. Dan ia telah pulih. Saya tidak tahu kucing tersebut mengandung. Kini, kucing tersebut berjumlah 4 ekor termasuk ibunya. Seekor kucing dewasa (betina), 3 ekor anak kucing berumur 5 bulan (2 betina, seekor jantan). Masalah yang saya hadapi ialah saya tidak mempunyai modal untuk mengembirikan kucing-kucing tersebut. Saya mampu berikan mkan dan minum serta tempat berlindung sahaja..Saya tidak tahu mahu minta tolong kepada sesiapa. Saya mahu bela mereka dengan syarat yang ditetapkan oleh ibu saya, ibu kucing tersebut tidak mengandung lagi. Jika bertambah, saya tidak mampu. Ibu saya sudah berkali-kali menyuruh saya membuang mereka tapi saya tidak mahu. Untuk permulaan, saya telah berjaya memandulkan seekor (ibu kucing) kucing saya pada 2hb Mei 2015 di DBKL-SPCA Klinik Kembiri. Saya akan memandulkan lagi 3 ekor anaknya secara berperingkat. Dan saya akan membela mereka setelah dimandulkan.
Bagi pemohonan subsidi kali ke dua pula adalah untuk anak kak chik bernama Luna berjantina betina. Saya telah berjaya memandulkan Luna pada 27hb Jun 2015 di DBKL-SPCA Klinik Kembiri. Tinggal lagi 2 ekor kucing jantan untuk dimandulkan (juga anak kak chik). Bersama-sama ini saya sertakan gambar sebelum dan selepas pemandulan dilakukan. Borang pemohonan dan juga resit pembayaran akan menyusul. Saya ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada pihak Doktor yang menyediakan subsidi ini bagi membantu memberi kehidupan yang lebih baik kepada kucing malah kepada individu manusia juga. Jika terdapat sebarang kesalahan atau apa saja yang tidak menepati syarat, saya berharap pihak doktor memberikan info dengan segera agar saya dapat perbetulkannya. Terima kasih.
Yang benar,
Noorashima binti Alias
Before-Luna After-Luna

5 incredible fish behaviours


An excerpt:

The vast majority of people are under the illusion that fish are unintelligent and incapable of feeling pain in the same way as mammals, a thought process which leads to a care free attitude towards the capture and murder of billions of fish each year for food.

An incredible study of fish behavior by a team of marine biologists led by Redouan Bshary proves once and for all just how clever fish really are.

Read more:

And so….

Perceiving the World through New Eyes

As humans, we have developed a very self centric view of the world, where we judge all other species by our own perception of them. For us to develop into a more compassionate society, which is not responsible for the murder of billions of animals each year, we must learn to understand and respect each and every animal on the planet for who they are.

Read more:

So, let us do the needful, shall we?


fish friends


The BIG blanket arrives!!

This is the BIGGEST blanket we’ve ever sewn and we’d like to thank our supportive and generous readers, Elvis, Morton and friends, for their very kind donation to our Fund for the animals.

Here are some photos:


That’s Ma Belle, Gigi and Elvis (yes, he’s a dog!).

This is their specially-made sofa bed. The blanket measures 8 ft by 12 ft. That’s about double of a king-size!


Morton is a sporo-survivor who is also FIV+. He’s been giving a lot of support to the many sporo-cats, including Tiger (!), to whom we’ve had the privilege of providing support. According to their mum, Morton loves the blanket so much, he’s hogging it!

This large pretty giraffe print cloth (fully combed cotton) is donated by Ms Ooi.

The PatioCats supervised the sewing of this blanket:

1 2


The backing is done by my mum with cloth contributed by Agnes Cheong.


Since the blanket is so huge, Connie hand-delivered it for us to Elvis’.

On behalf of all the street animals who are going to benefit from this kind donation, thank you very much to all who have contributed to making this possible!

Pole’s very first trip out of Bunny’s Place

We have lived in this house for more than 4 years and today is Pole’s very first sanctioned trip out of Bunny’s Place (that’s excluding the time when we moved in and she escaped from Bunny’s Place by scaling the Stargate and went on to several neighbouring roofs, yes, a totally heart-stopping event for me, but she finally came back!).

Today, the contractor came to fix the back door grille. The bottom part of the grille had rusted terribly (thanks to our spraying titans), so we had to replace the rusted parts with galvanised steel.

This means all the 7 bunny-cats (this refers to all the cats in Bunny’s Place) had to be relocated out of the room. Now, where could we keep them during this hour-long repair work?

Well, it had to be the rest of the house, where else?

So, we secured every window and door, ensured that there were no holes whatsoever where Pole, our greatest escape artist, our most versatile, agile and athletic cat, could attempt an escape.

Then, the great exodus began (from Bunny’s room to the rest of the house).

Of course Tabs and Tiger came out immediately (these two get trips out every day, it’s their escape from dictatorship and persecution in Bunny’s Place).  Next came Bunny and Indy. Cow wasn’t quite sure and had to be carried out.

But Cleo and Pole? Oh dear, they were SO scared, Cleo hid under the sofa while Pole kept very quiet in her basket with the hope that I would not notice her or I’d lose count of the cats and not bring her out.

But we had to, as we had to open the back door to let the contractor repair the grille.

Cleo and Pole absolutely freaked out when we brought them out. While Cleo was okay after while, Pole took quite sometime to adjust to the “new environment”. Pole is our most jittery cat. She jumps very, very easily.


Since both were so, so terrified, we tried putting them in the storeroom with their baskets, but that too did not work.


Cleo finally found a niche under a chair.


Tiger wondered why it was such a big deal.


Let the adventure begin!


Cow was a little puzzled why he was allowed out for so long.


Bunny explored everywhere.


With everyone out, Tiger actually wanted to go back inside!


Pole hid inside the storeroom for awhile.


For once Tabs was more confident than the rest. She kept Pole company in the storeroom.


Indy!!! What are you doing??

Of course, why am I even surprised?

mini-P7040095 mini-P7040096

It took two people to get Indy out of this predicament.


After that one long hour, everything was back to normal.

Familiarity does NOT breed contempt.

And yes, we have galvanised steel grilles now!

Thong-mang, parvo tough-cookie

The day after I played with Thong-mang, she went off food and had some diarrhoea.  Not taking any chances, her caregiver brought her to the vet and Thong-mang was diagnosed with parvovirus.

Being so small and estimated at barely 7 weeks now, the caregiver (a very experienced dog owner) was very cautious and had not got her vaccinated yet (which was wise as vaccination also carries risks). Thong-mang probably carried the virus in her (perhaps transmitted from her mother) and the disease chose to manifest now.

That night, I was busy contacting as many vets as I know to ask what the best possible treatment for Thong-mang would be. By night-time, Thong-mang was eating, which was a good sign. One vet suggested that since the parvovirus is so terribly deadly (multiplies by the seconds), it may be a good move to hospitalise her immediately should fluids be necessary at any time. I also tried to get RetroMAD1 for her but the drug is going through clinical trials now and the person-in-charge (until today) has not responded. We also learned that there is an antibody injection for parvovirus that is effective these days.

So many options, but experience and gut feeling is always the best.

Since Thong-mang was eating, still alert and was able to stand up to her full posture, the caregiver decided he would monitor Thong-mang for that night and take her to the vet the next day.

The next morning, Thong-mang was taken to the vet and another parvovirus test was done. It was confirmed – Thong-mang has the parvovirus. Many websites recommend that parvo-patients be hospitalised, homecare is not recommended due to the disease being highly contagious and also a parvo-patient needs a vet’s monitoring and fluids have to be administered immediately should the patient require it. Any caregiver, no matter how well-intentioned, may miss the symptoms and this could prove fatal for the patient.

So, Thong-mang was hospitalised and we checked on her, through her caregiver, several times a day.  Of course we were very concerned but prayers and good thoughts were all we could give at that point in time. She was in good hands under a caring and meticulous vet.

Thong-mang continued to remain strong and feisty through the days.

Minutes ago, we received news that Thong-mang is now eating and drinking well. There is no more diarrhoea and no vomiting.

The vet says Thong-mang can already be discharged!!!

Wow!! For an unvaccinated small undersized puppy to beat the parvovirus, Thong-mang is certainly made of strong stuff, isn’t she?

So, Thong-mang will be going home soon!

Thank you, thank you, to the dedicated vet.  And thank you to a caregiver who had Thong-mang’s best interests at heart, who also made all the right decisions for her.


Photo taken on Tuesday, 4 days ago, a day before she came down with parvo.

Thong-mang would have to be quarantined for some time now as the shedding of the parvovirus still leads to possible infection.

But I’m sure Mrs Ayam Kampung will be waiting to play with her petite canine-friend once the quarantine period is over.

A speedy recovery, Thong-mang!

This post is written with the consent of Thong-mang’s caregiver.

And the caregiver has also given his consent for us to publish this diary that he keeps for Thong-mang. We hope this sharing will be beneficial to dog caregivers.

Arrived: 4th June 2015
18/06: very soft stools.
Treated with metronidazole fr 2 days. (on hindsight, could have continued for 5 days)
01/07: noticed she was lethargic n no appetite.
Sent to first vet for treatment.
Discovered she had parvo. Treated with
Metronidazole n DMG. Metronidazole
1.5cc n DMG 1 tablet.
02/07: Sent TM to second vet to reconfirm on her
Parvo. Decided to admit her.
03/07: Visited TM. Her condition seems to hold.
No vomiting or diarrhoea. Very soft stool
though. Was put on sulphur, DMG and
04/07: TM is doing well. Ate kibbles n drinking.
No vomiting or diarrhoea. Can be
discharged bt I rather she stayed till Mon.

Special needs puppy requires a loving home (Judy Chua Joo Looi’s)

An update at 9.08am, on Sunday, 5th July 2015: The contact person for this puppy is Lai Yoong and her email address is [email protected] If you are able to help, kindly contact Lai Yoong directly. Thank you.

The original post:

Dear all, If you are able to take in this puppy, please contact Judy Chua through her email below. Judy’s location is Ipoh but the puppy is in KL now. Kindly help forward this link widely, please.  Thank you.

From: judy chua<[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Jul 4, 2015 at 1:05 PM
Subject: Rescued pup
To: Chan Kah Yein <[email protected]>

Dear Kah Yein
I was asked by a friend who had been supporting Imm’s shelter if I could take in a one year old pup she rescued just over a week ago.  The pup needs special care as she can no longer use both her hind legs.  Her spine was crushed possibly by an abuser.My friend saw the distressed pup by a bush as she was driving home after work.  She noticed that the pup was not able to move, and she called her vet to come over to take the pup for treatment. The Ipoh vet, suspected that it was a spinal injury and sent the pup to her friend in KL for x-ray and further assessment. The X-ray confirmed the Ipoh vet’s diagnosis.  The KL vet also said that the pup had been spayed.  The pup is eating well, is alert and is able to pee & poo.  She is being boarded at the vet’s clinic in KL pending further instruction from my friend.My friend had hoped that I could take the pup into my home. I would love to but I simply can’t.  I now have 5 dogs at home, with 2 needing special care ..Jazz the 3 legged dog whose skin condition needs daily care , and Victoria who is blind from glaucoma.  I also have 4 cats from the shelter in my home as they need special long term care, plus 7 other cats.  Apart from being mindful of my next door neighbour who is not happy with the dogs and cats, I also do not have the space to take in another dog.

My friend couldn’t help crying when I told her that I’m unable to take in the pup in my home.  The pup needs special care & love in a home envirnment. Taking her into Imm’s shelter is not a good nor viable option. For personal reasons, my friend  is unable to take the pup into her home.

I was also told that the Ipoh vet had rescued a pup with maimed hind legs. She has fitted the pup with a walking aid and the pup is able to move freely and quite happily.

My friend is willing to pay for a walker for the rescued pup to any kind heart who is willing to adopt her, also any vet treatment that’s required  We are hoping that there will be someone out there who will adopt the pup, so that she need not have to be put to sleep.

If you think my appeal is appropriate, it would be great if you can post my message in your blog.

As always, thanks so much for your support.

With fingers & toes crossed

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