Supporting the Young and Beautiful – I-SAW

A group of my students took the initiative of starting a society for Animal Welfare, I-SAW (Inti Society for Animal Welfare) and I was approached to be their teacher adviser.

Can’t possibly say no to such a noble endeavour by young and beautiful hearts. The founder and president, Charles Teo, was full of enthusiasm and passion!
The society was officially launched on 13th June 2009. We had a great time. SPCA brought two puppies and eight kittens for adoption.

It is such a joy to see young people keen on helping animals.

We had vegetarian pizza, rojak, soup and a most delicious dont-know-what-to-call-it dish at Freddy’s restaurant after the week-long promotion.
It’s time to do work now!
It’s time to help the animals.

P.S. We rescued a little kitten on 24th June near Silva’s, and the students are now fostering little Charlotte (renamed Chilli after one day!). If they decide to adopt Charlotte a.k.a. Chilli, she will be I-SAW’s mascot. She’s so cute and is currently dwelling in the students’ council room where there is lots of love, care, attention, and noise!!

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