They Need a Home

We have been making visits to SPCA to see the 12 (now 14) dogs rescued from Hell Island.

They just love the food that we bring – home-cooked chicken and rice!

AnimalCare has also been paying for their medical bills so far. We’ve also bought 5 cages and 2 stand-fans for them.

All have been microchipped, have had blood tests taken, are vaccinated and given a clean bill of health. Once they are fit enough, they will be sent for spaying. By the way, all are female.

Some of them even “understand” Hokkien. Their eyes light up when they hear the familiar lingo. Poor things – they must have been home pets before being dumped.

Bowowow (the black terrier) and Karuna (the golden retriever) are the friendliest and both have been booked for adoption. A few are still traumatised, but with lots of love and the compassionate human touch, they should regain their confidence again.

Please help find homes for them. They have literally been through “hell” and have survived. They deserve a loving home.