Supporting Klinik Kembiri on Pulau Ketam (27th June 2009)

27th June marked the start of SPCA’s Spay & Neuter Clinic on Pulau Ketam. AnimalCare and I-SAW, together with volunteers from Petster and other groups, formed street teams to help out. We talked to the residents to encourage them to bring their pets and the stray animals in for spaying and neutering. We also did a census of how they felt about the strays on the island.

Walking around the island in the hot sweltering afternoon was not an easy task. However, the residents were friendly and receptive to what we were doing, and that helped a lot.

One of the street teams found a big litter of 12 puppies, probably consisting of three generations as they were in three different sizes – S, M and L? Unfortunately, the mother-dog could not be found. All 12 are now being fostered by volunteers from Petster Magazine.

We also met new friends who share the same interest and passion in caring for animals. Jacqueline Tsang of SAS rescued 2 strays from being euthanised. Bless her kind heart.

On that day, 30 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered. 24 more signed up for next month’s campaign (25th & 26th July).

All in, it was a good achievement and a great start!
Kudos to SPCA for spearheading this campaign!

It may take years to settle the Pulau Ketam stray problem, but we have to make a start and see it through.

Every little step counts, and makes a difference.