Only one eye, but still an Angel

I received a call yesterday, from someone I had met casually at Ketam. She told me she is a rescuer and had rescued this poor cat from under a car recently. The cat was very sick, and now has a serious eye problem. The eye is full of pus, and is bulging very badly. The cat needs surgery urgently. This rescuer is not employed and had been trying to seek help from the various animal welfare groups for the last five days, but no one would help her. I said we will help her. We will sponsor the surgery.

So the rescuer brought the cat to Mayo Clinic today for the surgery. I went to visit this afternoon. Poor little thing – one eye was bulging and swollen, double the size of the other. The vet said it is glaucoma in an advance stage, and the eye could not be saved anymore. It would have to be removed, so Angel (that’s what I called her) would only have one eye after the surgery.

It’s ok, Angel. Even with one eye, you’re still an Angel in our hearts.

I’ll go see Angel tomorrow, and will update all of you.

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