A purebred Yorkshire Terrier for adoption

This is a little 4-month old purebred Yorkshire Terrier. He was surrendered to Dr Koh (of Mayo Clinic) to be euthanised because his breeder did not want him anymore – he falls easily while walking. Out of pity for the poor little thing, Dr Koh is now fostering him and we are helping to get him adopted.
Dr Koh is giving him Neurobion (half a tablet a day, which costs less than 30 sen per day) and he is ok now. He probably had (or may still have) some neurological problems. [My cat, Vixey, who has neurological problems, is also on Neurobion and has improved tremendously.]
This little terrier is a little scared (who wouldn’t be if you’ve been surrendered to be euthanised just because you are “not of very good physical condition”), but I am sure he would be alright in a loving home.
Dr Koh does not see any medical problem in the little fellow now, but he may have to go on Neurobion for sometime to help him cope with his neurological problems. What you see in the photo will be his adult size.
Please help him find a good and loving home.
If interested, please go directly to Mayo Clinic, USJ Taipan, or contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com

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