Karuna: Please give me a home…

“My name is Karuna. Would anyone like to please give me a home?”
Dear Friends, Karuna is one of the 14 dogs rescued from Pulau Selat Kering in the first rescue mission in May 2009. Currently there are 28 dogs awaiting adoption at SPCA but we are working very hard to find homes for the first 13.
Only one has been adopted so far. If you’d like to give Karuna (and/or her friends) a home, please proceed to SPCA and arrange for an immediate adoption or contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com
Please pass the word around. Email it and blog it, please.
For photos of her friends, please view here.






One response to “Karuna: Please give me a home…”

  1. Starlight

    I fall in love with karuna when i saw her pics.
    wish i could adopt her but im in srwk >_<
    good luck finding new home. =)