There ARE takers after all (part two)

And folks, this morning, I received a phonecall from another lady and it started with “Hello, are you kahyein? I’m calling regarding….” and I asked “Is it about the yorky?” (To date, I must have received over 50 calls about Yorky.)

And she said, “No, not the yorky, I’m interested in mongrels. Do you have mongrels?”


Did I hear her right?

Yes, I did!

I told her we have 26 Ketam dogs up for adoption – all mongrels!

And she proceeded to tell me that she is a rescuer from Penang and she has “run out” of dogs to service the Penang folks, so can she come collect some Ketam dogs to bring back to Penang for adoption. Her relative is coming to the Klang Valley this weekend and might be able to take some Ketam dogs back.

I couldn’t believe my ears, folks!

Shine on, lucky stars!! Shine on the Ketam dogs please, and on the strays!

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