13 is a lucky number – Hai Tao Foundation agrees!

I have been asking the Hai Tao Foundation in Bentong for more than a month now, if they could take some of the Ketam rescued dogs. Their initial reservation was that they do not have a vet coming in to see to the welfare of the dogs.

A few days ago, they came back to me and have now consented to take 13 of the SPCA Ketam dogs (from the 1st and 2nd batches – the ones whose medical treatment we funded). These dogs will live on their Animal Liberation Farm where they get to run free and live amongst chickens and geese!

Kudos to the Hai Tao Foundation for their willingness to help.

We have arranged with SPCA to get the remaining 6 dogs spayed and properly recovered before the scheduled trip on 16th August. We have also secured a lorry for this purpose.

Meanwhile everyone else is still free to adopt the dogs from now until 16th August.

I also understand that though the place is not ideal, it is better than being euthanised. The dogs will get to roam freely and live out their natural lives. Since we had spent RM9515 on their vet bills and bought cages for them at the SPCA, it does not make sense to have them euthanised (as per SPCA’s policies since it has been 3 months and they have not been adopted). I have asked the SPCA if I may rehome them on this farm and they have agreed.

It is not ideal in that there will be no attending vet, they will have to be on vegetarian kibbles (which we will provide), but to me, this is better than being euthanised, especially after they had survived that terrible ordeal at those Hell Islands.  These are heroes.  Heroes should not be euthanised.

Thank you, Hai Tao/Lotus Life, for giving them a second chance.

P.S. I have also asked other sanctuaries, but their answers were a flat no. One sanctuary in Johor even scolded me through and through for asking! Oh well, sticks and stones…