Hi folks,

It’s been really a relief that the Hai Tao Foundation has agreed to take the first 13 dogs. The lady who wanted the two mongrel puppies (Kourtney & Khloe) changed her mind and said she did not want them anymore despite the fact that Kourtney and Khloe fitted her description and requirements to the letter. I heard from an acquaintance that it is because she wasn’t keen on paying the RM150 adoption fee for the two puppies (SPCA’s standard procedure, it covers spaying, vaccination, deworming, etc.). I had already negotiated for a discount from RM200 to RM150. The other lady from Penang also did not contact me about taking some of the Ketam dogs, so it looks like these dogs will be going to the Lotus Life Liberation Farm.

My thoughts on this is: A dog is a dog. Whether it is a pedigree or mongrel, it is still a dog, a living being with feelings and needs. I’m not about to expound on the “benefits” of owning a mongrel (cheaper maintenance, much stronger and healthier, and definitely more loyal!), because then, I’ll be discriminating!

I’m just going to say this: A dog is a dog. It has the same needs as any other dog. It needs our love and care, and if we can look beyond “brand” and “labels”, then we rise higher on the spiritual ladder of practising unconditional loving-kindness, a much needed value in today’s world.

A human, a dog, a cat, or a lizard – we are all living beings on this earth and we have our place on earth. We all play a part in the eco-system, and more importantly, in this moral universe.

Have a great day!

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