LLLF updates (for the Ketam dogs)

It’s pouring from Dog-Heaven too, folks. I am always thankful for blessings, big or small. Size does not matter, it’s the heart that counts.

We would like to acknowledge today’s donors with grateful thanks.

Wan Choong Leung
Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Davina Goh
Mudita Chan Yin Fan
Kishani Sherene Ngoi
Lilian’s friends
Ms Liew

Thank you very much for your generous contributions.

And a note of thanks too, to Julia, Prem and Chong for their earlier contributions. Your contributions this month will be used to buy this vege food for the Ketam dogs.

Meanwhile, Chinkah has found us a more economical brand of vegetarian food from the USA. It is priced at RM90 for a 9kg pack. That’s a BIG savings. I’ve checked out the ingredients and it looks good. We will be purchasing this brand for Saturday’s trip. That means we can stretch the money a bit more now. And LLLF’s existing 25 dogs would also get to enjoy these “treats”.

We also have a few volunteers who would be coming along for the Saturday trip. How nice – the dogs would be comforted knowing that there are more people who care for them. The compassionate human touch always helps. They can feel it.

Thanks for all your help and support.