Nikoli & Nikolai spayed and neutered

This is Nikoli & Nikolai from Bandar Utama. They have just been spayed and neutered, sponsored by AnimalCare.

Nikolai, being male, recovered faster and has been returned. Nikoli is still at the vet’s. Since both are adults and are under the care of their feeder, both will be returned. Their feeder will continue looking after them.

This is CNRM (Care-Neuter-Return/Rehome-Manage), and this is what AnimalCare is promoting. We take care of the strays on our own street (or neighbourhood) by making friends with them, feeding them, and sending them for spaying and neutering. If everyone does his/her bit, we can control the increasing population of the strays and ensure better wellbeing of the animals who live amongst us.

It is really not such a hard thing to do. For example, I am currently feeding eight cats (all rescued as babies), all have been spayed/neutered except Vixey (who is “retarded” and her reproductive system is under-developed, she also stays at home with me). All the cats get a free run of my house, but that’s an added privilege, of course. You could choose, instead, to feed them at the playground. Once they trust you, it is not difficult to catch them and send them for spaying/neutering. Then, return them, and continue looking after them.

Please join us in doing CNRM. Our panel vets provide spaying & neutering at a discounted rate (only applicable to strays).

Spaying and neutering IS the long-term (and compassionate) solution to the stray problem.

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