A day of rehoming, etc.

It’s been a very busy day again. But first of all, let me thank our donors for today – Boon Peng and Lee Fah Mei. Thank you very much for your generosity.

And thank you too, to Chinkah for having arranged for the purchase of 20 packs of vege dog food at a big savings (pls see photo above). We will be sending 10 packs on this trip. I hope the dogs like the food.

I’ve been on the phone and email all day:

1. A terrier with a foot injury from Sri Gombak and an elderly Spitz who is blind need medical help.

2. A one-eyed dog needs rehoming. I have arranged to rehome him this Saturday in Bentong, but a check with the vet revealed that the dog is still coughing, so I’m postponing his rehoming until our next trip to Bentong. I’ve given priority to this dog because he is partially blind and the chances of him being rehomed are extremely slim. For now, he will be fostered by a Mr Wong.

3. Vics might even be able to arrange for the rehoming of THREE kittens, not two! Thank you, Vics! However, we may have a slight problem because the potential adopters are not too keen on spaying/neutering later. They fear there might be negative moral repercussions. We would have to do our best to convince them that it is a compassionate act because our intention is to save and protect lives. Whatever we do, it’s always the intention that counts.

4. Dr Veeranoot has agreed to take two adult cats as pets! I’m arranging for the most suitable candidates. We are helping our panel vets to get their rescued cats adopted, but some vets charge an adoption fee, so this has to be made known to the potential adopter. The adoption fee usually covers services rendered, such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, etc.

5. As you know, we are going to participate in the No Plastic Bag Event on 31st Aug, and I chanced upon an old bookmark my former student made for me when I helped her with the medical treatment of her rescued cat many years ago. It is a simple cat design, beautiful in its simplicity (pls see photo above). And an idea occured to me – if we could get creative volunteers to design some other animal bookmarks (for eg, dog), we could make these in our free time, and sell them whenever we hold fund-raising events. Handmade crafts are always special and unique, as it is a gift from the heart. So, if anyone would like to volunteer their creative talent, please do contact me.

6. Many thanks to Lilian and her friends, for arranging with a supplier to get a consignment of AnimalCare tshirts for sale at our fundraising events later on. We hope all of you would support us by purchasing our tshirts, and more importantly, by wearing them!

7. And special thanks to another vet, from Puchong, who has now joined our panel.

It’s been a long day, and I need to rest now. Tomorrow will be another day with more furry ones to help.

Life is meaningful when we spend it bringing some cheer and joy to others, and relieving some of their suffering. We must thank our furry friends for giving us this opportunity to do good, and to feel good!

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