Brownie, the one-eyed dog

This is Brownie, a one-eyed dog. Someone called me yesterday, asking me to please rehome him. It seems he had been abused, was rescued and brought to the shelter. His left eye had been completely bashed up, and was hanging outside the socket. The shelter wanted to euthanise him, but he resisted by clutching on to the railings when he saw the syringe. A rescuer witnessed this and immediately requested that Brownie be released. Brownie was then brought to the vet’s and had an operation to innoculate the eye.
I went down to the clinic in Puchong to visit Brownie today. Knowing how hard it is to rehome a one-eyed dog, I had told his soon-to-be fosterer, Mr Wong, that I will give one of the Ketam places to Brownie on our next trip to Bentong.
But after meeting Brownie today, I think Brownie belongs with a family. He is SUCH a sweet, gentle and humble dog. He warms up to you instantly, and you will definitely fall in love with him!
Too bad I cannot bring him home. My 13-year old Bobby would never accept another new dog (poodles rank No.1 on the list for jealousy and possessiveness of their owner, Bobby is a “mongrel poodle”). He already bullies every other dog on the street just because he is a oldest dog around. And my husband said seeing how gentle Brownie is, even my cats might bully him too!
We’ll do our best to find Brownie a loving home. Let’s work on this, folks. He deserves to be with a family, not on a farm. But worse come to worst, at least I have allocated a place on the farm for him.
Having just one eye may be a slight handicap, but Brownie’s gentle nature makes up for it manifold. He is of medium-built, estimated to be 1-2 years old. He has been neutered, vaccinated and de-ticked.

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