The dogs’ new home

Here’s a photo of Bro Sui and one of his helpers cementing the area where the dogs would be housed tomorrow.
Our volunteer, Chinkah, was up there today, to deliver 10 packs of food, and he also helped Bro Sui buy the cement from Bentong town. The cement is sponsored by AnimalCare.
I called Bro Sui later in the evening and he told me they had already laid the second layer of cement and the place would be ready tomorrow.
I also asked what kinds of food we could purchase for the helpers over there. I learnt in our earlier visit that they only eat rice and some curry gravy. I was going to buy some canned food for them. But Bro Sui says they too do not eat meat and kept asking me not to buy them anything. Finally I bought some assorted biscuits, chocolate drinks and instant curry paste.
I also bought eggs, vegetable oil and potatoes (for the dogs) so that these could be cooked together with the rice.
We are now all set for tomorrow’s trip.