Vegetarian dogs?

Hi everyone,

Many have written to me asking why the Bentong-bound dogs have to be vegetarian. Some have expressed concern saying that dogs are supposed to be carnivorous and meat protein is needed in their diet.

Let me clarify here that it is NOT my choice at all. We asked Hai Tao Foundation for a favour to take in these dogs, and they are under strict orders from their HQ in Taiwan that all animals who live on their liberation farm must be vegetarian.

We have to respect their rules.

I have asked if a gradual transition can be made whereby they still feed on their (meat-based) kibbles while slowly adjust to the rice & eggs, but this is not allowed.

The bottom line is, at a time when nobody wants to adopt these dogs and their time at the shelter is almost up, we are very grateful to Hai Tao for taking them. We have to respect their rules.

Meanwhile, I have also asked vets if dogs can be vegetarian and have received mixed answers. One vet said yes, egg is complete nutrition. But the dogs would have to adjust to the new diet.

There might be some who would reject the food completely in the beginning, but when hunger sets in and they have no choice, I suppose their natural instincts would make them eat anything (I hope!).

For more information on vegetarian dogs, please read this:

If it is any consolation, the rep from Hai Tao assures me that the dogs on their farms in Taiwan are all healthy and fit, and they are all vegetarian.

My Punjabi friend tells me many of her friends’ dogs are vegetarian (but trained from young). They eat dhall and capati and they are healthy. Another friend’s dogs are also vegetarian (on Addiction, the brand we first wanted to buy). He supplements with virgin coconut oil and other goodies, and the dogs are all ok, with beautiful coats too.

They will be ok, somehow. Don’t worry! Think positive.