Mackerel delight!

This “bribery” in my house is milking me dry! For those who are new to Joanie and Xiao Li’s story, here’s a brief synopsis of what it is all about. I have eight rescued cats and two dogs, and as far as my cats are concerned, this colony is already full and there isn’t space for another feline person to enter. However, Joanie and Xiao Li were SOS cases, so I ended up having to bring them home.

To ease the tension and the possibility of my cats packing their bags and running away (which they did, previously, when I brought little Felix back, though they came back after I sent Felix away for boarding at the vet’s), I had no choice but to resort of bribing them, and what better way to bribe felines than to use FOOD (works for humans too, doesn’t it?).

So I bought canned food, and some were like…”well, ok….this is quite nice”, but Cleo, being the one most affected, was not impressed at all. Cleo is female and tri-colour, and Joanie and Xiao Li are both female, and to make matters worse, Xiao Li is tri-colour too (you know how women react when they happen to be seen wearing the same dress? All hell CAN break loose, right?).

Cleo has been quite upset ever since she caught a glimpse of Xiao Li (how DARE the little tyke wear MY dress!!) but we managed to get her to come back. Last night, I decided to give her a bonus treat, so I told my daughter to hold on to her, and I rushed out to buy a can of mackerel. Cleo loved it, but after eating, again, left the house.

The photo above shows Bunny devouring the mackerel like nobody’s business. Bunny is Cleo’s uncle.

And later, I tried the mackerel with Joanie, and she loved it too! She actually sat up and licked it all off my hand.

Meanwhile, I’ve allowed Xiao Li to come closer to Joanie, and Joanie seems to be ok with it. See the photo above? Yes, the little tyke IS intimidating!

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