SOS for Brownie, the one-eyed dog

Brownie has three more days to go before he joins the Ketam dogs to Bentong. As I have written earlier, Brownie doesn’t belong on a farm, he is so loving and people-friendly, he deserves to be with people and would make a wonderful pet.

The Bentong-bound dogs are actually those rescued dogs from Ketam who are the least rehome-able. I have given them priority because the chances of them being adopted is almost nil, and they cannot stay too long at the shelter.

Please help Brownie find a home. Worse come to worst, he still gets a place to Bentong, but he really does not belong there. He needs people to love him, and he has so much love to give too.

We can do a lot in three days.

Let’s help Brownie, please.

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