Updates from LLLF

I called Bro Sui today to ask how everything is over at the farm. Great news! He says the dogs are all “so obedient” and he has widened the enclosure too. No fighting, he said. Cleaning is not a problem as he can hose the place down every day. And most importantly, they are eating well, too. Seems to be adjusting well to the new vegetarian diet.

That’s great news, folks. This means, from the donations collected, we will be able to stretch the fund over a longer period of time and provide food on a regular basis. I’ll check with vets on how best to provide a more complete wholesome (not processed) diet for the dogs, based on their nutritional needs, and we’ll buy whatever is necessary. It looks like we need not rely on the processed vege dog food much longer.

Rejoice, folks!

P.S. We are making the 2nd trip to send 6 more Ketam dogs (plus one Brownie, if nobody wants him – poor thing!) on Thursday, 13th August.