Joanie’s sutures removed

I just brought Joanie back from the hospital. Since she was so frustrated last night over the e-collar (she tried grooming herself but ended up licking plastic, got angry and took it out on everyone!), I discussed with the vet if her sutures could be removed today. After two more days, her e-collar can be then taken off. So it was done today. The incision has healed very well too.
Another blood test was taken, and the results are “okay” but she still needs to be monitored. Due to some reason, her platelets and white blood cells are a little higher than the maximum while her red blood cells have dropped very slightly (not significant, though). The vets still cannot tell at this point what could have caused it (for all you know, it’s just stress due to the car ride), but they assured me there is no cause to press the panic button yet.
Joanie is now put on another course of antibiotics. The vets think there could be still some infection inside because of the extent of toxemia earlier on. The charges for the medication and blood test is RM44.40 and I will supplement Neurobion on my own (this is for the nerves).
By the way, she still hasn’t pee-ed for today. The vet says she could be shy since I’ve put little Xiao Li next to her. So I’ve put a towel between their cages now.
Joanie, please pee.
P.S. We’ve changed Xiao Li’s name to Suki, in honour of the freedom fighter of Burma (Aung San Suu Kyi), and also, it means “be happy” in the ancient language of Pali. She’s certainly a very happy little thing! Just now, Suki slipped into Joanie’s cage (in between the bars) and disturbed the latter till no end. Joanie did not react.

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