About AnimalCare

Working together for the animals
AnimalCare is a charity that promotes caregiving to stray animals and helps in their spay-neuter and medical needs.
Our Mission

1. To encourage caregiving to stray animals.
2. To help in the spaying/neutering and medical treatments of stray animals.
3. To cultivate compassion to animals through education.

How you can help and participate:

a. Be a caregiver to stray animals – feed the animals, get them spayed/neutered, and continue looking after them in a responsible manner. If you require help in spaying/neutering, please contact us.

b. Be our volunteer – help us foster or adopt our rescued animals, contribute your expertise and skills so that we can provide more services to the animals.

c. Be our supporter – tell your friends about our work, encourage them to start a similar programme in their own communities. Educate children from young to be kind to animals. Donate to our fund.

The stray animals need OUR help.

Let us work together to create a more harmonious and peaceful community for humans and animals.
For further information, please contact: chankahyein@gmail.com

AnimalCare is not a registered organisation.  We are just a group of friends who want to do our share in helping stray animals and their rescuers. 

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