Joanie’s back home, and had a little detour too.

I dropped in to see Joanie on my way to deliver a talk this evening, and surprise, surprise! The vet said I could take her home. She had pee-ed!


As I was running late, I had no choice but to take her along to my talk, so we had a cat at the talk. Good opportunity to talk about the miracle of loving-kindness although that wasn’t the topic for the evening!

Joanie seemed very calm and contented at the talk. She even wagged her tail.

Now, we are home, and I’m “cheating” a bit on time, as I’ve taken out her e-collar. It is supposed to be first thing tomorrow morning, but I figured a few hours less won’t make much difference. She had been so frustrated with it, and now she is beginning to eat by herself from the bowl. The e-collar is a hindrance.

Ever since taking out the e-collar, Joanie has not stopped grooming herself.

Ahh….typical female.

Please continue sending positive thoughts to Joanie. Thank you!

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  • Starlight

    got the pic of joanie grooming? =D would love to see!
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