Joanie’s back in hospital again

Hi everyone. I came back as soon as I could from Bentong, after the rehoming of the remaining 6 Ketam dog (stories and photos later) so that I could attend to Joanie and Suki (the former “Xiao Li”).

Joanie still had not pee-ed, so I took her to the hospital again. At the rate I am visiting the hospital, I might as well be part of their furniture!

The surgeon who had operated on Joanie checked and explained the prognosis to us.


Here’s the worst possible news first: Joanie’s urinary tract may be badly damaged because that part of the uterus leading to the vulva (for females, the urethra joined this tract) was already dying (or dead) due to the extent of the decomposition.

If that is the case, there is actually nothing the doctors can do to repair or reconstruct it again.


Here’s what we hope for:

1. That damaged part will heal with time. We need to send positive healing energy to Joanie for this to happen because there is no medication for this.

2. In the event that it does not heal, let’s hope at the very least Joanie can still leak the urine out. It won’t be voluntary urination (as in healthy people like us), it would just be leaking out when the bladder is full. All it needs is for me to clean her up every time this happens, and that is not a difficult thing to do.

If the above does not happen, a bloated bladder can lead to kidney damage.

Another alternative is to drain out the urine, but this cannot be done on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Joanie does not seem to be suffering or in pain. In fact, she seems quite happy and contented. Very calm and at peace. She is so, so strong.

The surgeon reiterated that Joanie IS a miracle case. He never expected Joanie to even survive the surgery or the next crucial days, but she did. He just wished Joanie could have met us earlier – we would have brought her in and all these complications would have been drastically reduced.

But never mind. What is….is.

We do the needful now.

Please send positive healing energy to Joanie. She has gone this far, folks. Let’s all help her, please. Pray…

Joanie has to be boarded for 48 hours for the vets to monitor her progress, if any (we hope there is!). I shall miss Joanie. So will Suki and Vixey. Little Suki went into the empty cage just now. Aww…

P.S. Ketam-Bentong updates later. I have to give a talk tonight. I need the photographs from today’s photographers too! We had a blast!!

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