For the record (Ketam Project)

For the record, here are the names of the 13 Ketam rescued dogs that we have rehomed in LLLF, Bentong:

First batch – Piccola, Piccolo, Luna, Buddy, BooBoo, Liberty and Cuddly.
Second batch – Marco, Meta, Karishma, Daya, Ajax and Rolanda.

Btw, we named Rolanda on the spot (after Roli) because she had no name at the time!

I had earlier arranged for 14 places for the first 14 rescued dogs (1st and 2nd batches at SPCA) whose medical we had funded, but later decided it is more appropriate and urgent to give these places to the least rehome-able dogs (those with the least chances of getting adopted).

There are currently 3 more from the first batch, namely, Karuna, Flora and Mudita, still at the shelter. The shelter decided that these three are friendlier and therefore, have a good chance of being adopted. We hope they will be able to go to good and loving homes soon.

The shelter has given me their word that none of these dogs would be put down, and we are thankful for this assurance.

Our volunteer, Lilian, has also managed to get her friend, Samantha, to adopt two more Ketam rescued dogs, namely, Terry and Cotton. From her visits, Terry and Cotton are very happy in their new home now. In fact, the moment they were taken from the shelter, loaded onto their Hilux to head off to their new home, the two dogs were already very calm and happy.

We saw the same instantaneous change of behaviour in the rehoming of these 13 dogs too. The moment they were put into the enclosure at LLLF, they immediately displayed a sense of relief and happiness.

Incredible, isn’t it? They just KNOW, don’t they?

All these dogs have been medically treated, spayed/neutered and even microchipped. AnimalCare’s first project was, in fact, to fund their medical, using our Wesak Day collection from the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. We also bought food, five cages and two stand-fans for them. The total amount spent on this initial expenses is RM7226 (including three cash donations to SPCA’s Ketam Fund from us).

We will be providing food on a regular basis (thanks to your generous donations) and we hope MissionHelp (under SPCA) will provide veterinary assistance to LLLF as and when it is required.

So far, the total amount spent in the rehoming (two batches) includes the purchase of the imported vegetarian food, the cement for the floor of the enclosure and purchase of eggs, vege oil, potatoes, carrots and other food, and it amounts to RM2217.90. The bulk of this amount comes from the imported vegetarian food (RM90 per pack). The good news is that the dogs have already learnt to adjust to their new diet of rice+eggs+potatoes+carrots+vege, so it would not be so expensive for us to supply their food from now on. We will taper off on the imported food.

Hence, the total amount spent from our Ketam Fund as of today, is RM9443.90.

Let us all share in the joy of having saved so many lives.

Thank you so much for helping us make this possible.