Kittens for adoption -adopted!

These are two of the kittens rescued and being fed by Rani. Rani practically spends her entire salary on feeding and looking after stray animals in her neighbourhood.
The baby you see above is about 2-3 weeks old. He (or she?) is white, and blue-eyed. Active, bubbly, and healthy – s/he still needs to be bottled-fed. Has a very healthy (read: loud!) scream too, when hungry.
The black kitten is about 3 months old. It is so hard to get him adopted. One wonders if it is because he is black… “Black is beautiful”, isn’t it? He loves sitting in this square box, and is adorable.
If you’d like to adopt them, please contact me. Please help pass the word around. There ARE people out there looking for kittens as pets. No harm asking. You’d be saving a life…


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