A lovely story from Vics

Hi all. This lovely little story is from Vics:

I met a friend yesterday morning at the market. I have not seen this friend for quite a while. She is also another rescuer and has been feeding stray dogs and cats.

I was truly touched by her actions yesterday. I met her on my way to my car after buying my supplies for the week. She squated alone and had a box in front of her. As I walked closer to her, I saw a very nice looking puppy inside the box. My friend was calling out to passers-by asking if anyone wanted to adopt the puppy, to help save life.

I got down beside her and looked at the black and white puppy and just fell in love with the puppy. She has such long eyelashes, have never seen any puppies with such long lashes.

Some people stopped to look at the puppy and enquire if its for sale. We told them no, they can have the puppy for free, just give it a home and food. Some were interested but said they could not take in another puppy as they already have dogs at home.

After some time as nobody seemed interested, I began to take photos of the pup and was thinking of enquiring from you whether you could post the photos in your blog.

Then a lady told us that the nursery (plants not children) owner at the entrance to Sg Long mentioned that he is looking for a male pup. We said that if we really cannot find someone to adopt the pup then perhaps we would go and ask the owner.

Then a young couple with their little girl came by. The lady was quite taken by the puppy and was asking the husband if they can take the puppy. The husband said it’s up to her as she is the one looking after the puppy and there’s another dog at home. Typical of men! The lady then asked her little girl and the little girl nodded. So the puppy found a loving home to go to. Rejoice!

My friend thanked the couple profusely and even bowed to them to show her gratitude.

She told me that there is a litter of 5 pups and since she has been feeding the mother dog, the mother dog allowed her to take the pups. My friend has already got 2 pups adopted earlier so there is another 2 pups left with the mother dog.

As we were walking to my car, we saw a dead rat in the middle of the road and she immediately got a plastic bag and picked the dead rat and placed it beside a tree and covered it up with newspaper. She gave the dead rat a decent burial of some sort!

The world needs more people like her! And you!

Thanks, Vics. We certainly need more people like your friend, and if we have, this world could be a safer and happier place for all beings (animals AND humans).

Kindness brings happiness.

P.S. My friend, Agnes, is also doing pretty much the same thing now. She has quite a number of kittens for adoption (all rescued). So in conjunction with Bulan Ramadhan, she goes to the Ramadhan Bazaars and “advertises” her kittens by showing their photographs. Agnes says it is “almost like begging”! By doing this, she has already got a few adopted. These are the unsung heroines of the stray animals, folks. We are so grateful there are such beautiful people around.

The point is, folks, you don’t have to belong to a big organisation to do something meaningful. You can be just one person, yet what you do does make a significant difference.

So, let’s start doing something today, and make a difference!

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