What a wonderful world! (Abby’s news)

Hi everyone. Great news! Abby has an adopter!

A kind lady by the name of Lisa wrote to me this morning and said she would do her best to find an adopter for Abby, and by afternoon, “the universe provided an answer”!

Tina is the angel who will give Abby a forever-home. At present Tina has a 6 year-old miniature Schnauzer, XiXi, who reigns supreme in her household, and Tina feels XiXi ought to be able to accept Abby.

Tina would be able to take Abby sometime in mid-October.

This is truly wonderful news!

Accordingly to Lisa, Tina strongly feels that Abby has every right to live out her natural life.

YES, that’s what all of us feel too.

Alicia is also glad to hear the news, especially when Abby does not seem to be getting along with her black cat (like poles repel?). Alicia says she will do her best to nurse Abby back to health before mid-October.

We’d also like to thank everyone who has written in and given us a lot of help and support in looking for fosterers and adopters for Abby. Thank you, Lisa and Tina.

So, it is still a wonderful world, folks, with wonderful people who feel that whatever we (humans) think is our right, should be accorded to animals as well.

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