Another stray cat spayed and soon to be adopted

This is one of the many cats Rani feeds and looks after.  She is a stray and she has a very bad injury on her leg.  In the photo above, you can see the leg injury that is still red. 

Although she has been treated, the wound does not seem to heal, so this cat will limp for life.  But “the universe provides answers”, so a kind Malay man has offered to adopt the cat after she is spayed.

Rani brought her for spaying today, and we are sponsoring it. 

I hope the cat will have a happy life with her new family. 

Bless the owner for his ever-so-kind heart, and bless the cat to have had Rani take care of her, and now, a new owner who loves her as she is.

Bless Rani, for all the wonderful work she does for the stray animals, despite her financial limitations. 

It is STILL a wonderful world…

P.S.  Today, Rani brought home three cages of animals from the clinic to look after.  Randy is with her now. 






One response to “Another stray cat spayed and soon to be adopted”

  1. vina

    i have seen this cat at Mayo's. me and my friends held back tears upon seeing his injured leg. what surprised us was that this cat has the most adorable and cutest face!! so glad the kind man adopts this angel. bless his heart 🙂