Hi everyone,

It’s almost midnight now, and I have just finished labelling FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE tshirts, and packing more than half of what I’m supposed to pack.  The reason I have not finished is simply because the bookshop closed at 7pm and I could only bring home half the stock to continue packing at home.  The other half is still in the shop.

I’ve labelled every tshirt in its size, and also pasted your names on your orders.  Tomorrow, the postal orders will be sent out, and those who intend to collect from me, you may do so from tomorrow evening.  Please arrange to come after 8pm because I’ll be at Monash University giving a talk before that.  Please text me at 012-6935870.   

Want to know what the tshirt looks like? 

I was so eager to see the finished product too, and I’m pleased to say it looks even better than the mock-up.

Here you go….take a look…

Buy one, get a free kitten? 

You’d notice the design is much bigger than the mock-up, which is a good thing, so that it can be noticed from afar. 

I am wearing a Ladies S.  I tried on a Ladies M, and my son said, “No, no, no….absolutely not!  It’s too baggy for you!” 

Oh well…children have better fashion sense these days, so an “S” it is!

Here’s the back of the tshirt…our website address is displayed prominently.

Suki and Indy had a field day playing with the marker pen, glue and rafia strings, and jumping all over the boxes.  If you see little pawprints on your tshirt, you’ll know why!  That’s my son helping me label the tshirts and Bobby is sitting next to him.  He only has three days’ break from his training, and I happened to be so busy in these three days…
We ordered 452 tshirts in two batches, and we only have about 109 left now.  The overwhelming response has been totally unexpected, and we are extremely thankful to all of you for supporting us.  
All proceeds will go to our general fund to enable us to help more animals.
Thank you, my friends. 
And last but not least, a big thank you to Mooi Chee Onn and Daniel Ngan, for their tremendous patience in helping me design the tshirt.  We went through FIFTEEN drafts.
We will be selling the remaining tshirts at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association on 10th evening and the 11th.  Please do come and see the real thing for yourself.  

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