Our 6th visit to LLLF (Part 2)

Ahh…here’s a photo of the three of us – Ainey, Terry and me – in our “uniforms” – the AnimalCare tshirt!

So, after we got back to the main building, I suggested we all take a walk up the other part of the farm to see the duck ponds (I was the day’s tour guide, remember?).  So Terry, Ainey, Jamie and I started walking, but Bro Sui insisted that he would drive us up in his jeep, and Rudy readily took up his offer. 

Bro Sui picked us up in his jeep, and whee….we all sat/stood at the back and had a REAL joy ride!

First stop, the duck ponds, folks!

The frog stream here….for liberated market frogs (there is a frog dish delicacy called “tin kai” in the Chinese restaurant). 
The cowshed…moo, moo!
Here we are, the hilly-billies of the day, after we stopped at the “peak” of this road. 
This is the clearing where Hai Tao is planning to build a temple.  Bro Sui says plans are already underway.  There is even going to be single-word inscriptions on some of the large rocks down the slope.  Temple or no temple, the air here is so fresh and wind up here is pretty strong too.  VERY nice place…   
Here’s a better view of the clearing.  A temple will be built here soon. 

We then got into the jeep, and wheee…..down the hill again!

The next adventure follows….

P.S.  A big thank you to Ainey for being the photographer of the day!