Brumby and Kanthaka adopted!

Hi everyone,
I just came back from two successful adoptions – or Brumby and Kanthaka!!  Ros and her husband came all the way from Klang to Sudhamma’s house to take them home. 

Yesterday, Ros had called asking about Binky, Brumby and Kanthaka.  I have arranged for Ros to view Binky at Nooreen’s place this weekend, and Ros is keen on taking Binky as well.

Earlier on, Shafeena and her whole family were at Sudhamma’s house to view the two kittens.  I had told Shafeena that she would have to wait in the queue, and Shafeena’s family was prepared to take whichever is “left over” after Ros chooses her kitten. 

But Ros and hubby decided they would take them both!  And you have to, if only you could see the two of them playing together, you’d simply have no heart to separate them at all. 

Ros’ husband with the kittens.  He adores cats and have looked after them since young.
Ros and Brumby
And Kanthaka comes up too!
Mary Yap also came to say “bye bye” to Brumby.  It was Mary who rescued Brumby a few weeks ago.
Sudhamma and little Kanthaka.  Kanthaka oozes femininity – she is so, so sweet.
Time to go home, kits!  And the two went obediently into their brand new carrier!
By the way, Brumby has been renamed Milo, and Kanthaka is now called Mimi. 
With Brumby and Kanthaka adopted, Jesse is again, the lone cat in the house now…
Here’s Sudhamma with Jesse.  Suddhamma says Jesse still misses Whitey and Brownie and would look for them every morning.  Poor thing…  Whitey and Brownie got adopted by Mr Madehi some weeks back.  Would Mr Madehi consider taking Jesse as well, since he has three children?  With Brumby and Kanthaka gone, Jesse would be so lonely again.  While we were there, he protested by leaving the house…and bringing back a cockroach, which Mary Yap rescued and set free! 
Anyone wants me? 
(I mean the cat, of course!)