Tinsel is finally adopted!

Tinsel was finally adopted last night! 

I don’t know if you remember, but Tinsel was first adopted by Jimi and his wife.  Then, Jimi’s wife came down with a bad allergy problem which the doctors say was due to cat fur.  So Tinsel was returned to us. 

A few people came to view, but he was not taken. 

Now, finally, a kind man by the name of Roy has adopted Tinsel. 

Terry sent Tinsel to his new home in Damansara last night, but in his excitement forgot to take photos! 

Roy is very happy with Tinsel. 

Maybe Roy can send us some photos later? 

Have a happy life, Tinsel. 

Tinsel’s baby photo
Tinsel with Catarinha in Terry’s house.  Terry says Tinsel is a real live-wire, and has a ravenous appetite!
I still remember the night Tinsel was rescued.  He was just about to be run over by a vehicle.  Then, Terry brought him home and I pass the kitten milk to Terry at a petrol station at 11pm! 
Tinsel was fostered with Panthera and Dino-Milo.  The two got adopted much earlier, leaving him all alone, and later, with the new wards in Terry’s house.
Now, finally….Tinsel goes to a new and permanent home!