7th visit to LLLP

We left in four cars today – mine, Mandy’s, Chee Onn’s and Jamie’s.  It was raining quite heavily when we started, but the rain stopped when we reached LLLP.

Shall I let the photos tell the story?

Hello, friends…how are you?
Lots more new friends.  That’s the dogs greeting Mandy and Jamie.
Ainey saying hi.
Bro Sui helping me unload the provisions I brought today.
Many hands make light work. 
That’s Dr Hank, a vet from the Kechara team.
Mandy’s boyfriend and her brother making friends with the dogs.
Daniel and Chee Onn – they are the designers of our tshirt!
Here’s the AnimalCare team posing for a photo before we all got dirty!
Squating (from left): Aunty Eliza and Ainey
Standing (from left): Mandy’s boyfriend and brother, Mandy, me, Daniel and Chee Onn 
Standing on all fours (in front): The farm dogs!
I’ll be the tour guide of the day since this is Mandy’s first visit to LLLP.
Here’s one of the dogs!
Hey, watcha doin’ there…that’s the goats’ residence!
Mr Mariappan and the dogs – he’s the one looking after all of them.
Since the dogs have been let out of the enclosure, it’s quite hard to find them now because they are roaming free. 
Tease them out with…food!!
The farm helpers with two dogs.
A visit to the goat pen upstairs.
Here’s Mr Billy.
A little newborn kid. 
That’s Shahrul – the SPCA team arrived later, and Shahrul wanted to do a headcount of the Ketam dogs, but that was quite impossible.  Headcount on an 85-acre farm?
Shahrul is rather concerned about the vegetarian diet.  Yes, so are we.  But LLLP cannot bend the rules, so we are now putting our heads together to see how best we can help the dogs.  One option is to buy even more eggs, continue with the vegetarian kibbles, and give them liquid vitamin supplements.  I have asked Dr Hank to recommended a good product. 
I’ve also checked with a vet recently over this vegetarian diet dilemma.  According to him, there may be some disadvantages over the long term, ie. nutritional deficiencies.  But when he heard eggs are given, he was not so worried.  He says egg is a complete food which meets all nutritional needs. 
In that case, we’re going to double up on our eggs when we send the next round of provisions. 
I’ve also told Bro Sui and Mr Mariappan to put more eggs into the porridge. 
Let’s visit the cows for a change.
The cows just love jambu!
More jambus for more cows!
Who is bigger, you or me?
On the way back…lookie!!  Another dog sleeping on the grass.
One more…
Bath time…!!
It takes FOUR humans to bathe one dog!
Easy does it…
Aunty Eliza (Mandy’s mum) seems to have a magical touch with dogs.  They just calm down when she touches them.
We must have bathed about 7-8 dogs today.
You think I like this?
By the way, the dog above is Meta.  Meta is now the only Ketam dog who has socialised with the farm dogs.  Apparently, she was bullied by the other Ketam dogs while in the enclosure and the farm helpers had transferred her to a confined area near the house (where the farm dogs are).  So, now she lives amongst them.  That’s great – because she has friends now and she gets the first helping of food. 
Meta, if you remember, is the one featured in the newspapers eating the carcases of dead dogs while stranded on Pulau Selat Kering.  Later, when Meta was boarding at the shelter, an animal-communicator said she was suffering from guilt for having eaten her own kind.  We comforted Meta and told her she is forgiven. 
Now, Meta seems very happy.  Isn’t this wonderful?  So, who says guilt and suffering are emotions that do not go away?  They do.  With lots of love and care!
Just think about what these Ketam dogs had gone through – it must have been sheer hell, being captured, dumped on Hell Island, being rescued, caged in the shelter, and then transported to this farm now, not knowing what was happening to them.  Some of these dogs were pets before. 
The things humans do….
Never mind them.  We do what we feel is right….
Back to the bath-time story….

Mr Mariappan’s treat for the dogs who had “consented” to being bathed –   Vegetarian kibbles!!
What container?  Pour it all out on the ground!
The chickens wanted some too.  After all, it’s vegetarian kibbles.  No meat.
Daniel and Chee Onn wanted to take a look at the farm, so we decided to walk up.  Mandy and Jamie both drove up instead because they had to leave earlier.
Look…we have a tour guide – this dog followed us all the way up!
And down as well.  I told everyone this is typical LLLP hospitality – accompanying us all the way. 
And he was so polite, he waited for the last two to come down the hill.  What a gracious host!
Time to say goodbye for now.  I call this dog “Peter Pan” – he’s the friendliest of the lot!
We’ll visit again soon.
Bye for now!
P.S.  Many thanks to today’s photographers – Ainey and Daniel. 

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