Yesterday’s Flea Market event at Sunway Lagoon Club

Hi everyone,
Been very busy with “some matters” to settle since last night (will let you know what it is shortly). 

Here are photos from our event at the Flea Market at Sunway Lagoon Club yesterday. 

From right to left: Mei Tien, Li Lian and me.
It was carnival atmosphere when we first arrived.  I was shown our booth, which I learnt, would be next to the petting zoo.  Oh oh…I hear there is an albino python in their petting zoo.  Sobs…I’m so afraid of snakes. 
Hey, Indiana Jones is also afraid of snakes, so it’s not such an uncommon thing…
I’m ok with tortoises and guinea pigs.
I’m certainly ok with Angora Rabbits!
But I’m NOT okay with footless creatures (fish excluded).  It’s not that I don’t like them.  I’m just so afraid of them.  And the ranger (not the one in the picture) was asking everyone if they would like the snake around their necks. 
Some people took the snake and went around putting the slimy one around other people’s necks and gee…that’s not wise.  What if people had a phobia?  They could die of a heart attack!
Please don’t do that, I pleaded…but they insisted the snake was completely harmless. I know, but that’s not the point. 
Here’s sweet Mary and me (the sweet one is Mary, the other one is me).  Mary has been our very ardent supporter and yesterday, she sacrificed her Sunday to help us out.  Thanks, Mary.
You see the framed photos in the picture above – these were donated by Samantha Lum.  Thank you, Samantha.  We managed to sell quite a number of these photos. 
Terry arrived at about 1.30pm with the kittens.  Here are some potential adopters viewing the kittens.  Terry’s not in the photo – he was having his lunch.
Aha…there’s Terry.  More people viewing the kittens.
It rained shortly after that, and the crowd was quite thin.  Still, we managed to sell a reasonable number of tshirts.  We had not expected good sales since the crowd was not particularly an animal-loving crowd. 
But, we’re happy…  We met some very nice people.  And we managed to tell people about the work we did, and some said they would contact us for CNRM.
None of the kittens got adopted although one girl was very keen.  But she would be going to Penang to study soon.  We advised her to adopt from SPCA Penang instead so that the kittens would not have to travel the 3-hour journey by car. 
We met a couple who was interested in our football pups, though…
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5 responses to “Yesterday’s Flea Market event at Sunway Lagoon Club”

  1. ManekiNeko

    Dear Kah Yein, when you have another opportunity, please take a breath & summon all of your courage, and reach out to stroke the snake's skin with your fingertips. You'll be surprised at how lovely it feels — not at all slimy, but like warm, smooth, soft leather. Just that simple quick touch may go some way toward dispelling your fears of our serpentine friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Starlight

    Dear Dr KY, d pic with tortoise is actually guinea pig, not hamster ๐Ÿ™‚ dat is absolutely one nice them vry much as they never bite their owner! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ha ha….thank you! I can never tell which is which. Too much dealings with dogs and cats!

  4. Sharon

    Hi Kah Yein,

    Glad you had a great time there. Sorry couldnt spend much time over at your booth but really happy to hear that you managed to create awareness and fund raised for the animals too…

    Thank you for coming and the troubles in bringing the kittens.

    Sharon from Sunway Lagoon Club