Goldie is on Rainbow Bridge

Gold is a female cat who was being fed in the Old Klang Road area, but not spayed.  She recently gave birth to a litter of five but four died and only one survived, ie. Goldie. 

Teresa took Gold and Goldie from their feeder some time last week so that Gold could be spayed and Goldie, who was suffering from mange, could receive medical attention.  We brought them both straight to the vet’s.  Gold was given a clean bill of health, and for Goldie, the vet said to let her own immune system fight off the mange because the medication for mange is too toxic for a kitten this age.

Gold and Goldie, when first brought to the vet’s.

Terry fostered them both.  Gold has since been spayed, and both mother and daughter were doing quite well.  Goldie was estimated to be at least one-and-a-half month old already and had been weaned off mother’s milk.

Gold after being spayed, two days ago.

Last night, Goldie suddenly passed dark-coloured urine, suspected to be blood-stained.  It was already almost 8pm when Terry called me, and I immediately called the vet.  The vet said if Goldie became pale or stopped eating, we should rush her to the 24-hour hospital.  But Goldie was eating and appeared to be quite well. 

Apparently, within hours, while Terry was away, Goldie had passed away.

When Terry reached home, he found Gold sitting over Goldie’s dead body.  Gold just kept looking at Terry, and then looked at Goldie, as though….yes, grieving over the death of her last remaining baby.

Poor, poor Gold.

This morning, Terry gave Goldie her last rites and buried her in his backyard. 

The mortality rate of stray kittens is very, very high.  Many do not survive, and those who do, if left in our concrete environment, live a very hard life. 

This incident, again, only tells us the urgent need to practise CNRM, and to encourage more people to do it actively. 

C = Care
N = Neuter
R = Rehome/Return
M = Manage

This is the long-term solution towards the growing stray animal population.  Although it seems like an insurmountable task, we have to start somewhere.  

That is why CNRM is our primary mission.  

Please help us, by participating in our mission.  

Let’s work together and reduce the stray animal population…in time.  

May Goldie be happy on Rainbow Bridge.  

Terry will spend a few more days with Gold before returning her to her feeder on Old Klang Road. 






One response to “Goldie is on Rainbow Bridge”

  1. Li Lian

    The last time I saw Goldie she wasn't feeling well. I remember her meowing at me for a long time while I softly whispered comforting words to her.

    May she rest in peace and be in a better place now.