Two stray siblings sterilised yesterday

These are two stray siblings who were spayed and neutered at our panel vet yesterday.  Bobo and Lulu had been rescued by Makcik Saiiah and she has since adopted them. 

Makcik Saiiah offered to pay for the operations at our panel vet.  We are very glad that CNRM is reaching out to more people now.  We also fervently hope that more people will respond to CNRM on a long-term basis as the ongoing solution to curb the growing problem of the stray population.

Bobo (note the tipped ear)
Lulu (before surgery)

Our volunteer of the day, Mary Yap, helped transport the cats to our panel vet in PJ.  Thank you, Mary. 

Both cats were collected on the day itself, thus saving us on boarding costs.

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