Mother and daughter also spayed

This is a pair of mother-and-daughter, two street dogs from Kuala Lumpur. 

The daughter is only 6 months old, and her case was a straight-forward one. 
The mum is already eight years old, and she has been giving birth very, very often.  For her case, a blood test had to be taken first to determine her kidney profile. 
It turned out to be alright, so the spaying proceeded under drips (to minimise all risks). 
Both mother and daughter are recovering now. 
Viva la CNRM!!






3 responses to “Mother and daughter also spayed”

  1. kttan

    Just a suggestion. When AnimalCare sends any four-footed patient, which are strays, to its panel of vets before returning the stray to a colony, would it be possible after treatment to give it a collar and a AnimalCare tag attached to it?
    That way council dog catchers would be able to know that stray dogs with AnimalCare collars and tags are being taken care of by AnimalCare or its supporters and volunteers and hopefully not catch it?
    A colourful collar and metal tag like the usual dog tags would also alert anyone that this stray is under the care of AnimalCare or its volunteers. A phone number on the tag would help too, if anyone finds an injured stray and wants to contact AnimalCare or the volunteer in the area.
    What thinking all of us? Would it be too expensive?

  2. Thank you for the suggestions. We're supposed to abide by the international standard of ear-tipping as an indication that the animal has been neutered. Collars for dogs are fine, but can be a hazard for feral cats (it might get them entangled onto something when they jump).
    The other problem is proposing it to our local authorities. To them, any animal out of the house compound IS a pest and they will exterminate when there is a complaint, even dogs with licenses. So our tag isn't of much use UNLESS the authorities think in line with us – compassion to animals.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, collars and bells are potentially deadly for all cats – ferals, strays, alley cats or home cats – very, very deadly indeed. I have removed so many collars from strays and lost unneutered pet cats that I have lost count, saving their lives. Human owners think they look cute, but hey get snared and entangled horribly at the time when the cat's dear life depended on getting away as fast as it can at lightning speed, being chased by dogs (all kinds – pets as well as strays who kill them for food). The potential danger is very, very real and deadly!