Day Two at the Cutie Pet Fair

Another great day, and again, we had no photographer.  So, here’s just a few pictures for the day.

We had a visit from…..a sugarglider!
A young visitor promoting our tshirt!
Socks getting a new collar and leash from one of the promoters.
This is the mascot from Jia-Jia Shelter, from JB.  A local petfood manufacturer (whose product and charity work I will be writing about when I have enough details about them) is helping to raise funds for this shelter.  Their dog-mascot is a three legged dog.  The poor dog had one of his legs chopped off (obviously by a knife-wielding human), has been rescued and is now living at Jia-Jia Shelter.  This shelter is run by a single mother and her daughter, currently housing 200 dogs.  More about them later, after I receive more details.  They need financial assistance.  AnimalCare will help them with the spaying and neutering of some of their animals. 
We were also visited by a dog trainer who has had tons of experience in training dogs.  He has offered to help us (and anyone else who is interested) in gaining a better understanding of dog behaviour and in handling dogs.  More later, as well.
Thank you, everyone, for supporting us at the fair.