Updates on Tinsel!

Flashback:  Tinsel was rescued by Teresa when he was on the verge of being run over by a car one night.  He was barely one month old then.  Terry fostered him, he was adopted by a couple, who had to return him to us when the wife was discovered to have an allergy to cat fur.  After about a month, Tinsel was adopted by Roy and Evelin.

Here’s some photos and updates from Roy and Evelin.  We are so thankful and happy that Tinsel is having a time of his life!

From Evelin:  He’s grown so much bigger than when he first came to stay with us…. sometimes he’s really naughty and loves to bite our hands. Any idea how to stop him from doing that?

He’s probably just teething, Evelin.  He’ll grow out of it.  Thanks for giving him so much love!

By the way, since cats jump and climb a lot, a collar may be a very hazardous thing to put on a cat.  May lead to entanglements. 

With Roy, when first adopted.
With Evelin.
Latest photo.
Hello there…






4 responses to “Updates on Tinsel!”

  1. Anonymous

    Roy and Evelin, the collar is definitely bad for Tinsel or any cat for that matter (good for the humans only, makes the cat look cute to them). Collars are very dangerous to cats, even those snap-off or elastic types. Get hooked on during the wrong time and can easily cause fatalities, especially when you are not present to unhook it for them when they panic and thrash in all directions resulting injury and death.

    And when it does not cause injury or death, it causes itching, irratibility and fur loss around neck area. No to mention the constant weight around the neck.

    Unfortunately the cat cannot speak ….

  2. The reason why we put a collar on him is because he loves to play 'hide-n-seek'. The collar is so we know where he is around the house 🙂

    – Evelin

  3. Anonymous

    Collars are not dangerous as long as they are breakaway collars, which have a special clasp that will snap open when it's pulled. So if the cat were to get caught on anything, the collar would just snap off and set the cat free. Please make sure your cat's collar is breakaway, so he won't get strangled if he gets caught on anything.

  4. Anonymous

    I notice that many snap-ons can be pulled off only if you pull at a certain angle. If the cat is caught by the collar and pulling in all directions (except the one direction which can detach collar) that one split second can also mean life and death for the poor cat, especially one that is being chased by an attacker, and especially one chased by a pack of ferocious starving stray dogs (which appeared out of nowhere suddenly) as I witnessed the other day. Thank God some people were around and witnessed the incident and someone had the presence of mind to quickly pick up a long broom stick and beat the dogs off the entangled cat shivering in fright with such horror in its eyes that it absolutely sends shivers down your skin. The cat even though released gently and stroked reassuringly remain in a frozen state for a very long time, claws out (thank God its owner had the wisdom not to trim its claws so that it could at least still climb quickly to escape).