The plight of the Klang dogs at the pound

First thing this morning, I received two missed calls from MPK – I had to go down to pay the reclaimation fees for the 36 dogs we rescued yesterday.  I know, and I remember, but I was just still quite dead tired from yesterday’s rescue and me getting lost in Bangsar (more because of the latter, actually!).  
So, off I went to make the payment as per agreed.    
En Zakaria was very sympathetic.  He says it is not like they want to kill the dogs, but there has been a lot of complaints from the public.  They have to act on every complaint.  Hence, the trucks go out twice a day to round up the dogs.  After a week, if no one claims them, they are euthanised.  Every week, the pound is full (and there are TWO pounds in Klang itself).   
I asked why the dogs are only fed discarded bread.  He said there is actually no budget from the adminstration for food for these dogs since they are expected to be euthanised after a week.  It is also not often that these dogs are reclaimed by their owners.  So, it is usually certain death for those caught.   
En Zakaria says many of these dogs are abandoned by their owners and not strays.  Yes, I can see that for myself too.  They are definitely former pets.  They are so people-friendly.   
I want to appeal to people NOT to abandon their pets, please, but then again, those who do would not be reading this blog.
So, instead, I want to appeal to animal-lovers, especially those living in Klang, to please donate dog food or cooked chicken and rice to the pound.  Please bring the food and feed the animals yourself. 
Come and see for yourself, and see how much the dogs want the company of humans.  Most of them are very people-friendly.  And why not?  They used to be someone’s favourite companion, not too long ago, before they were thrown out. 
Come and see for yourself, the plight of these poor dogs, and help us promote CNRM in Klang.  Help us spread the message to people (not only in Klang, but everywhere else) that all animals are living beings with feelings, emotions and the ability to feel pain and suffering. 
Those of you with pets, PLEASE never, never let your pet out of your house compound.  Don’t let them be caught, please. 
Please empathise with the plight of these animals and let’s do our best to help them.
Help us get people to come and adopt them, and save them from forced death. 
Picture taken a few days ago.  Some of these dogs have been rescued by us yesterday. 

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