Offer to help the 36 dogs

This evening, SPCA’s chairperson, Ms Christine Chin, sent me two messages to share our joy in having rescued these 36 dogs. 

I thanked her most kindly.  I had also been advised by friends that SPCA, through MissionHelp, might be able to spay-neuter for free under their existing campaign, so I enquired if this was possible.

Christine said yes.

So, I’ve written the email-request now, and plans are underway to make the necesary arrangements for this in Bentong.

This offer would save us thousands (of ringgit), and we can concentrate on raising funds to provide food for these dogs for life (the vege kibbles are more expensive than meat kibbles).  We are very grateful for this. 

At the end of the day, everything we do should benefit the dogs, and everything we collect must “go to the dogs” (I mean this literally, of course!). 

We are equally grateful to the donations that have come in since yesterday.  I will be putting up a posting to thank our donors as soon as I can. 

Thank you, everyone, for helping these dogs.

Working Together for the Animals! 

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