Updates on Cinderella

Do you remember Cinderella?  She is the dog we rescued from the pound on the 3rd day of our rescue mission two weeks ago.

We could not take her on the big rescue op day, but we went back to take her the next day when MDDB offered to foster her after I highlighted her plight in the blog. 
The vet examined her and said her wounds were probably caused by acid scald.  Cinderella was tested negative for distemper, parvo and heartworm. 
Our rep in Klang, Mandy, has been checking in on Cinderella. 
And here’s Cinderella now…
She is recovering from her wounds.
I will liaise with MDDB and find out if they would like to put her up for adoption. 
We cannot do this alone because we are not a sanctuary and we do not have a fosterer base, so we are really glad that MDDB worked together with us on this.  PAWS also offered help and three of our dogs are being boarded there now.  
Please help us and work together with us so that, together, we can do more for these animals.






One response to “Updates on Cinderella”

  1. Cinderella is a beautiful gal! So glad to see her wounds healing-if we lived a little closer than Columbus, Ohio, I'm sure Parental Unit would take her-then she could put up with the cat, too!
    Good luck