Are cats expected to use the public toilet?

I received this request from Zahra Annur.  I think I had best cut and paste her email here as it is self-explanatory:

im writing to you regarding Mary. she is a stray who gave birth outside my house and one day she brings all her kittens to my guest room through window. she’s sooo smart. i guest she is belong to someone but it looks like nobody cares about her. so i keep her in my house and feed her like my other cats. all my cats are indoor and never goes to neighbours house.i put them in cage outside house in the morning and let them roam freely inside my house when im at neighbour hates cat.he complained about the smell of cats entered his house and dont want his baby get athma. i believe that there is no smell come from my house and my cats are far away from his baby.i decide to keep mary and neuter her but since the complained letter came, i think i have to remove Mary from my house.i really pity Mary and her 6 babies but what can i do? i need someone to adopt her and neuter her once she is ready. all my 4 furkids love Mary and kinds towards her but what about human out there? i always foster kittens and cats before(i provide temporary home for strays and rehome them) but now i have to becareful with this guy. please help me to spread this message and i really hope there is a kind soul out there who can accept this lovely cat and her babies. Mary is very sweet, polite and cool…

there are lotsssss of strays around my kampung house. i feed my cats with blackwood and the cats can smell it. they come everyday to eat and now they stay at my house. they are around 5 to 6 cats now. i cant stop them to come to me. they are Gods creature too, right? they deserve to eat good food like us not nasi basi or what ever. few weeks ago, the neighbour got mad when the cat pee on his shirt. he screamed loudly. can a cat recognise a shirt and a place to pee?

please help me to spread the message. you can contact me via phone on this number: 0174070830. Tx.

Please help these kittens and Mary find a home. 
It’s sad that some humans are so intolerant of the animals that live amongst us…
As I’ve written before, do they expect animals to use the public toilet?
Stray animals may pee and poo in our garden (or shirt), or dig our rubbish bins.  And we make a hue and cry? 
But what do humans do to the animals?
Let me try to list down some of the horrendous things humans do to animals (this list by no means exhaustive).
1.  Kick, beat, abuse, pour hot water or acid over them.
2.  Take their babies away and throw them in a far-off place.
3.  Capture them, starve them and put them down by lethal injection.
4.  Breed them in crowded farms, butcher them and eat them.
5.  Skin them alive and make leather handbags and furcoats out of them.
6.  Use them to test the efficacy of their cosmetics and drugs.
7.  Destroy their natural habitat in the jungles to make way for “development”.
8.  Circuses, horse-racing, etc… 
I think you get the picture.
What goes around, comes around. 
And so the stray dogs and cats pee and poo in our garden (or on our shirt), or dig our rubbish bins and we make a hue and cry?
Live and let live, please. 
This is their Earth too. 
One day, the meek shall inherit the Earth.