Please send positive vibrations to Wendy

It is now 9.40pm and Ainey just informed me that the vet at the clinic told her that “many people” visited Wendy today, and some told the vet to put her on drips while some gave instructions to have her euthanised.  So the vet was a bit confused and that is why they rang us to ask for instructions.  I was a bit puzzled too as to why the vet asked if we wanted Wendy to be euthanised. We have never given such instructions at all.

We would now like to appeal to all visitors to please not give instructions to the vets on our behalf.  We appreciate your visits very much, and we would appreciate even more if you could please radiate positive vibrations to her.  We accept that death may happen anytime (to any of us, for that matter), but before it does, let’s keep encouraging Wendy to fight on.  Please do not suggest euthanasia in Wendy’s presence.  Animals know and can sense more than we would ever know. 

How would we feel if we were dying and our family members talked about euthanising us in our presence? 

Wendy was very calm and at peace when I visited her this evening.  She does not seem to be in any intense suffering. 

As I am writing this, I just received a text message from Trevor, who has been praying very hard for Wendy, and sending her reiki healing from afar.  Trevor says we must give Wendy a chance.  He is working very hard on his side.  So, let’s please not give up and let’s work hard on our side too. 

Please stay positive and send positive vibrations to her.  If she has to go eventually, let her go knowing we all cared very much for her wellbeing and we never gave up on her. 

We are postponing the acupuncture scheduled for tomorrow because Trevor feels that she needs more love, emotional support and to know that she is wanted.  The needles might shock her in her weak condition. 

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  • Anonymous

    Who are these lowlifes and scum bags and who the hell do they think they are to give instructions about euthanising Wendy?? They are mentally sick and evil.

    I am glad the vet had the presence of mind to call Ainey before acting.

    With such malicious people masquerading as well-wishers visiting Wendy, perhaps you should ask the vet to make sure that unless you or Ainey are there, no one should be left alone with Wendy. Those visitors obviously had bad intentions towards her and may strike in other ways now that their cowardly plot cause her harm has failed.

    What sort of disgusting person would give instructions for someone else's dog to be euthanised??? Sick! Sick! Sick! Better hope I don't find out who they are.

    Does the vet have CCTV? It would be interesting to see who these disgusting people are.

  • Anonymous

    I fully agree with the above comment, KY, do not let such harmful people anywhere near Wendy at all because their very presence in the vicinity will radiate a lot of negative vibes towards Mandy and cause a serious setback to her healing, especially the mental and psychological side. Since you do not have the resources to vet visitors, it might be better to stop ALL visitors and rely fully on distance healing till your team can go in yourselves. Too high a risk and you have gone and invested so very much in Wendy for some smart (they think they are, no one else think they are) low-lifes to eradicate good you guys have done and later can even sit smugly and say, "I told you so!".

    God bless you, KY and team, you gals are simply terrific. May our Almighty God help and protect dear Wendy.