Roger goes home with Eric!

Today is Roger’s rehoming, and Eric and his wife were supposed to meet me at Healing Rooms at 3pm.

We went early, and I took Roger for a walk first so that he would pee and poo.  Roger enjoyed the walk very much.

Then we decided to wait outside for Eric to arrive.  It was already past 3pm.
Roger was very happy to see the outdoors.  But then again, he has been getting daily walks while boarding at the clinic.
We waited and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And after a few calls, Eric said he was terribly lost.  He was somewhere in Subang Jaya, but he did not know where he was.   
Eric finally arrived past 5pm.  I was exhausted.  Eric and his wife were exhausted.  But I guess Roger was not!
Eric had brought a brand new collar and leash for Roger. 
I told Eric Roger is incredibly people-friendly, but may not be very dog-friendy, and Eric said that is to be expected.  He has had dogs for a long time, so he told me how he would gradually introduce and acclimatise Roger into his doggy-household.  I was glad to hear this. 
And he proceeded to tell me his dog stories.  I was quite pleased to hear it all because it made me more assured that this is one gentleman who knows how to handle dogs.  I can see he loves them very much.
So, Roger went off with Eric and his wife, and we wish Roger a great life in his new home.
Roger is estimated to be 5-6 years old, and we are very thankful that Eric and his wife want to adopt Roger.  Thank you, Mandy, for giving me Eric’s contact. 
I just called Eric to find out if all is well.  Eric said Roger chose to be in front instead of the back of the house, and he also said Roger did not antagonise his other dogs (now, that’s good news).  And best of all, he said Roger has a fantastic appetite – he ate two adult human portions of food.  Eric asked, “Don’t you people ever feed him?”
Oh yes, we do.  And we’re glad he has such good appetite!
Have a great life, Roger!  And thanks again, Eric.