Wendy in a critical condition

I am very, very tired today.  Wendy’s prognosis has not been good since yesterday.  Lydia visited yesterday and told me that Wendy wasn’t eating anymore.  And this morning, Teresa called to say she feels Wendy has more or less given up.  Trevor confirmed this as well and said we should now send her a lot of positive energy and love.  This will help her to be more at peace and comfort. 

Lydia and Agnes visited this morning and brought Wendy out to the sidewalk to get some sun.  But she still did not eat.  Later, two more volunteers visited and brought an assortment of food, but Wendy wasn’t interested at all.

At around 3pm, the clinic called and told us that Wendy’s condition was bad.  We were asked if we wanted her euthanised or to be put on drips (please read next posting on this).  Of course we said to put her on drips immediately.  

I visited her this evening, right after Roger’s rehoming.

Wendy appeared to be calm and at peace.  She wagged her tail when I called her, but hardly moved at all. 
I chanted to her for about 45 minutes.  Hopefully, the chanting would bring her some comfort and peace.
I left, feeling quite helpless, but I told Wendy I’ll be seeing her tomorrow. 
I later text Dr Susanna, who would be giving Wendy acupuncture tomorrow.  She asked if I wanted to proceed.  I said we’d go ahead.  I hope the acupuncture can give her some energy and relieve her of any discomfort she may be having.  (We just had a change on plans.  Upon advice, it’s better to postpone the acupuncture treatment till a later date.  Wendy is too weak right now and the needles might shock her.)   
At a critical time like this, we just want Wendy to be free from pain and discomfort, and be at peace with herself.  Most importantly, we want her to know we all love her and care for her.  That, I believe, is very, very important at this crucial hour.  
Thank you, everyone, who made the effort to visit Wendy and bring her food.  Even Dr Edmund’s father, the senior Mr Yeoh, remarked that Wendy is a very lucky dog, to have so many people caring for her.  
We are here to do everything we can to bring some cheer and better wellbeing to our animal friends because they need it.  We will continue doing this as best we can.  We certainly cannot perform miracles, but we can certainly care and love. 
I drove home feeling very helpless.  So once again, I would have to find that place in my heart to rejoice that we have already done everything possible for Wendy.  
I still miss Suki very much, especially when I come out of the bathroom.  She used to sit by the door with Bobby, to wait for me.  Now, it is only Bobby.  Cow comes in often to my room, and sits on my lap.  Good old Cow, he can be so sweet at times.   

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