Appealing for your understanding (Wendy’s condition)

I refer to last night’s post on Wendy:

I know I have been appealing for visitors for Wendy because as of last week, we noticed she thrived on receiving the caring human touch, and Trevor said having more people visit would do her a lot of good.

We thank you for visiting, but we’ve just been told by the clinic that some visitors insisted on Wendy being euthanised.  I have also received messages from some of you suggesting this. 

We are now appealing to you again, at this crucial moment, and we would appreciate it very, very much if you do not transmit negative vibrations to Wendy.  If you feel very strongly that she should be euthanised, please do not visit her.  

We are working very hard on our side, to do everything possible to make Wendy comfortable.  We understand that her chances of recovery might be very slim, but on our part, Trevor, our reiki master, still feels Wendy has a glimmer of hope, and as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we want to push on. 

We have all visited Wendy, and we can feel she is at peace and very calm.  Maybe she has accepted her fate and she can handle it.  She is not in any agonising pain or terrible suffering.  She still wags her tail when she sees us and she still responds to the human touch.  

Trevor said Wendy needs to feel she is wanted and loved.  A lot of radiation of love and positive energy would help her very much, whether to recover or to cross over to the other side, but naturally, and as peacefully as possible.  Please let her decide, and let the universe help her.   

We appeal to you once again, that if you feel very strongly that Wendy should be euthanised, please do not visit her as she can feel your vibrations.  

There is no right and wrong about this, and we are certainly not saying that you are wrong in your views.  There is only the “best” possible way, and our “best possible way” is never to give up as long as there is still a glimmer of hope.  

Please work together with us, if you wish to be helpful.  

Thank you.

P.S.  Wendy is on drips and not eating (as of yesterday).  You need not bring food anymore.  If you wish to visit, please do so with a positive state of mind, to encourage her to be at peace with herself.  Please do a prayer of loving-kindness for Wendy while you are there.  

4 comments to Appealing for your understanding (Wendy’s condition)

  • Anonymous

    Please, people, do comply with the wishes of Wendy's rescuers. You did not rescue Wendy, they did. If you wish that things are done differently, then you should have rescued Wendy yourself. It is certainly easier not to do the dirty work yourself but simply just walk around in oversized shoes, shaking fingers at others.

    Hey, this is about saving the precious life of one animal which is hanging on the balance and need all the encouragement and love possible, so if you have some other self-serving interest other than saving this precious life, please go play your games somewhere else, ok?

    Best wishes to KY and team and lots of love to Wendy (your are loved, darling … and you are precious to us who truly value and treasure every single form of life … and sincerely believe that it is the RIGHT of every creature created by God to live!).

  • Anonymous

    They poisoned Wendy with their mean thoughts. They jeopadised her recovery with their malignant presences.

    As you reap, so you will sow. Your time will come too – what have you taught your children about hope, compassion and kindness? From your rotten behaviour to interfere in Wendy's recovery process, not a lot. Good luck to you.

    Kah Yein, my thoughts are still positive for Wendy. The final decision is hers to make. Love and peace be with Wendy.

  • Straydog

    Yes, people out there, either come to visit Wendy with a positive mind and thoughts to help Wendy with kindness and compassion or else have the decency to stay away.
    People can be so crude sometimes, they do things without thinking.
    It is up to Wendy and the Universe to ultimately decide what happens. AnimalCare and supporters have shown Wendy that she is loved and cared for.

  • Anonymous

    If you yourselves do not intend to do good, please do not sabotage the efforts of others that do out of envy and jealousy and make yourselves look good.

    The animal rescue pie is very big, enough for every body who wants to have a piece (of the action). Go grap a piece for yourself instead of trying to pinch/eat from someone else's plate!