It’s raining cats and dogs now – Babykit’s updates

There’s very heavy rain in Subang Jaya now, and I shudder to think about the fate of all the little stray kittens and puppies out there right now. 

Babykit has since been fed several times.  She’s been quite good after a few hours in my house, settling down quite quickly after each feed. 

This is Suki’s cage.  I’ve changed all the beddings as well as the cover of the cage.  Babykit is inside the box.  I’ve put two hot water gloves into the box, covered with a napkin.   
Here she is, sleeping after a feed.  She likes to snuggle up to the napkin because the hot water gloves are under it.  She’s still not as active as she was on Monday.  But I’ll take it moment by moment now. 
Please send positive and encouraging thoughts to Babykit.  She should be four days old today.  The umbilical chord is still attached to her body.  I have been playing the Metta Chant for her since she came.  I do this every time I foster newborns.   
Babykit was born on Saturday, discovered by someone and brought to the vet to be put down on Monday.  The vet called me and asked if I’d like to nurse her and give her a fighting chance.  We brought her to a mother-cat on Monday night, but things did not quite work out.  So, we took her back this afternoon and I’ll be nursing her until we can find a fulltime fosterer.  I work in a place that does not allow animals (unfortunately), and it would be quite difficult for me to foster her fulltime.  But I’ll do what I can until someone else volunteers.

2 comments to It’s raining cats and dogs now – Babykit’s updates

  • rozitahalim

    would very much want to foster her as my work place is very flexible when it comes to having animals. but unfortunately not for the next 2 weeks. should u still need a fosterer after the 15th, pls contact me.

  • Thanks, Rozita. Will certainly contact you should we need your help.