Updates on Wendy

This is a quick update on Wendy.  One of our volunteers visited today and said she seemed to be slightly more alert today.  It’s hard to tell, because different people visit at different times.  But whatever it is, we are hoping for the best.

Wani of MDDB has advised that we syringe in liquid food like chicken essence or pureed chicken.  We will try the chicken essence first as that’s liquid and easier to syringe. 

At the point of writing this, Trevor is with Wendy, doing reiki healing for her. 

Please send positive thoughts to Wendy and wish her well.

I have to look after Babykit round the clock at least for the next few days, so I won’t be able to visit Wendy.  Ainey and a few volunteers will visit her.  She seems to know her visitors well as everyone said she wagged her tail the moment she heard their voices or when they opened the door.

Wendy is still very conscious and alert though she may be just lying down. 

The universe and Wendy will decide, not us.  Our task is to give her the very best that we can.  And we are doing just that.  Please help us in this. 

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